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Creative and Pleiadian Revelations

Feeling Homesick and Creative

I often feel so lonely and homesick, and all I want to do is be creative. I look around me and see that my flat really needs a lot of work. There are many things I don’t use any more like the TV, computer games, spare towers, some books and much bric-a-brac. I have just bought some LED lights and three small funky tea light lanterns as the lighting in the flat is atrocious and there is so much stuff that a full flat purge will take weeks in a conventional way. Also, I don’t have my own transport and have been left alone in my flat for the last two months. I feel the need to move on but lack the resources to do so. Having to reach out and try other things.

So I have an intense desire to teleport items I don’t need any more so that they reach those who most benefit when I am trained and remember how to use this ability properly. This would also give evidence for disclosure, and aid a little towards full disclosure and ‘The Event’. This is the tipping point or ‘100th monkey’ affect where the general population take notice and realize there is a better way of living than experienced in the current materialistic paradigm. Getting photos of other realities, living beings in other dimensions, psychokinesis, etc., would help too.

Now I have a huge calling to spend lots of time in nature and connect properly with the elements. This is in addition to journeying or exploring higher dimensions. I feel it would help to link with groups and share as thus being alone is really bothering me. I even started smoking because of lack of company. Where is my twin flame on the earth, and not just higher dimensions, when I want to share (it is a freedom intimacy trade off)? All the people I know have their own things to deal with and many are actually in the ascension process also. People keep disappearing and also my phone and internet have been playing up in last two months (some evidence of telekinesis).

Quirks and Quarks

Personality transformed and feeling great. So many changes like razor sharp imagination and visualization. My outlook has totally changed and now I see through things in such a way that my whole life has broken into phases and segments and I see all the influences of many living being that have interacted with me, including ET’s, angels and powerful magical and spiritual modalities that I was involved in the past. I have also been buying lots of things, including crystals, women’s clothes, books and different lights, that I would not normally get. This has put a big hole in my bank balance. Also more outgoing and have lost my fear with respect to others and feel the urge to perform live on stage which is exactly the opposite to how I felt before. Then I have new and enhanced skills and abilities such as singing, dancing, arts, multi-dimensional sciences and many psychic areas. So much is happening that intuition from my heart helps put it all together.

Also, I feel like a teenager with heightened emotions and inclinations. Using social media a lot more to communicate and share but feel face to face or local groups more useful. Had some strange from my requests and now know that I need to utilize SMART questioning, used in business and time management, and goals when linked with the Akashic records to ensure more precise requests, affirmations, and spiritual focus Use it intuitively. I now need to focus on patience acceptance (with all things including people, technology and body), discernment in correct application of effort, steadfastness with daily practice and being connected.

Sexual Cultivation

I find now that sexual cultivation is now so intense and the energy very powerful when redirected for a suitable purpose with intention. My aura blazes in many coloured lights (with eyes closed). Astral realms open up and I can redirect focus to whichever I choose. Just massaging my lower spine or placing my mind there can run my Kundalini. I do this alone as I don’t have a partner although my decision on this was out of fear from bad experiences in the past which do not concern me now.

In the last few weeks, I experienced a rapid ‘supernatural’ filling up of sexual energy. It feels like been feed life force energy, like a car being filled with petrol at the petrol station, to help me cleanse and clear and fully open my Kundalini. I let the energies flow and Ankh them from the back to the front of my heart as the union of the Divine male and female. They then circulate and build up to a really intense level and then channel to healing and astral travel (this did catch e by surprise).

I am regularly getting ‘pinged’ or tingled at the base of my spine, which I was told I am one too at a rave about 15 years ago. I understand that this tantric energy is sent through or from their higher self and not necessarily the ‘physical’ 3-D self. It feels like there is a strong connection of an emanation or manifestation of the Divine Feminine within me. The energy is given to me not taken away from me and I often feel in ecstatic bliss, especially with Kwan Yin or one of her emanations (manifested living being/s). This can be distracting and I will be using tantric meditation and Kundalini Yoga to important channeling and utilization of these wonderful and liberating energies.

Intelligence and creative Boost

My creative intelligence, playfulness and imagination have multiplied manifold with epiphanies and lightbulb moments all over the place. It is more than words can express or describe and quicker than I can write. My wishes and intentions have moved at light speed and it feels that it takes too long to express or record through physical media.

Transmitting at speed of thought for storage and retrieval later on via Akashic records linked by a crystalline matrix via a connection, sort of like a multi-dimensional pointer to access memories automatically when reflecting on, or with intent, or intuitively when required.

In addition to the psychic enhancements, I am driven to and am planning on setting up a business, doing live performance combining multi-modalities and perspectives. I want to illustrate my experiences using art, science, animation, music and performance to give a fuller multi-dimensional perceptive. The different artists and cultural forms can illustrate multi-dimensionality when taken together.

Creative Enterprises

I cannot just sit back and expect things to come to me anymore. That is pulling energy from someone or something else. I actually send energy out freely with love and compassion by doing these things to help others, including support groups. Now I have creative ideas galore, some of which are listed below:

  • Photography, juggling, starting a business, etc. Inviting abundance through action. Avatar in virtual environment light tracing photography with reality as VR environment;
  • Illustrating astral realms using ink and pastels and bring in other methods (keep it simple), dancing videos for YouTube plus light language, etc., business ideas, and science experiments;
  • I’m collating enough evidence to prove me and also the alien and other influences by emanation source and interaction in my life for website and book;
  • Stage dancing using dancing videos as creative promotions (build a series of 10-12 dances);
  • Kinetic light photography multi-layer RAW images and more complex patterns – use camera functions not computer, set on tripod (may need a gimble);
  • Creative writing including poetry of my experiences, automatic writing, stories about other lifetimes or energy realities, and lots of geeky future science stuff that I know works.

I am reaching out to see what I can learn in a tight time-frame so as to not have to work for anyone else again. The whole idea of call centres, factory farm offices, and large organisations dictating things and then getting rid of me for one silly mistake, really upsets me. It is the realization that many people are suffering because of the drive for companies to be ever more efficient, beat the competition, cut operating costs, and make huge profits at the expense of the happiness of their employees.

When I contemplate on others suffering what I am/have been suffering, I feel intense compassion and start crying. I would love to offer and give to people alternative ways of working that are heart and community focused and in harmony with nature. Our current unsustainable mode of living is self-destructive. This is ‘reflected in’ (contributes to) the increase in health issues and demand on the medical professions. Holistic healing, such as Star Magic is the way forward, to supplement any required direct medical intervention via the GP.

Direct Perception of Ascended Beings

Recently, I have noticed that I’m getting regular visits from light beings and ascended masters. If I close my eyes and focus I do see many of these beings of light. This is easier when I ‘shimmer’ or excite my aura or Merkaba and use bi-location by using an image in mind or picture and imagine it exploding out and encompassing me with all the senses. Then feeling of being ‘sucked in.’ The energy forms also appear to me ethereally in my space at times, especially the angels, Pleiadians, and healing masters when I set my intention to be aware of them. Sometimes I feel healing and alterations being done to my energy body. I usually need to meditate or cultivate energy to be aware of much of this so normally I can on with life. This does not affect me in a distracting way which the physical symptoms tend to do.

I have spoken to another enlightened soul and she says that, in ‘the astral’, I can call on twelve ascended masters to assist me with integration of ascension energies and for training of skills and abilities and to ensure I’m on the right track. I can also ask them with everything I have agreed to and regarding burning issues such as receiving physical support and meeting my twin flame (hence all the sexual cultivation and tantra).

All of this I know I’ve done plus lots more. The trick is remembering and understanding how to use certain talents wisely and with discernment so as to cause no harm to others. I can wear different ‘aspects’ of energies or self-generate as anything. This is internal so does not impinge on external energies and can as pure as I imagine. Thus can self-generate as say Avalokiteshvara and have him/her at my heart and emanating as all living beings as the Avatar from within me. Then can have one aspect and emanate as many like wire in Dr Who (and ‘The Event’ meditation).

Pleiadian Revelations

I feel incredibly creative and intuitive now, soothed inside and resonate with anything Pleiadian (I feel their energies with me now). This includes certain colours, such as the dual colours indigo/violet luminescent and UV colours, and the compliments blue/green (turquoise). When I see pictures the indigo-violet of light fading to the dark, I get an incredible optical illusion of the fading moving or pulsing I the picture very clearly. This happens less with other colour schemes. I also had an odd sense of being incomplete before like there was something missing even though I felt more complete than ever before inside.

I also recently discovered that I am at least part, perhaps half, Pleiadian (from mother’s side) and feel influences from the Sirians and Andromedans too. My Arcturian side is very logical (father’s side, male), intense, sensitive, courageous, compassion, loving, and respectful. My Pleiadian side is very female, articulate, creative, intuitive, loving, compassionate, patience, musical, poetic and very sexual. Of course this now explains my ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ lifestyle. For example, in the past I often spent periods of time in my own company and then periods of time going out and socializing for weeks or months, and then losing and doing my own thing again.

I am also a guardian of the universe which is a specific role for some cosmic light beings. I resonate totally with their description of traits and interests. It reads in places like a template for my childhood. Google ‘Arcturian Guardian Incarnate’ for more details.

Wikipedia says that Mahatma and Ascended Masters are similar but different and some different processes apply. It feels like the Mahatma energies coupled with Star Magic Cosmic Codes have accelerated or catalysed my development, preparing me for what lies ahead.

Star Magic Universal Energies

Star Magic cosmic codes of consciousness, when used in a creative way, is very effective for rapid results that transfer to any facet of life which is ready for healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ energy reality where we can affect change with our willpower and intention for the greater good. Star Magic is intuitive and positive change will result when used with a correct intention this is powered by unconditional love and compassion emanating from the heart.

I have an intuitive ability tune in to your frequency, feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties that connect you with your past lives, other people, and phenomena. I work with ‘high-light’ and elemental energies including The Light (rays), the Mahatma energy, Archangels including Metatron and Raphael, ascended masters including Kwan Yin, Sananda and Medicine Buddha, and cosmic extraterrestrial beings including the Arcturians and Pleiadians.

I will connect with your higher self with my heart and let the Divine cosmic energy flow into you to create a powerful healing experience. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyze change.

If you wish to elevate your life to an energy that is simply Divine and experience Star Magic energy healing then feel free to click here

With love, compassion and energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara