effective treatment for grief and grieving

Effective treatment for grief and grieving

Grief and grieving affects us all at some point in life.

The 5 stages of grief are typically:

  • Denial: This cant be happening to me.
  • Anger: Why is this happening Who is to blame
  • Bargaining: Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.
  • Depression: I’m too sad to do anything.
  • Acceptance: I’m at peace with what happened.

Not everyone goes through all of these stages of grief nor is it necessary to go through these stages in order to go on with your life. As a researcher and healer I have found that grief often comes in waves and you just have to let the emotions flow as they come. There are cases where the loss seems absolutely unbearable and in these cases I have found there is a modality known as Star Magic Energy Healing which can significantly take the sting out of this type of emotional pain.

Star Magic Energy Healing

How does Star Magic energy healing work to take away the sting of grief The theory is that all emotions are a type of energy. I have found this to be true. When you feel grief inside that is a very real emotional energy you are feeling in your body. Some people feel this emotion in their chest. Some people feel it in their stomach area. When an energy healer sends energy into the area of grief it actually begins to change this emotion on a quantum level. Perhaps that sounds a bit out there but I have found it to be true in every grieving person I have worked with. By sending the Star Magic Healing Energy into the area of grief we can significantly reduce the sting of this emotion. Once the sting of grief is gone you are left with the happier memories of the one you lost and a sense of calmness and awareness comes into your space.

Distance Healing

I specialise in what is known as remote or distance healing. This type of healing can be done by you being at home in one country and me where I am in another country. Here is how a typical session works for healing grief. You book a healing session. We then set a times and date and I call you or Skype you 10 minutes before. I take some history pertaining to the grief you are experiencing and then the healing commences.

I then ask you to close your eyes and relax while I send Star Magic healing frequencies into the area where you are feeling the grief. I will also work at a cellular level to remove any past conditioning from earlier in this life or maybe a past life. We will talk again after the healing has finished.

This does not in any way minimize the significance of the love you feel for the one you lost. Rather it leaves you feeling lighter with the happy memories you shared together. Feelings like severe depression, guilt, anger etc, are greatly reduced.

Feel free to contact me and book a Star Magic Energy Healing Session if you are dealing with severe grief and would like to feel better.

With Loving Energy,

most effective treatment for grief and grieving