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Divine Experiences of August Two

We manifest the divine experiences and other experiences that we desire. We create we what we think, say, and do; and our karma is our action in the past, present and future. As there is only the now, the moment, it is about steering our ship in the direction of further enlightenment and the enjoyment of the acceptance of being regardless of circumstances, pain, pleasure or desire. When you step out of all attachments and aversions, focused at your heart in skillful meditation, then your lotus of brilliant insight and wisdom within will unlock.

Pure Lands / Heavens

A pure land has no death and no fear. It is love, light and experience. This is a living between the worlds or a place for meditative development and reconnecting with your true source. It is an eternal heaven where all negative tendencies are cleansed and purified until you realize your true divine purity directly and forever. Then venture forth and show others to do the same through action and deed. I like to take something in the real world and something impossible and wire them together in new and different ways to create something possible but improbable and make it happen. This opens up the door to the impossible. I then have a vision of being a vast light being holding open a portal or Stargate, like guarding it, where it leads to nirvana which is a complete dissociation from the matrix levels of life, death and rebirth. Those with no ill intent go through and I wait until every living being in all eternity steps through.

Channelling, Twin Flames & Astral Sex

Channeling works by matching your energy to the frequency (the octave or harmonic) and vibration (tone or key within that octave) of a higher light Divine being. This depends upon several factors including degree of clarity of a channel, source of transmission, and the nature of the source (some are guides, angels but others are shadow entities or tricksters). Different forms of channeling, including verbal, writing and drawn channeling, are all looking at things from different dimensional perspectives. To develop and experiment with channeling is like developing a muscle or learning to walk again. It is about practice and trust.

The deal with twin flames is that they are emanations of the Divine masculine and feminine. There may be one ideal perfect twin flame in this reality, feeling like Teal Swan, but there are others that are close. I have felt these and met some soulmates at different places and times. Then there are other dimensions and the one I know is so is Kwan Yin, and there is a Mermaid and an ET one (although this could have been a body I’m in at that higher vibration). I have been contacted by an energy linked to Teal Swan and it felt different as astral sex energies playing with each other and merge. Once beyond the illusion of physical form unlimited possibilities emerge. There is most more subtle pleasure and satisfaction with Divine or astral energy exchange, sometimes classed as refined sex, and physical sensations from imagining sex with an ideal female form which is unreliable because it shifts and changes from young to old and thin to fat.

So let everyone find their twin flames in this life and realize the twin flame Divine Feminine energy in the person they are with. I most certainly feel more alive and connected with all when I feel this energy even though I am physically alone and have the urges of a healthy single male with little sexual experience. I will emanate and manifest energy and physical forms and use them for helping others as well as to be one with my twin flame if she does not volunteer on this dimensional plane.

Holographic Fractals & Black Holes

Looking at holographic fractals and how the Orion Wars are imprinted, or illustrated, on/as a nebula appears to follow a similar process to my holographic light photography. This applies across the board with respect to holographic inserts and the intersection of dimensions. Also I was looking at fractals and fractal dimension above 3 when look at dimensional roughness of an animation of change across a fractal. Consider fractals within fractals, infinite sets of fractals in infinite sets of fractals all containing a universe with variation of one atom then repeated with variation of physical law by one point, with one decision by one person leading a different actions, etc. It also caters for all paradox variations including the bootstrap paradox of a soul projecting them back in time to create say the Christ Consciousness Grid and more than do the same once one has shown the way. Then there were no linear time creators. Creation has come from the future as much as it has come from the past. That is it is all present now and relative.

I love thought experiments. So ran the Lojong taking and giving meditation through a black hole funnel that transforms the negative energy of suffering into pure light. The event horizon is a holographic blueprint of all the feelings and events that are experienced in the heart focused meditation. The heart chakra itself is the black hole, wormhole or / and singularity, and the white hole / funnel of light. In fact any chakra can be visualized as constructs out of emptiness to function at any scale. This is transformation beyond and leads to the cleansing of the internal and the external. So the taking is absorption into black hole, capture at event horizon for Akashic records (collective subconscious), experienced by the bodhissatva. The giving is the light in the form of love and compassion, generated through other end of black hole as a white whole through a wormhole (a Stargate). This pure light with the highest intention is returned to sender (purifies/cleanses them). Remember that as there is no observer past the event horizon of a black hole then what you imagine with manifest just like a dream or the intermediate state between living and dying. Pure light is good for purification of dark energies. You can also destroy all negativity at the singularity and project light directly from source channeled to your heart. This works better but energy is used up by the singularity and bringing in more light. The first method transforms the energy and with 100% efficiency sets the possibility for perpetual motion of transformed energies.

Astral Grids & Time Resonance

In between waking and sleeping and during various levels of dreaming I saw in vivid detail various geometric grids, patterns and other artistic designs. They morph and change like living things and I’m sure are a result of having Jerry’s meditations on which I kept drifting into and out of sleep. There is also a direct communication from the Arcturians asleep for lucid dream programming and also oneness. As a spiritual being, the Avatar of Synthesis, as a human being I have a responsibility and understanding that I am one containing the many. Everything I ever require to be whole and complete is inside of me. Take charge of my destiny and excel in all I do. When I woke in the morning my mind was clear as a bell and ideas flowed along the lines of integrating experiences as if I lived them in this life (not another life although this is handy too but not grounded). It is about accepting, neuroplasticity and energising/shimmering my energy field to program myself for them to be clearer and draw them out in daytime.

I woke up with many breakthrough realisations likely from the activities of the previous day. Olympic athletes and being them, assimilating their experiences with full senses including how it feels to train, the experiences of winning and losing, competition and non-competition, the agony and ecstasy of experiencing, injury and recovery. Transferable astral and etheric experiences confer to my body and mind. My body feels much better and I know I can do many of these things as other beings and integrate into my own. This also makes Star Magic healing more powerful as the integration goes through all levels of my being flowing from the spiritual to mental to astral to etheric to physical. Also works with Shakespeare, Mozart, great thinkers and doers. Then use my intention to customise and flow my life. It is about skilful action in this life and integrating all the parallel versions of me which are inseparable from those of others as we are all one, united. Apply to life coaching on myself and then help others excel and make their dreams a reality.

I have had some issues with synchronisation and time Consider liquid fluid time and resonating with the rhythm of movement and change reflected in the passage of time as a natural cycle, the rhythm of time. It is about being comfortable with all aspects and passages of change, arising and dissolving. The stillness within through heartfelt meditation in love with all that is – the good, the bad and the ugly. Feel rejuvenated and wanting to explore more and deeper across all levels transferring my strengths and turning my weaknesses into strengths. Be an example, an avatar for others to innovate as I have/am/will myself for life id for living by doing not thinking. I have also noticed that I’m picking up skills including rapid typing, free flow ideas, automatic drawing and multi-sensory perception – a lot from Kwan Yin.

Divine Experiences: Bodhichitta Motivation

I understand the true meaning of the bodhisattva vow is love all as I love myself, and to not reach enlightenment myself before all other living beings do so. What it means is to perfect myself from within by accepting what is and surrendering what is not serving me knowing that the internal is reflected in the external and all living things are also me/us, as we are one. It means reaching the point of full enlightenment and emanating one or more that reach full enlightenment and one or more that come back and emanate as others to teach and show the way for us all. Thus the door is open and Buddhas communicate with us because we have already transcended samsara. This is the great secret the control elite are hiding away from us.

Later I revisited Geshe-la briefly and realised that it is my bodhichitta motivation, timeless throughout lives that provides the impetus and drive to propel me forward. It is a deep realisation that to help alleviate the sufferings of others I must transcend my own sufferings by using every challenge and situation for personal growth and well-being. I feel more whole, grounded and fuller in orientation and inflection. My light shines brightly when I challenge myself and learn from success and failure. To procrastinate and do nothing or not put my heart into things is really denying self and others of the opportunities to make our dreams a reality for individual, communal and world peace through the one love that flows through all of reality and beyond. It is turning the imaginary into reality and becoming more that the sum of parts. So the vows are important guides to gauge my level of development and to provide milestones for the future of my time stream. It is also about patience acceptance and skilful decision and prioritisation.

Star Magic, Merkaba & Love

Star Magic has spurred me into action and facilitated many divine experiences. Now I can see several blueprints laid out in augmented reality and also even various holographic icons of my body and stats like in the Sims or some first person shooter. Look blurry when I zoom in but I’m sure with focus this can be a general tool to identify misalignments and any issues on the focus bodies and sub-bodies that may crop up. Then focus more and get a sharper image and let the images and feelings evolve at my heart. Merkaba rotation on bus and hear engine sound distinct from the bus engine when charged up as well as a golden white overlay and symbols of light language. It is also much easier to visit places. Looks like once I cracked astral teleport last weekend my Merkaba travel is also feeling more real and substantial.

The love energy field will get very powerful if boosted or amplified over time, by resonating light from source energy or Mahatma, perhaps by multiplier feedback until the love and compassion for all life is felt by all life on earth and the universe. Add the Star magic cosmic codes to heal as well. Deploy in noosphere (ethers) amplified by etheric crystals into the collective subconscious of humankind. Then people dream of peace, love, harmony, feel lighter and aware. This applies to everyone and as an environmental process of giving light from taking in the collective dark energy then it does not violate free will. Add in a flavour of oneness and true reality, how it is. So no manipulation just removal of all veil to those ready and some veils to others ready for those to be revealed. Also simultaneous dampening of destructive energies on earth (this sounds like it is from Vywamus).

Remember that we are ultimately all one spiritual being, one perfect light, experiencing being in the now as countless human and other perspectives simultaneously. We have our own divine experiences. We are one energy and one love, Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Star Magic Arcturian Healing

Star Magic works seamlessly with many existing Arcturian and high-light extra-terrestrial healing techniques and modalities. This is because Star Magic contains living codes of consciousness that facilitate DNA activation and healing throughout our being. It also strengthens the power and effectiveness of cosmic healing technologies. By calling on our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters we invite them to activate the Star Magic within us all. They answer by performing the healing and psychic surgery required in the now.

We live in a ‘quantum’ reality where we affect change with the power of our will. Star Magic is intuitive and catalyses our connection and degree of healing from divine and extra-terrestrial sources. I will connect with your higher self with heart centred energy. I also connect with my guides, angels, and cosmic extra-terrestrial beings of light, that do the healings through me. Surrender and allow the Star Magic energy healing to filter through your entire being. Star magic allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter your body and alchemise change.

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