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Channelling for Self-Healing

There are many ways to heal yourself. One of the most effective is channelling for self-healing. This gives you access to the power of your love and intention combined with the healing technologies of countless healing beings.

Universal Cosmic Energy

You live in a sea of subtle energies.  You have the ability to be conscious of these energies and channel them for healing yourself, other people, and also your environment.

Every living being and everything has consciousness. You naturally channel your own energy and communicate with your cosmic guides and the universe. Ancient shamans learned how to connect with their ancestors, how to heal their bodies and cultivate their land, and how to connect with and apply the knowledge and wisdom of their guides.

Ancient cultures knew that all planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other.  They believed that trees and mountains served as antennas. These allow natural subtle energies and information to flow through the Earth to the stars and planets, and also from all other celestial bodies into the Earth.

All matter, including the physical body, is a gathering of universal energy.  Your thoughts and emotions are a form of energy too. You become a clear channel for self-healing and communication when your thoughts and emotions are in harmony and alignment with the living universal energy field, the pattern of source energy that is alive in everything.

Self-Healing Techniques

In just five minutes you can change your flow of internal energy and your state of being. Sit comfortably in a sacred space that is relaxing and calm.

Quieten your mind and tune into your body. Then become aware of your breath. There is no need to change the pattern of your breathing.  Just pay attention to the flow of your breath in and out, in and out. You are breathing in universal energy and you are breathing out all the stagnant or spent energy.

Notice your breath without changing it. Breathing like this invites you to be present and quieten your never-ending thoughts from interfering for the next few minutes.

With palms together in front of you, quickly rub your hands together. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds. Let them become warm from the friction and feel that warmth. Feel the love of the universe in your heart as you do this.

Hold your hands a few inches away from each other. Ensure they are facing each other and feel the energy flowing through them. This energy is always here. You feel this energy tune into it. Know this is part of you.

Close your eyes. See if you can move the energy up your arms and through your body. You are awakening your energy body with your intent and your intent is to feel and to heal.

Move that energy to any part of your body where you may feel some stress or illness. Then keep it there as you send love and healing energy. Rub your hands together again if you feel like you are losing touch with feeling the energy.

Picture the energy in a way that feels right for you. You may feel it, hear it, or picture it as white light. Allow yourself time to play like a curious child.

Continue to work with this flow of energy. Notice how this feels as it reaches different spaces and feel it healing you where you felt pain before.  Feel grateful for finally recognizing this inherent ability in you.

Notice the healing energy relaxing the parts of the body it flows into. Thank your body for being able to awaken to this awareness and healing. Remember that you have been channelling source energy through your body as healing energy.

Energy Healing Tips

Your experience of energy healing will be unique.  You use your natural self-healing mechanisms. Many people describe it as relaxing, warm, and physically pleasant. Energy healing can also clear stuck energy, remove chords of attachment because you to shake or cry, and you may experience mood shifts.

Your body has many components that work seamlessly together. When something is not functioning properly it will appear to you like pain or weakness, or you may see a part of your body may flash red over a hologram of your body.

Use your thoughts and emotions to change the frequency and flow of your energy. This is a simple as changing the channel from a negative to a positive transmission. You will feel yourself relax as you switch the channel. Try to tune into the pure frequencies of your healing guides. Connect with Archangel Raphael, Medicine Buddha, source energy, or any of your personal healing guides.

Channelling Your Healing Guides

Call your spiritual healers and your higher self to help you. Set a clear intention with a pure heart for healing yourself. This clears the channels and invites your guides, angels, and divine healers to appear and get to work. When you are in the presence of your healing guides and angels you will feel relaxed and calm.

Let go and accept what arises in your space for your healing. Your body may feel warm, tingle or shake. Listen to your body and its sensations. Listen to your inner intuitive voice and remain open to possibilities.

Listen with your heart and soul, and tune into your healing. This opens your heart and third eye and improves communication through the ethers.  Be open to any messages you receive and be in the space without any thoughts or expectations.

Set a strong intention when you channel healing for yourself. Invite your higher self, your healing guides and angels into your healing space. Feel their love and compassion and surrender to what arises. This brings forth higher energies, clearer visions and it will enhance or accelerate the healing process.

Allow the healing to take place and note down or record any messages that come through. Welcome any images, colours, words, sensations, light language, and energy shifts. You may also tune into source energy and observe the flow of healing.

Always thank your healing guides, your higher self, the universe and all guides who have facilitated your healing. It also helps to drink lots of water and take some time to rest for the healing to continue.


Star magic is healing from the stars. It originates from source energy beyond the dimensions of space and time. Star magic incorporates many powerful divine and cosmic healing technologies from highly evolved ascended beings of light and love. The function of a facilitator is to act as a vessel for the healing information to flow through them to heal themselves or a client.

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