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Cosmic Truth (PT 1) – Extra-Terrestrial Encounter (TREVOR JERMY & JERRY SARGEANT) Pilot Missing

This is the first episode of the Cosmic Truth, a new show hosted by Jerry Sargeant. Jerry will be interviewing a number of insiders who have stepped forward to share their personal experiences. In this first interview Jerry meets Trevor Jermy, an ex Royal Air Force (RAF) Pilot who was grounded after several extra-terrestrial encounters. Trevor worked in the first Star Wars project before it was old to the American Government and became HAARP. Trevor has been inside Area 51 and seen the experiments, met Draconians face to face amongst other beings from other stars and planets, Trevor has been on extra-terrestrial crafts, visited other Planets, been to Antarctica and has a whole library of interesting and informative stories to tell. The Cosmic Truth will reveal information to the world that has never been heard. The TRUTH MUST BE SHARED!!! You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick back and experience this inspirational video. Team work is the key to a free and harmonious reality.

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