Energy Healing, Celebrities and Depression by Jerry Sargeant

It is not news that depression has become a kind of invisible epidemic, afflicting approximately 121 million people worldwide. The World Health Organisation ranks depression as one of the worlds most disabling diseases, and our best estimates from population studies show that approximately twenty percent of people will experience a serious, clinical depression during the course of their lifetime.

While depression receives a lot of publicity, its causes remain mysterious, and those who suffer from it tend to hide their condition. Although the medical community now approaches depression as a disease, many depressed people still feel a sense of shame and judge themselves as weak or self-indulgent for not being able to will themselves out of their sadness. When youre in the throes of depression, it’s hard to escape the feeling that you are a failure and that the future is hopeless.


What Depression Isn’t

The word depression has become commonplace in our everyday conversations, with people using it to describe everything from a passing funk to deep disappointment. You might hear someone say, I feel depressed about our football team losing, or I’m so depressed about not getting to see my daughter over the holidays.

In fact, becoming sad or blue isn’t a sure sign of depression. Life brings difficulties that we respond to with a wide range of normal emotions: sadness, anxiety, resignation, confusion, grief, and frustration. Moods are cyclical, and if these feelings are your response to a tough event, they will subside on their own in time. If they linger, however, and there seems to be no definite cause or trigger, such as losing your job or the death of a loved one, depression is accepted as the conventional diagnosis.


Diagnosing Depression

Depression isn’t one single disorder; there are actually several types of depression. For a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, a person must experience at least five of the following symptoms during the same two-week period:

  • Depressed mood (feeling sad or empty; being tearful)
  • Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, activities
  • Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain; or decrease or increase in appetite
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia (sleeping too little or too much)
  • Slowing of thoughts and physical movements
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt
  • Diminished ability to think or concentrate; or indecisiveness
  • Recurrent thoughts of death (not just fear of dying), recurrent suicidal ideation without a specific plan, or a suicide attempt or specific plan for committing suicide

If you can count five or more of these as being present, know that your list must contain depressed mood or diminished interest or pleasure before you would be considered medically depressed. The DSM-IV, a manual doctors use to diagnose mental disorders, also recognizes other types of depression:

  • Dysthymia is mild, chronic depression. It must present for at least two years for a diagnosis of dysthymia.
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that generally arises as the days grow shorter in the autumn and winter.
  • Postpartum depression begins after a woman has given birth and may get worse as time goes on.|
  • Atypical depression is characterized by moods that worsen or improve in direct response to events. It is also characterized by overeating, oversleeping, and fatigue.
  • Bipolar disorder (sometimes referred to as manic depression) is a complex disorder in which one cycles between periods of major depression and extreme elation or mania.

Possible Determining Factors

The factors that make it more likely you will become depressed form a long list: genetic predisposition, being female, death or loss of loved one, major life events (even happy ones, like a graduation), other mental illnesses, substance abuse, childhood trauma, certain medications, serious illness, and personal problems such as financial troubles or the loss of a job. What all of these things have in common is that they disrupt the normal balancing mechanisms of mind and body.

Even though no one knows exactly what causes depression, it is clearly a state of internal imbalance. Balance is essential for the healthy functioning of both your body and your mind, so a treatment that aims to restore balance to your mind-body physiology can help you return to a natural state of well-being.


Beginning the Healing Journey

There are many things you can do to re-balance yourself. The first step is recognising that youre feeling depressed and seeking help. People sometimes experience depression as a result of an underlying medical condition such as thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, or other health issues. Get a thorough medical check-up and let your health care practitioner know your concerns about depression.


Meditation: Connect to the Part of You that Isn’t Depressed

Meditation has been shown to be a powerful treatment for relieving both stress and mild-to-moderate depression. Numerous studies have examined the effects of mindfulness meditation, designed to focus the meditators attention on the present moment. One study measured electrical activity in the brain and found increased activity in the left frontal lobe during mindfulness meditation. Activity in this area of the brain is associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state. You can download your FREE Guided Meditation here to get you started on your Healing/Meditation journey.


Celebrities and Depression

Being an Star Magic Energy Healing Facilitator I have worked with thousands of human beings with depression. So many people come to me for help, healing and guidance, and many are celebrities, who most people would not believe they were/are depressed.

Here is a very small list of some celebrities that have been open about their depression and their comments:

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady










Ellen Degenres

Ellen DeGeneres











Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato










Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga











Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey










Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt











These are a very small handful of celebrities that have suffered with depression. The list long. If you are suffering from depression, have been diagnosed with depression and want to move forward in your life then Star Magic Energy Healing is something you could consider. Its fast, effective and long lasting.

Star Magic

Star Magic takes Energy Healing to a completely different level. I’m able to edit your Karmic Blue Print and cause huge reality shifts very quickly, with a super-charged form of healing (Star Magic) that uses applied Quantum Physics to quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas that you may be experiencing, keeping you from creating & living your most extraordinary life

The key to why this modality is so potent is that all healings are done from the zero point energy field (also known as the space of Infinite Possibility/Source Energy) and works on a deep root cellular level. From this space, we immediately align with the most authentic, whole & powerful aspect of ourselves which in itself creates an environment whereby profound healing takes place. This modality has been totally blowing my clients away, and has been considered to be one of the most thorough & alchemising energy modalities available. Tumors, depression, cysts, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, Parkinsons dis-ease, Alzheimers, heart conditions, eyesight, sciaitica, neck pain, foot pain, Hepatitis C and much more have been healed. I also use Star Magic to elevate business performance, unlock blocks in relationships and so much more. If youre not satisfied with life you must try Star Magic.

If you are struggling or suffering with a friend or loved one with depression or any other dis-ease, or you yourself and would like relief, support and healing, please contact me. The sessions are 30 -60 minutes.

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With Loving Energy,

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