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Energy Awareness

Everything is energy in one form or another. The physical law of conservation of energy applies to all energy and not just the physical varieties. Our energy includes our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

We spend much time cleaning and looking after our bodies. However many neglect the heavy energetic feelings we often get, or fail to listen to our bodies when we experience pain and uncomfortable sensations.

It is mission critical to distinguish accurately between all of the energies you encounter. Be aware of the energy you project onto the world, in the environment surrounding you, and how this affects you. Also understand the energy of other people, and energies in the astral realms that influence and manipulate you.

Energy Hygiene

Manage your energy with love and wisdom and embrace effective energy management and control. Practice mindfulness and alertness with meditation. Be mindful that you are connected in your heart to divine love and alert feeling into your own energy. Let go of any thoughts, feelings and sensations and allow your guides and the love from the universe to heal and elevate your vibration.

Watch out for the energy you pick up from your surroundings. Every environment has etheric energy that lingers and becomes stagnant. There are also thought-forms and astral entities in many environments. Some are lingering souls and others are sentient energies without bodies that delight in tricking people to give their energy or power away to them. Protect yourself first and observe what they are doing and don’t let them affect you.

Watch out also or the energy that you emanate or project outwards to others. Get onto the routine of regularly clearing the energy that hangs around in your aura. This also ensures that all of the energy you project consciously is emanating from your heart with love and joy. This will lighten and elevate the energy of others around you. Also a smile or laugh goes a long way.

Testing Energies

Meditate and listen in and feel the ambience of the environment around you. Feel if there is any stagnant energy or energy imbalance. Is it your own energy, your thought-forms, thought-forms from other sources, or projected by someone or something else. Ask questions if the energy is sentient. Ask the universe and your guides if you are not sure or desire clearer detection.

Some of the energy you feel will resonate and inspire you. This includes the feeling you have from experienced enjoying music, art and nature or when you connect with your angels and guides. Some energy will feel attractive and some feels repulsive. Other energy is unclear, negative, charged with strong emotion like anger or lust, feels muddy or stagnant, or just feels wrong.

To test the energy of your environment, step into your heart, be still there, and feel inwards. Focus on each of the energies you encounter and trace back to its source. This energy may be simple or complex, for example, containing many frequencies, or from sentient parasitic thought-forms. Sources of energy can be natural, from people, animals, or you may feel hot or cold as you explore an environment. Some people feel these energy changes as signs of ghosts.

Filtering Energy

First discern the differences in energy that you feel around you.  Then protect yourself from low vibration energy and filter the energy felt from others.

Set your intention and hence your energy to attract those who you resonate with into your life and repel those who don’t. In this respect you act like a magnet living all but being discerning as to who you invite into your energetic space.

You can also use constructs such as frequency nets and high pass filters. Go into meditation and invite your guides and angels. Then visualise a field like a web or net of luminous energy around you vibrating to only allow a specific energy, or those vibrating at higher frequencies through.

Get into the habit of a daily energy cleanse as part of your healing and energy work. An imbalance of energy is often caused by being too open to others or your environment. Ask your guides to clear those energies which do not serve you and heal any energetic damage or tears in your aura. Observe the healing process.

It is also vital that you live cleanly, exercise well and eat healthily.

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