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Energy Healing & Abundance

Did you know that the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of abundance Whatever it is you want peace, joy, laughter, happiness, strength, a dream career, a better connection to Source, a deeper alignment with your higher self and life purposeanything your heart desires can be attracted into your life with an abundant mindset and an open crown and heart chakra. With this one shift, you can literally change everything!

The Source of Happiness

You’ve probably noticed that there are people who seem to have it all: health, wealth, successful careers, marriages, partnerships, and most of all, they are honestly happy. From the outside looking in, it may seem as though the material prosperity they’ve achieved created their happiness, but the truth is that it’s usually the other way around. The external world mirrors your inner reality. Internal perspective, clarity, and alignment with your soul purpose leads to external abundance. Abundance begins within you, with your thoughts and attitude, and with the proper mindset, there’s no limit to what the Universe can provide for you. It’s infinite.

You Really Do Get What You Give

The world is a closed circle; energy can’t be created, only transformed, and every single thing on this planet is linked to each other through the unified field. This means that you are connected to your neighbours and everyone else, to the physical earth, and to higher planes and Source Energy, and what you do affects your personal energy as well as the energies around you. You see this in little ways every day. Think about how easy it is to get sucked into someone else’s bad mood when they’re nearby their energy can literally drag yours down.

But the reverse is true as well, and positive energy can also spread like energetic wildfire. In fact, that is what you are doing by studying energy healing and walking the path of light; you are helping to raise your own vibration, which raises the vibrations of those around you, and collectively, the universe at large. This is no small thing energy may be invisible, but it is more powerful than anything you can see with your eyes, and as it heals you, it heals the whole planet. Your mission is to raise your vibration and in turn heal not just you but our beautiful bib blue planet that we call Earth.

Ask and You Shall Receive

It is this same principle of interconnectedness that guides abundance. Your thoughts and emotions have their own energy, and what you think about, obsess about, will eventually manifest. Obsession is mission-critical. You give it weight by thinking and feeling about it so much and draw it into your life. This has been proven in studies that show how effective prayer is. Thought and emotion together push that energy out into the world where the desire can be formed and returned to you. Abundance is as simple as a consistent, meaningful request to the universe, accompanied by giving back what you hope to receive.

Shift Your Focus

So if you spend all your time thinking about the fact that you don’t have enough money, the Universe sees that as a request, and you will be provided with a continued absence of money. If you constantly lament the fact that you’re not in a relationship, it will be hard to find one. If you are always worried about getting sick, then the Universe will provide you with an illness. The Universe will give you what you put your energy into, so if you want to manifest the good, you have to shift your focus and attitude. It’s like Mother Teresa once said ‘please don’t invite me to anti-war demonstration. Invite me to a peace rally’. There is a major difference. Wherever your focus goes your energy surely follows.

If you want more money, start donating what you can spare. If you want more love, adopt a pet. Be of service without expectations. True abundance is an inner knowing that you are living the best version of yourself, so switch from focusing on the lack of what you want to focusing on bringing what you want into your life so you can be that best version.

Sometimes I find students can’t manifest their desires because they don’t really believe they deserve them. It’s time to stop believing and start knowing. If your thoughts contradict your emotions, the Universe tends to hear your feelings. You may think you want more peace, but if you secretly feel you deserve to be punished for past mistakes, you will continue to be punished. Energy healing can release those negative emotions and help you adjust your thoughts toward the positive, and allow you to attract the abundance you want and deserve.

Open Your Crown Chakra

Another way to create internal abundance is to open your seventh chakra (depending on which chakra system yiu use it could be the 8th or 13th) which sits at the top of your head and is connected to thought, consciousness, information, and intelligence, the all knowing all aspects of the process of knowing. When the seventh chakra is clear and balanced, divine energy can flow into it from the universal field, expanding your consciousness, and providing you with a greater awareness of what you are truly meant to do. With this knowledge, you then have the potential to manifest the life you want to have the life you were born to live and the abundance you seek.

Open Your Heart Chakra

Opening your heart chakra which is in your sternum is mission critical. Visualise yourself opening this chakra and see and feel emerald coloured energy pouring from the front and back of your body and connecting you with everything and everyone. Truly opening the feeling of love and compassion for humanity.

Purpose Leads to Abundance

The more open your crown and heart chakras, the more connected you are to your higher self and the Universe through love and Source Energy, which allows you to really understand your purpose on this Earth. Purpose is what many successful people attribute those successes to, and I see this quite often in my energy healing courses and workshops as well. Students who have won the lottery or finally reached the tenth floor executive office suite and are still not fulfilled are usually not following their true path the road map their soul laid out for them before incarnating. Sure, they may look successful, but they are miserable, so does that really count as success?

People whose abundance blooms out of motivations deeper and more personal than money or fame are always happier. Real successes are life achievements that are in perfect alignment with your soul purpose and are therefore fulfilling and meaningful on a spiritual level as well as a personality level. My purpose is this teaching you energy healing and how to live a healthier, happier life, which has made me happier and healthier, too.

When you find what you are meant to be doing on this earth, no matter how much money you make, you’ll have no shortage of fulfillment and joy. And chances are, you will make more money, better health, have more peace, resilience, love, and everything else your heart desires as well, for true abundance is what you feel in your soul, not just in your bank account.

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