Celestial Light Fantastic

Celestial Light Fantastic

On the night of 2nd October 2016, I went out and meditated under the star light in the clear starlit sky. I saw the ‘celestial light fantastic’, the network of light, wheels within wheels of codes, diagrams, simulations and symbols. It was so stunningly beautiful and stars appeared in the clear sky between stars and filaments of white light, thin like a spiderweb connected the stars. Along these filaments were little dots of coloured light traversing the threads quickly. Some moved through other dots of light. It looked to me like a subspace or hyperspace network where light ships travel through tracks of light between stars in minutes or even seconds. Also, I saw some white lights moving across the sky independently of the stars. They looked like stars but moved with direction and purpose and could be light ships or satellites as these were really points of moving light.

With eyes closed and sometime open I saw raining Tibetan mantras and codes around me, and many hieroglyphs.  I asked the universe to show me all, and then I asked again with totally unfiltered perception. The intake of information was phenomenal and up many scales by knocking off all limiting veils. I asked ‘what is it that is really protecting me?’ and then I saw a sea of lights with rapid flashes of energy flashing on and off in arcs and shapes been deflected away by many protecting energies. I saw hierarchies of energy beings from local then galactic, intergalactic, etc. The energies weave the same whether cosmic or microscopic (there is no scale – it outside of space and time).

It felt like looking into ‘the heart of the TARDIS’. There were too many perception orientations to name. The main message is that I am receiving a fuller integration and a step up with the ascended downloads. All the information is there all the time for me and others too (revealed by connecting to the experience, walking the pattern of the light, triggers from other people and events, and through my creative output). It takes more focus and discipline to discern the details. This I will learn with focussed meditation. I distinctly remember one packet of information with graphs and equations relating to wormholes exploding into alien glyphs, symbols and equations. I also walked the pattern of the light and this creates flashes of realities and timelines too as I walk the labyrinth within my own mind as one with that of all creation.

I flipped perceptions like the dimensions opened out, pictures holographic with extension into this reality (the energies felt). Auras are easy to see (I saw my aura with green, red and blue hues several inches around my hands) and I’m glowing like a star (literally feel my aura glow around me in love and awe). I also felt many key experiences I had in my life, other lives, in between lives, and wormhole trips to other worlds and dimensions, numerous and mostly ephemeral. I also saw complex evolving equations in alien languages in shining light floating in mid-air plus evolutionary lines, chemical symbols, graphs, and simulated realities including other universal configurations.

Stars Are Alive

I am a star and stars are alive. What follows is a fuller description of what I saw when I walked out in the dark and saw the most phenomenal stellar display on a clear moonless night. There were points of light of different colours blinking in and out of existence, many more stars appeared with focus, stars wobbled and I focussed on several trails that actually moved across the web of the sky. Constellations and shapes like these formed with lines linking them, also a greater web like a kaleidoscope and Indra’s net. Also, there were flashes of light and colour across the web-like filaments (information transfer) like flowing dewdrops across thread. It was beautiful and dynamic.

I also saw a white light, almost disc-like, moving across like a meteor from near one star many degrees across the sky. Then it disappeared when I blinked not because of a cloud. It was silent so unlikely to be a plane either. Also I had seen several others before and clearly felt intelligences. Something was going on (later found out that there was some conflict between the friendly ET’s and other ET’s).

Anyway, the sky was so pretty with dancing lights and colours. I was in awe for a few minutes. I also spun my Merkaba, closed my eyes and was up there with the stars shining love and light. Then I am a star in equilibrium. All in a flash but felt like an eternity. There was that switch between 3D physical and extra-dimensional lateral and outward expansion. This is similar to expanded awareness in meditation and journeying with a chord of connection to the earth and body, with 3 or 4 extra dimensions, overlapping or in in parallel to this one.

To The Light

When processing my own energies and directing shadow entities to the central core, I saw the layers of reality peel away to reveal a huge portal of light to my left where I saw ghostly forms. There were countless beings floating and walking up to this with angels and other light beings (living energies) all around. It was a strange sensation and I felt involved in the directing of deceased people and entities to the light. I saw into the previous and consequential events (no time as we know it here, just process and change) and perceived it as limitless, or without bounds. I felt it being an attractor of attention and knew the food work had to go on but I must move on and focus elsewhere too. So to avoid being stuck there I used my imagination and love for all beings to construct a process or framework. This is what we see know with clairvoyance. The teams of angels and light beings tirelessly speaking to and directing the deceased to the light and shining illumination to the misled to project them into their next incarnations. This I have been shown before as a vast network across worlds including the Arcturians. It is one process undergoing repair to ensure rebirths are controlled and directed with agreement between souls and not uncontrolled and negative unless that is chosen by the soul and their higher aspects.

I also experienced various states of elevation of consciousness, rapid thoughts and visions and seeing councils of light beings all around me and ascending up and up. They were showing me my various entanglements and energy reflections (going on for infinity) and being one with the source of it all where all reflections converge (the primal origin). Mixing my mind with that opens up all geometries and planes including abstract conceptual energies and impossible universes.

In general I was so buzzing and, when coming up, took some pictures and saw symbols, codes, and processes begin to unlock. I also saw likely future paths of all facets of my being. This was all so humbling and I know now that I need to take massive action. Now is the time to focus on physical and trust entirely with universe, flow like water, breathe, and action. Now is the time to turn things around.

Star Magic Arcturian Healing

Star Magic works seamlessly with many existing Arcturian and high-light extra-terrestrial healing techniques and modalities. This is because Star Magic contains the living codes of consciousness that facilitate DNA activation and healing at all levels of being. It also strengthens the power of effectiveness of cosmic healing technologies. By calling on the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, etc., we invite them to activate the Star Magic within us all. They will answer by performing whatever healing and psychic surgery required in the now.

We live in a ‘quantum’ reality where we can affect change with the power of our will. Star Magic is intuitive and a correct intention powered by unconditional love and compassion at the heart centre will result in positive change. Star Magic catalyses our connection and degree of healing from divine and extra-terrestrial sources.

I tune in to the frequency of a client, and feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties attached between things and people. Together with my guides, angels and cosmic extra-terrestrial light beings, I will connect with your higher self with heart centred energy. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your whole being. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter your body and alchemise change.

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