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Creation, Healing and Ascension

Creation and Ascension

Information comes in as a packet and my level of mind decodes it in way it understands. Man is born with ability to create, or co-create (as God creates). We have enough free will to make us creators through the power of intelligence and the thought for creation. Everything is thought. We are only living as points of consciousness vibrating in an infinite ocean of global particles we are vibrating. We are at certain frequency locations. Ocean of consciousness like a matrix, but not space-time as we understand them, and the brain decodes certain codes sent by that level to give illusion of physical substantiality. In real reality the world is made of pure light and nothing blocks it except there is a program from the creator for objects, physics, etc.

Dimensions and Facets

There are phases in creation and when the ‘creator’ is aware of self, the non-descript energy of all becomes God, aware of itself, and reflects its own dream to a creative support and a holographic reality results. One creates the many by dreaming about us and keeps the dream up in its own mind through illusion of biology and material world. We all have a bubble reality which intersects with others. Starts as a multi-dimensional point or dot, creating 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, (aka flower of life, etc.) through subconscious levels to create our reality, Devas and angels that allow our reality to be fully alive and projected to us so we have sense of total separation to each other. The process ends with humans. We are facets of a diamond which is one but the facets are speaking to each other not knowing they are part of a whole, reflecting each other through the diamond. At the core is the one, expanded the diamond as far as it can to a maximum separation between individual realities that we are totally disconnected in perception from our core understanding that we originated from the source. We are at the periphery of the creator’s brain (see dark matter map). It is perhaps another reason why the diamond sutra of ultimate wisdom is name as such.

It is an original consciousness that created man and all other life. We are all different levels superimposed which gives us the magnificent ability to live and experience nature. We all have the unique quality of the creator to have unconditional love, the gifting of myself to only enjoy the act of gifting of myself without any desire to receive anything. The creator gave us life force and the ability to sustain ourselves and the information we need as a creation for us to flourish and go to higher levels (like little clones of the creator consciousness) with Godly qualities to share with others knowledge and technologies and expand the environment in a beautiful way, and enjoy life. No desire to suffer, all this comes from us in sub-realms in our subconscious (dark side, disconnected from enlightenment of knowing who they are).

Cosmic Expansion & Cosmic Contraction

Cosmic egg of creation has expanded as far as it can and any further and the periphery will implode, as thoughts persist for eternity (accumulation of our dark thoughts). These thought forms block us from going back to the creator because there will be no more world to play in. Very high levels close to ‘the one’ are massive messages – this is the time of the great shift from within the one. Source consciousness (God) has cascaded down as experiment and is now collecting disconnected elements and merging back up (individual linked and mixing with group awareness like the Arcturians). So it compresses again to stop collapse into its heart or lung (cosmic inhale) to itself and bring the children back in. Focus was outward (cosmic expansion), now it is inward (cosmic contraction).

Look within to our connection to the one because we carry the spark of pure divinity within us (our ‘seed’ of light). Align to origin of self and focus alike the creator and share happily with everyone. Never kill or hurt others. The creator is electricity that runs through us all so life force circulates once wore and works perfectly well. It is a biblical flood of consciousness that is happening now, the fifth dimension, to open the waters beyond. So the lower dimensions and upper dimensions and sideways dimensions are bleeding together, or merging. It is so easy to connect to the centre of it all through my inner self. Sleep is a mini-death, as soul leaves body and does work (higher soul). This is covered up by dreams and sleep. Enter delta level to be aware of the soul, higher self and source of it all.

Nature & Manifestation

Nature cannot be contaminated by the thought of man. It operates at a higher thought level. Nature is God manifested in the now, a reflection of source (universe), and is always connected to the light. It is a support mechanism with higher level of manifestation, now called to create too. Try hugging a tree or holding a rock or crystal and talk to it. Ask a tree “please connect me to the highest level that my soul can connect as close as possible to source” (no need to give a name). No darkness is possible in that rock or tree, and you align and view changes, no fear, biology and life is protected. Instantly you will feel uplifted and may experience the miraculous.

Keep connecting and my life is transformed, my relations, and my business will be transformed too. The more you give, the more you receive. Become a conduit to Godly energy. Dance with the creator and the creator will dance with you. Manifest something that helps fellow human beings or that helps creation, you will get the optimal help (beyond dimension) and, if not, then karma operates. Love is the key and all of creation rejoices when we love all.

Miracle Healing

Strongly believe, know and trust that the healing and it works excellently to creative reality that applies. It is all about belief to heal and correct handling of situations. No negative programming and beat the odds. It will be a revolution in medicine when relation between mind and matter used. If the belief becomes an unshakable knowing without doubt from both the healer and the patient then anything is healed including cancer and serious injuries. When aided with Star Magic Codes of Consciousness and pure positive intention from the healer and client then the energetic blueprint heals and miracles may happen.

Star Magic

Star Magic takes Energy Healing to a completely different level. I’m able to edit your Karmic Blue Print and cause huge reality shifts very quickly, with a super-charged form of healing that uses applied Quantum Physics to quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas that you may be experiencing, keeping you from creating and living your most extraordinary life?

If you would like a and start the process to becoming a healthy vibrant you, and giving yourself the opportunity to be free from the distress, dis-ease, condition, business or relationship block, then book your session with me now.

With Loving Energy,