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Emotion: The Secret To Manifestation

Emotion - the secret of manifestation

The secret to manifesting your dreams is your emotion. Emotion is the charge which empowers your intention for manifestation. The highest emotion is pure unconditional love. 

Your emotions broadcast information through your energy field and also into the environment around you. Complex emotions vibrate at different frequencies. You will feel a lack, want, or need if your emotions are out of alignment with the universe or your desired creation.

You create what you think and you charge what you create with your energy in motion. Emotion literally means ‘energy in motion’. You can stop creating negative realities by thinking good thoughts with positive feelings from your heart not your head.

Your state of feeling is important when you focus to manifest anything. Depending on the intensity and nature of your emotion, your depth of concentration and focus will increase or decrease. Also the frequency of your emotion and the clarity of your intention, of what you want and why you want it, will vary.

Your signal for manifestation increases greatly when in alignment with the universe, when you work for a higher purpose, or selflessly in service for others. If your signal is in divine alignment then it will resonate and manifestation becomes easier.


Emotions have power to amplify or block your signal to the universe. Each emotion vibrates at a different frequency.  Fear, anger, greed and lust vibrate at a much lower frequency and joy, gratitude, and unconditional love vibrate at a much higher frequency.

Love and fear are the only true emotions. All other emotions are the subsets of fear or love or a mix of both. Fear and love contain very unique vibrations and when blended form a full spectrum of emotional frequencies.

Love activates and awakens more of your divine potential. The frequencies of love penetrate your DNA deepest.

Fear is discordant and creates disharmony. If you vibrate with fear you will draw into your life others who are vibrating fear. If there is no fear there is no anger or resistance. Fear also keeps you sleeping in amnesia and locked in the matrix.

The highest frequency of love is limitless unconditional love and universal compassion for all living beings. This love is also known as spiritual or divine love. It is love that is greater than us, expansive and boundless.

Feel in your heart the different frequencies of authentic love. Start by loving yourself unconditionally. Then tune into the frequencies of affectionate love, cherishing love, joy, compassion, and gratitude.


We are all connected with everything and also everyone around us. When we send out our intention to the universe we are also sending our frequency of thought and emotion.

Thought-forms are created by your own thoughts and exist as energy in your aura. They will help you draw towards you all the circumstances you need to make it so.

A thought-form is created when you imagine something and keep on imagining it. So it you want to manifest you create aligned thought-forms out of love and communicate with them.

Be careful what you think. Thoughts are energy too. Thought-forms are temporary nonphysical entities created by our thoughts and emotions. They exist around in our energy field and environment.

Your manifestation becomes very powerful when you are connected to the universe with love in your heart. Your mind is what creates this an inner universe whose contents are empowered through charging your emotions with love.


  1. Clean up your energy – clean up your life, stop being angry, and call all your energy back. Have a deep gratitude for what has been and the gifts your life experience have brought. Write down what it is you want to manifest and adopt a healthy loving attitude to life.
  2. Get clarity – imagine clearly what you want and why you want it. Flip the script. Have a clear idea of what you really want and your subconscious mind will add to it.
  3. Raise Your Vibration – love yourself and accept who you are. Be aware of your energetic frequency and vibration all the time. Focus on things that feel good in your life and develop higher forms of love to become a master of manifestation. Check how your energy feels now. Listen to your body by tuning into bodily feelings and sensations.
  4. Get Really Specific – be an observer and listen to your inner and outer awareness. Allow your breath to support you where there was resistance. Let sensations, feelings, thoughts and emotions fade away and relax whole body. See the specific result your desire and the steps on the path there.
  5. Ask and Affirm – accept your current reality and then write or chant a powerful statement of what you want. Ask for help and guidance from the universe, higher self, your guides, and your angels. Feel their love and compassion for you.
  6. Release attachment to outcomes – let go of everything and just be. Any stress, anxiety or doubt about whether your manifestation works will get in the way of alignment and weaken its power. Keep affirming what you want in song, poetry or mantra in the day and at night,
  7. Change your perspective from one of want or need to one of acceptance and abundance. Have a new relationship with yourself and the universe built on unconditional love. Rejoice in gratitude and resonate into being the experience of living a life where your dreams become manifest.
  8. Imagine as pure a reality as you can. Your reality comes into being through powerful love with aligned real world action. When you are in alignment with the universe then you will experience real transformation for yourself and others around you.

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