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Do You Want Your Vitality Back? Stop Energy Vampires from Draining You

In order to give our best each day, we tell apart the more demanding activities from the less energy-taxing ones and then prioritize our schedules accordingly.

So far so good.

But there are times when our vitality level seems to drop despite mastering time and resources perfectly. In this case, energy vampires might be the root of the problem.

It seems surprising, I know, since it’s a hardly detectable issue. But since you’re here, it means you want to engage in a journey of self-discovery and this also translates into tackling this kind of fine details.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the matter and on how you can fix it. 

What Is an Energy Vampire?

It’s extremely hard for people to detect when they’re overbearing and drain others of energy resources.

It takes a significant amount of work on oneself to realize to what degree they:

  • are too negative
  • put others down too often rather than owning their failures
  • are too needy;
  • resort too much to emotional support (especially from those who are too busy)
  • wear others off with too much talk
  • are too insistent
  • convey too much redundant information
  • are too controlling.

These are energy vampires, but it’s worth pointing out that they are definitely not aware of that.

energy vampires

How to Tell if You’re Affected by Energy Vampires

Generally speaking, individuals who give a lot are also experiencing human interactions more intensely. This happens due to their increased level of energetic openness.

If you’re one of the persons endowed with superior perceptiveness, you might experience a state of burnout signalled by various combinations of the following:

  • Energy crises occurring despite a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Incapacity to say “no”; you tend to take up on any request others address when they need help. You tend to see this as tackling challenges and assess that you’re going to be able to juggle all these obligations on a long-term
  • Profound fatigue – when your mind is alert and willing to engage in lots of deeds, but the body just does not seem to respond (even when you’re in perfect health)
  • Finding it hard to give up on some compromises. Compromise is beneficial unless it is not employed more often than it should be.

As an intuitive person, your energetic system is equipped to deal with loads of emotional requirements coming from your entourage. But, as is the case with everything else, too much is too much. Your brain may be skilled in sweeping temporary symptoms under the rug, but it cannot go on like that forever.

energy vampires

Here’s My Solution

It’s essential that we know how to calibrate our energy levels, be it during the day, the week or the whole year. We need to prioritize what and when it’s best that we perform certain actions.

You can do that by making sure you take on energy healing sessions under constant guidance.

What I hope you’ll take away from my words above is this: the fact that you’re more sensitive than average should not worry you. You can still care a great deal about everyone surrounding you. You can still love immensely.

You are part of the One Family whose members are star seeds cultivating inner energy healing powers. If you’re not one of us yet, I encourage you to delve deeper into what energy healing implies and give yourself the chance to get in contact with the ominous One Love.