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Connect with Your Inner-Self


Dormant DNA Encodements

Are you ready to connect with your inner-self We are at a stage in human and spiritual evolution where intense lights are hitting our planet. Wave after Cosmic wave is surging through the ether and affecting our planet and our species in the most intricate and beautiful fashion. The light is waking up dormant DNA strands with us, which carry genetic encodements from every species that has ever been, is and will ever be. Once activated we will become super-human.

Connect to Your Inner-Self

So many people refer to your higher self. This is a distraction. There is no higher. You are all that is/ Everything is contained within you. You do not need to search up. Go into your heart and connect with the deepest aspect of your infinite heart. This is the key to being your power.

Zero Separation

The inner-self is the fragment of God which dwells within humans. Is it actually a fragment Or is it God itself It is the absolute and unqualified assurance that humans can find God. Or is it I know you cannot find God. To try and find God would be to see God as separate from you. That is untrue. Everything is one unified field of love. Zero separation. Every human who is consciously or unconsciously following the lead of the higher self is living in accordance with the will of God. Consciousness of the higher self is consciousness of God’s presence.

Inner Self

  • Our inner selves contain infinite ability to communicate with us (as they are us) and they are doing it each moment. They are our spirits, pure spirits; presumably, absolute spirits. They are also pure energy or light. God is the source of pure source energy.
  • Our inner selves are helping us each moment to transform our human nature into the divine nature of an eternal being. Our inner selves are particularly interested not just in our intellectual capacity but more in our spiritual perception. Our awareness of the whole.What the potential of our souls contain.
  • Our inner selves understand our difficult assignments to live here in the 3rd dimension. However, communication with the inner self does not automatically bestow ease of living and freedom from strenuous thinking. It takes spiritual discipline through meditation to simply be, and observe the incessant stream of thoughts that have been prevalent for centuries.


In the coming months and years, when the energy of Mother Earth will change, we need to connect with our inner selves more and more. We need to go in our hearts and listen. Our inner selves will change our feelings of fear to unconditional love and peace. This is how we transcend this 3d reality. But they cannot do it mechanically; this is our task. Knowing how to go into the heart and stay there will make the difference when Mother Earth changes vibration to a higher frequency. The more effort you put in now, the easier your own personal transition will be.

 Right or Wrong

When it comes to marking the difference between what is really right or wrong (not merely what you may call right and wrong), you can be sure that your inner self will always participate in a definite and active manner in such experiences. Your inner self knows that there is no right or wrong. There is simply a stream of experiences. Your mission is to be in those experiences and observe yourself being in them.

Spiritual Progress

Our inner selves are interested in, and concerned with, our daily doings and the details of our lives, to the extent that these are influential in the determination of our significant, temporal choices and vital spiritual decisions, Hence, inner selves are factors in the solution of our problems related to spiritual progress. Human lives, which all exist in the now, together create a huge jigsaw puzzle. Our inner selves will guide us to slot each piece of the puzzle together.

Star Magic Healing

The deeper we go into our selves, the more abilities we will harness. Energy Healing is one of those gifts. Star Magic is a gift I have remembered. Not learned but remembered. It’s within us all.

Star Magic harnesses super-powerful Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies enabling huge shifts in your health and spiritual well-being as well as being utilised to accelerate business performance and create harmonious relationships. If you want rapid, long-lasting change then Star Magic is the key.

After a series of life changing events, including a life threatening car crash, a trip in a space-ship and months journeying through Ancient Mystery Schools, I discovered Star Magic

Star Magic is an opportunity to experience life to its very highest potential. Your true nature is one of inner beauty and breath-taking power. You are ready to soar like an eagle and the light frequencies Star Magic makes available to you, will ensure you spread your wings and live the most extraordinary version of yourself.

Shift Your Frequency

Star Magic will eliminate the root cause of any issues that are unresolved in your life right now. If you are stuck in any way shape or form then Star Magic Healing will enable you to shift and accelerate your life in a major way so you can be happy, free, full of joy and live a vibrant life where you get to experience the beauty, success and magic that is unfolding every second of every day. You were born to live at a level of extra-ordinary Let Star Magic be the your catalyst for positive long-lasting change.

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