Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing – How does it work?

It’s simple.

Love. Imagination. Intention. Knowing = Star Magic

Add these four ingredients together and you are well on your way. I call it Star Magic and it works extremely well. We live in a world of energy and when you see beyond the illusion, deep into this world beyond form you can access the knowledge needed to be accurate with your healing.

I always ask my clients for a photograph. It’s through the eyes that I get my strong connection. It works without one but I always prefer to be sure. Once the connection is established I can enter their space from anywhere. My clients could be in Russia and I could be in the UK. Distance is irrelevant. Distance energy healing works when you are working on a level of energy, a level of super-consciousness.

How long does distance energy healing take?

It depends on the client and what is happening. The deeper the issue the longer it can take, but that isn’t always the case. When working with energy you never really know what will happen. I’ve removed tumours in five minutes and other time it’s taken weeks of healing to cure a cancer patient. Sometimes the healing can be something totally unexpected. For example I have performed healing’s where I’ve had to help people love themselves before they could pass. Once they did love themselves by removing the blockages and allowing the child hood trauma to pass, the client has passed over. They often visit me from spirit and thank me. I’ve come to accept that you must accept the unexpected. The energy always knows what’s best for all on a spiritual level.

Consciousness it’self travels at the speed of light squared. That’s 34.7 billion miles per second. That is why healing can happen at a rapid rate of knots. Before I even think of somewhere that healing should e sent its already on it’s way.

Distance energy healing, particularly Star Magic has the capacity to heal the entire planet as well as people.

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To your success on the playing field of life and your journey in the magical realms of spirit.


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