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VIDEO: Coronavirus Guided Meditation – Activate Your Immune System


In this video I share with you a powerful guided meditation, filled with light codes, healing frequencies and breathing techniques, designed to activate your immune system. We are in the middle of a time of great global transformation. Many people are fearful of Covid-19, and the impact the coronavirus could have on their lives and the health of their loved ones. Fear and panic only fuels the virus, and weakens your immune system, so I wanted to share this message of love, peace and hope with all of my brothers and sisters.

We must stand together in unity, we must activate the healing frequencies that lay dormant within us all, and fight this pandemic as one human family. You have the power to heal yourself, activate your immune system and become a walking, talking beacon of love, light and healing.

Follow my simple instructions in this video, and watch it every day for 66 days, and you will feel yourself growing stronger. You are an amazing human being. Activate your divine sacred power by connecting with me heart to heart, right now.



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