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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid when You Start Meditating

Quitting is the easiest thing in the world.

And I’ve seen this scenario way too often: people face issues in their lives, they think meditation would be a good idea, they start meditating and then, even with the help of a facilitator, start losing patience once results don’t seem to come instantly.

In this string of events, wherein meditation is put on fast-forward, people are driven by a ‘result hunger’ mentality. This is when mistakes start to creep in and mar the whole process. They’ll eventually accumulate and compromise all previous efforts, wearing away your confidence and dimming the light you’ve started to open yourself to.

That’s why I thought I should write a piece for all of you beautiful souls out there who start meditating and need guidance regarding the mistakes you should avoid when starting to reconnect with the Universe.

Not Understanding the True Nature of Meditation

Generally speaking, first-time meditation students tend to view this practice as something which brings them:

  • access to a higher consciousness level
  • increased wellness and peace of mind
  • a raise in vibration.

What most newcomers don’t actually acknowledge is the spiritual dimension of meditation.

Most often than not, perception of the spiritual dimension is mistaken for states like ‘feeling awakened’ or ‘experiencing new levels of sensation’. If you want to really change your life after you start meditating, make sure you intensify your meditation practice and expand your knowledge of what spirituality really implies.

Confinement to a Set of Rules

Another mistake which could determine some to give up after they start meditating is the preconceived notion, there is a strictly defined set of rules which need be abode by.

People think these ‘good practices’ should be effected in a particular order – only then will the soul be able to elevate to higher dimensions.

The thing with these strict guidelines for meditation is they comprise a lot of requirements which could discourage beginners and create useless spiritual burdens. 

As soon as they see they cannot maintain the exact scrupulous practice dictated by these rules, people start questioning the capacity of their souls to reach higher consciousness.

What they often fail to realise is that this capacity to capture and nurture inner light is an innate one. Because we are all beings of light, beings of Universal spirituality, capable to vibe on the wavelength of the originary matrix.

Ranking the Types of Meditation

People love classifying objects and situations. So why would human beings resist the temptation of putting meditation in a box, as well?

It’s comforting to rank and tag. It seems rational and stress-free.

But it’s another mistake I’ve seen many people make after they start meditating. 

We’ve been so disconnected from the true mission, path and nature of our beings, we imagine spiritual awakening as something we can attain in a standardised way.

When, in truth, there aren’t two identical ways spiritual connection with the Universe can be achieved. Each one of us has unique spiritual needs and is able to benefit from them in different ways. Which makes ranking types of meditation rather useless.

How to Start Meditating the Best Way

First, let yourself be guided by what your mind and body are trying to communicate. This way, you’ll understand how your being is vibing to its surroundings, to what it reacts better and during which times of the day are you more prone to contemplative states.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to contact a facilitator who could uncover and instil the spiritual practices you need.

You need all the love and help along the way.

I love you with all my heart and my soul and I am ready to count you in among the One Family I’m sharing with thousands of vibrant beings of light.

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