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Energy Healing for the World

You are connected to the world and each and every human being is precious. Your future is shaped by your choices and your choices affect others around you. Together you can heal and transform the world and energy healing is one powerful way to do this. Continue reading to how to heal collectively as team humanity and awaken the world in 2020.

The World Needs Healing

The 2020s are a turbulent time for the world. The planet is going through a time of transition as it ascends. There is disease, apathy, depression, violence, and greed observed in every country in the world.  The teething pains of a disconnected world fighting for connection are everywhere. You may be sick of hearing about COVID-19, feel cold about the idea of global warming, and numbed to the impact of violent crimes on TV.

You are part of the human species and also an ambassador for the human species. Therefore, you are responsible for humanity. There are few things more wonderful than going the extra mile to help others to bring about a positive change in their lives. You may choose to join online groups and engage in mantra and prayer. Or you may be guided to engage in selfless acts of invaluable community service for your community, humanity, and the world.

Energy Healing for the World

What is Distance Healing?

Since ancient times, healers and shamans of all nations have known the power of remote energy healing. Distance healing is any form of healing energy that is sent across time and space and has a healing effect on the recipient. When healing at a distance, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. Healing may be done over the phone or the internet at an agreed special time.

Distance healing works just as in-person healing. In alternative energy healing and holistic medicine, your whole energy body is accessed on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Your energy body is accessed easily from anywhere and at any time. You can heal yourself, your community, and the world by working on different holographic templates.

Distance healing works because we are all connected, one soul, experiencing many lifetimes simultaneously. There is no separation between each and every person, environment, and creature. There are many degrees of entanglement and interconnectedness from the subatomic realms to the galactic realms. You can send distance healing to any part of the universe or the whole universe with your intention and love.

The Science of Distance Healing

Recent discoveries in quantum physics give a scientific basis for the power of holistic healing works. What quantum physics has revealed is that time flows in many directions and is nonlinear. Time acts like a fluid that flows forwards, backwards, and sideways all at once. From this perspective, there is no past and no future. Everything is happening at once and there is only the present moment. This means that your future affects you as much as your past does and your past can be changed as much as your future.

There is zero separation or distance between objects and people. The illusion of separation is created through the unfolding of higher dimensional space to fit in the 3 dimensions of space and one of time. Separation and individuality is also an experience that your brain conjures up to live life in a game of cause and effect. This perception is based on the illusion that space and time are fixed and operate like clockwork. Quantum entanglement, superposition, and resonance show that this is not the case.

Heal Yourself to Heal Others

Your destiny is connected intimately with the collective destiny of every living being on the Earth and in the universe. You have the power to change your destiny and the destiny of your world. When you heal yourself and help others you are also helping yourself and everyone else.

Healing energy can also raise your level of consciousness and the spiritual awareness of communities.  Spiritual meditations and energy healings facilitate the awakening of people and the activation of unique light codes that unlock ancestral memories and unleash raw talent and power to share with humanity. You have a strong desire to working collectively with others to improve the world.

The Power of Prayer & Mantra

The power and effectiveness of your healing and prayers are greatly amplified when you pray, meditate, and heal with others. You resonate with your group and bestow healing freely for others in alignment with the universe. Healing is more effective and more powerful with a clear intention and a laser-sharp focus. This is so you cleanly channel divine healing energy. Prayer and mantra allow you to do this more easily and naturally.

Prayer is not about asking God for a favour for your life or the lives of others. Real prayer is dynamic and based on yogic and tantric principles. When you pray in this way you are channelling spiritual energy from the divine source. This energy is given freely to the Creator with great delight in complete integrity and alignment with the unselfish and wholly spiritual love for all that is. When you pray or channel energy for healing, you are actually directing divine source energy. This is a very powerful energy for healing and will transform the world when harnessed correctly.

Mantra is a potent way of clearing your karma, raising your vibration, and amplifying healing. Reciting OM MANE PADME HUM or OM TAT SAT many times over with a large group of other people creates a wave of transformation for everyone. Mantra is real magic, especially when you also recreate yourself as a pure Buddha or divine being surrounded by all divine beings.

Global Healing Resonance

We all have the love and power within ourselves to heal ourselves, others, and the world. This healing power is unleashed when you stop thinking about yourself and gather with others into a spiritual healing group. Even small groups are powerful. The magic happens when everyone resonates together in meditation, prayer, and healing for others and the world.

There are over 8 billion people in the world. The ultimate gift you can give humanity is for all of humanity to wake up from the illusion and delusion of the ego into a new conscious awareness of oneness. When you awake from the sleep of ignorance you begin to question the human disease. Then you see a new path that transcends human greed, anger, and animalistic desire.

Healing collectively has a direct effect on conditions on Earth. Divine beings from the heavens and extra-terrestrial beings from space will hear you. They are very happy to help you with your spiritual evolution, and they love to work with you for Earth’s ascension.

Global Healing Initiatives

One of the key ways you help to heal the world is by sending out spiritual energy to the world. This is a vital and extremely practical form of service to others.

There are many collectives online that aim to heal the world on all frequencies and dimensions. This may be through collective journeys, prayers, and meditations. Some have regular global healing events. Some of the organisations are The Aetherius Society, Prepare for Change, and the Arcturian Group of Forty.

Google is your best friend here. There are so many groups around the world and some will resonate with you more than others will. With the internet and mobile phones, it is easy to tune into regular global healing events. You can also ask your guides and set an intention to send healing for humanity and the world continuously.


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