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Common Emotions You May Feel During the Ascension Process

The ascension process refers to expanding our awareness, increasing our vibrational energy and ultimately reach our higher self.

Ascension is defined by awakening the heart and the spirit, unlocking the inner wisdom and expanding the consciousness.

There are a lot of people who are ascending right now, which means their reality is going to change. This is going to happen to you as well when you go through this process.

Everyone ascends at a different pace, but there are definitely some common emotions everyone will be going through.

In this post, I want to describe some of them so you’ll be prepared when the time comes. You should also keep in mind they are just phases and you need to release the emotions to make room for your higher self.


Anger can be an uncomfortable emotion to those of you who have not experienced it that often prior to the ascension process.

It may also be hard to accept it as part of your ascension because it’s usually something we want to fight back and not let ourselves express it.

During ascension, it’s recommended not to suppress your anger anymore.

You can do so by dancing, pounding a pillow, walking it off or channelling this energy towards something positive.

To make room for your higher self means you first need to accept your human self and releasing your anger is one way to do it.


Experiencing these negative emotions, such as anger and anxiety, is like a portal to your authentic self.

Anxiety does not represent a barrier to your rising. On the contrary – it’s what you need to go through in order to reach ascension.

The anxiety you’ll be feeling in the ascension process is not related to the outside world – finances, world, relationships, health and such. Instead, it has to do with you moving into enlightenment.

Worrying if you’re truly ready for ascension might leave you feeling anxious, but you have to just let go and trust the process because it will lead you exactly where you need to be.

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Yes, it is actually possible to experience negative and positive emotions all at the same time. Often times, you’ll go from feeling angry to feeling extremely joyful.

This just means you have become more sensitive to the energy around you as you may start feeling what people around you do.

You may experience joy in unexpected moments and without any apparent reason and it’s good you do. It’s all part of the process.

Some days may be filled with joy and others with anger and anxiety.

All is happening for a reason and you need to remind yourself it’s important to be present and let yourself experience them.

Are You Ready to Start the Ascension Process?

Remember you will go through these emotions only during the process and all of them will be gone once you reach your higher self. They represent a temporary state which is key to finding enlightenment.

Ascension is the only way through which you can achieve real transformation, live at a level beyond extraordinaire and experience true freedom and vitality.

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