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Crystals and Channelling

Crystals are alive and have great stories to tell. They are messengers from Mother Earth. Since time immemorial, they have been known to have tremendous spiritual, metaphysical, and healing powers. Ancient Mayans, Incas, and Egyptians have been known to have used a crystal in many forms. The very first instance of using crystals in healing can be traced back to Atlantis.

Crystals facilitate the amplification, storage and processing of energy and respond to the intention of the soul using them. Their power increases when you live them, charge them in sun and moon light and cleanse in salt water for a few hours.

There are hundreds of varieties of beautiful natural crystals including diamond, emerald, labradorite, amethyst, citrine, amethyst and Lemurian quartz. Two quartz crystals from the same cluster will have different energy signatures. It is like two brothers have different personalities who share characteristics from the same family.

Each crystal has its own character and energy. They act as a conduit that connects us to the earth in a variety of subtly different ways. If you love your crystals and look after them then they will love you and look after you.

Uses of Crystals

Crystals facilitate channelling, healing and divination, and are also great as a meditation focus. They can also be used to purify, cleanse, charge and activate energy. It is important that you resonate with each and every crystal you use. Have a clear intention and let go.

Crystal Healing occurs where a crystal is used to flush out the negative energy and obstacles from a human body. Crystals are known to affect each individual in a unique way. Select only the crystals which call out for healing for this patient as this current time. Place the selected crystals on or around the patient in order to remove negative or intrusive energy and clear blockages in the physical, etheric and astral bodies.

Crystal Skulls have intense power attained from ancient cultures and ideal for connecting with these cultures as well as healing and channelling. Crystal skulls speak to you telepathically when you tune into them and some speak to you in reality and through dreams. The energy of a piece of crystal is changed by being carved into this shape it is true, but it is always a positive energy. They are also great for taking excess energy down through the base chakra to the earth chakra to Mother Earth for grounding.

Crystal grids are patterns in which stones are arranged in sacred geometry patterns like the flower of Life to combine the power and energy of several crystals in a geometric formation. The grid activates by linking the crystals with white light so that the stones radiate an energy field into the environment. Those sensitive to energy changes will be able to feel a frequency change in the room wherever the grid is assembled. The intensity of the shift depends upon the stones used.

Crystal Channelling

There are hundreds of types of channelling crystal. A quartz point for channelling is recognized by the formation of seven sides on the main face. This opens the third eye chakra by facing the seven sided face against the third eye during a layout or during a meditation. The energies of channelling crystals balances the chakra centres and harmonize all seven auric bodies. They also facilitate an opening to the higher or deeper wisdom of your own inner being.

Crystals can be charged and programmed for specific use as telepathic amplifiers or to store and transfer information. This is useful for telepathic communication and channelling from guides, angels and also for channelling messages from the deceased.

Choose a quartz crystal and tune into it clearly with your third eye.  Then your clarity and focus increases on whatever you are focusing on. Focus on the feeling of the crystal in your hands and connect with your third eye and heart.

Hold your crystal or place on your body where you are guided. Set your intention and love your crystal. Let go of all thoughts and feel, see, or hear the message or flow of geometry, light and information. You may see beautiful intricate patterns and geometry or visions of other realms. The vision is amplified and clear. If you so wish you can ask the crystal for the image to freeze so you can sketch it.

Choose a clear and specific intention. Use a suitably cleansed, charged and programmed crystal and it will work with you. Then ask for clarification and guidance. You can choose something specific, or you can remote view another world or dimension. What is cool too is connecting with the crystalline realms.

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