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Distance Healing 101. How to Switch Realities

In this video, Jerry shares a distance healing story surrounding the topic of self-love and offers a free distance energy healing as he does so. Jerry also discusses how to flip realities, delete karmic patterns and let us know that Karma is bullshit. This Star Magic Energy Healing 101 Technique will seriously open your eyes. This is how you create rapid healing with long lasting change in the physical world, now.

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Star Magic is the next level in modern day healing. Using Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies Jerry can harness this powerful off planet light that brings about rapid healing, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Video Transcript: 

Distance Healing 101: (JERRY SARGEANT) Karma Is Bullshit – How to Switch Realities

So, today I am going to share with you an experience that I had with a client, something that happened during a healing session and I feel that this will be highly beneficial to me on my healing journey. It can only help. It just goes to show the speed at which we can release past life or parallel life trauma that is affecting us in the present and how we can flip realities and cause rapid healing.

So before we do that I want you to get into a good space. I want you to take some nice deep breaths. Come from your mind down into your heart and feel. Feel your body.

I’m shooting this video in nature so as we are going through this today I want harness the light and the energy from all the trees around me and use that light to send healing to everyone that is watching this video. That includes you my friend.

Feel your shoulders, elbow and stomach. Breathe into your chest, back, knees and hips. Come down into your body and feel your body.

As we are going through this video and I’m telling you this story I am going to send some light, some energy, into your space. So you receive a healing as well as getting any information that I’m going to share with you to help you along your journey. Maybe you’re a healer. We are all healers anyway. If you heal people regularly then this video will help you tremendously. Feel this video and then you can put what I share with you in practice.

Feel your feet, toes, fingers, face. Be still my friend. Feel your own light. Feel your own energy. Feel the light that is starting to come down from your crown – light that I’m sending through to you right now. Allow this light to filter in through your crown chakra and slowly but surely swirl around your body. This flow of light is going to continue for the duration of this video. So enjoy this space my friend.

So, I was working with a client very recently and this human being has been having some real deep self-love issues. Many of us are like on planet earth. This is why the video is so important. Apart from the way I create my healing environment (fast, efficiently), it is also about self-love. This client I have been working with has some real deep self-love issues. We have been working together for a little while. We have been working with some serious layers, getting down into the core.

So when we went into this healing yesterday I dropped from my mind into my heart. The first thing that came up was another reality. I was in a space where there was a woman who was laid down on the road. It was somewhere in a warm country, out in the country, with lots and fields around and there was a road. This woman was lying down on the road. She had been run over by a truck. A gentlemen was distraught and in pieces looking over her and crying, not knowing what to do. He was the partner of the lady who just died. The gentleman in this reality who just seen his wife run over by a truck and died in front of him was the same soul of the human being I was healing in this present reality the other day.

So, I’ve been in this situation lots of times and normally what I would do is go and speak to the gentleman in this other reality and let him know we are spiritual beings have this human experience and that I was now working with his soul in another reality. I would have a chat with this human being. I would normally get to a situation where he could accept this as a spiritual experience and let it go.

I have tried so many different things but it won’t work. So I decided to remind this reality. We rewound time into a different space before the accident and I saw the man and woman walking down road. I saw that she was about to step out and the truck was about to come down the road and run her over. I let the husband know that this was going to happen. I got his attention and let him know that this was going to happen. He looked around and saw the truck in the road. He saw his wife was about to step out in front of the truck and pulled her back. She was not looking where she was going and was daydreaming. He intervened and changed what happened in that space.

Now some people would say this is karma, you cannot mess around in the field, and change things in this way.  This isn’t right and you are upsetting the balance of different things. When you look at karma my friend, ‘what is karma?’ It is a word that someone has told you, you have read about, understand through various teachings and heard other people talk. You might have had a lot of experiences – ‘this is karma’, ‘I’m releasing karma’. Let’s say karma is complete and utter *uckin bull*hit and karma is just a word and you have given meaning to this word. That may be true and if you decide that this is your reality then then is the truth. Everything you have been shown, built and taught is someone else’s perception – it does not have to be yours. So, in this reality I have gone back in, changed it, flipped it by rewinding history and creating a totally different outcome.

Now, fast forward to when I actually communicated with my client on the email. I never actually speak to my clients when I do a healing. I may speak to them on Skype for a few minutes and then we will shut Skype down. During the healing process there is no direct 3-dimensional communication going on. Now when I spoke to my client on the email the first thing he said to me was that he saw a lady on the road and he could see a relationship. He could feel hurt, sadness, and torment and all these emotions were flooding up to the surface in his consciousness spiritually, emotionally and physically now in this 3D reality.

What had happened was this. We got back into this other space. I found the reality that was hindering the release of hurt and a lack of self-love in this lifetime or something that goes towards it and has a massive impact on it. I erased it. All I did was delete it. I deleted it from his blueprint, from his soul in this 3D reality now this human being has been going through a lot of physical pain and symptoms because of this. Now this was the trigger to release it on a deep level. So we have gone into another reality and deleted it. It has to come out because in this 3D reality now he is going through pain and symptoms including Adrenal fatigue and severe lack of energy, and various other symptoms.

This stuff has had to come out from the physical so as soon as we deleted it, from his soul, from his karma, his blueprint, his spirit, in his other space, everything emotionally that has been stored in his DNA, in his cells and inside his bones has come flooding to the surface. It has left or in the process of leaving because I’m sure, right now as I’m filming this video, this human being is dealing with some sh*t, some heavy duty emotion in this reality now that has been caused by this other space, this other reality.

The reason I wanted to share this video with you and explain this story is because by switching the reality to another place you can create massive healing right now. You don’t have to switch the reality in another space by helping the human being in that space come to terms with it by letting go, accepting, and releasing it in that other space. You can completely delete it in that other space by creating a completely different scenario and then quantum entangling the two. That is the key. It is easy, peesy, lemon squeezy. This shit is easy. Okay. All you have to do is to trust. Be in your heart my friend and play like a little kid. It is like a game. Every time you go into a healing session let go with zero expectation. Play with what you are shown. Play the video game on the screen in front of you, inside of your head, in the space around you when you enter another space through the star gate which is your heart.

This is Star Magic baby. Distance healing 101. It’s a piece of whizz. You can do this too. I am no different from you. We are all human beings, we all have these skills. We all have the ability to tap into this extrasensory awareness that we have always had since creation, the dawn of time, since we were completely pure before our egos stepped in the way and our pineal glands became calcified. You have the power to transform your own life and transform the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters. This is one simple way of doing it.

I like to share these experiences now and again. So many people keep their experiences to themselves but why? Why? This isn’t mine, this isn’t yours. This is all of ours and these skills, abilities and tools are open to all of us. If you are a healer start utilising this distance healing technique. You don’t need to be with another client as distance is irrelevant. You know that. Time, measurement and distance are the only things in this human 3D reality that cause pain, that cause fear. OK. Fear couldn’t exist without time, distance and measurements. It is all bull*hit.  Let’s start working from our hearts. Let’s get out of our heads and down into our hearts and then connect our minds, our consciousness, with our hearts and explore these other places.

Then when you add the starlight into the equation boy things just go through the roof. This is Star Magic man. Star Magic is something that is within all of us. The reason that it is within all of us is because you are stardust. I’m stardust. Everything on this planet was created from stardust. As soon as you get your head around that my friend, your life is going to transform.

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When you’re in nature, in this environment I’m in now surrounded by trees and woods it exacerbates everything 10-fold or 100-fold. What is 10-fold and 100-fold? More bull*hit, okay. What is reality, man? What is reality? You create your own reality.

I love you with every fibre of my entire being, with my heart and with my soul. Subscribe to this YouTube channel now. Share these videos with your friends and family. I love you. I will see you again soon. Peace.