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VIDEO: Heal Your Trauma Meditation – Dragon Light Code Transmission


In this video you will experience a powerful heal your trauma meditation, to recover your mind, body and spirit. This dragon light code transmission will connect you to the magical realm, where you will encounter dragons, golden light codes and platinum frequencies. This will heal deep trauma and release any blocks that are holding you back in this reality. You will turbocharge your light body and upgrade your consciousness as these powerful light codes dive deep into your DNA, unlocking divine wisdom and ancient knowledge.

You are a powerful, divine, cosmic being. You deserve to give yourself time and space. Open your heart, breathe deep, and connect with me heart to heart. Open your mind and let me take you on this magical healing journey.

Due to the nature of this heal your trauma meditation, you may experience overwhelming emotions, please, listen to my voice and watch this video to the very end. Take the time after watching the video to sit with your emotions and allow them to process. Repeat every day for 36 days.



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