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Energy Healing & Meditation – Release your pain

Have you ever experienced any form of physical, mental or emotional pain If your alive and reading this, of course you have. We all have.

Pain can show up and manifest in your life as a block, an addiction, a fear or a feeling of “stuckness”. The question is, are you going to let it be a limitation or a spring board to your growth Will you let it be an obstacle or see it as a chance to grow

If you let it, pain can become your greatest and most trusted teacher…

Common kinds of physical pain are illness or dis-ease. Mental or emotional pain can show up in your life as stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, road rage, desire to seek revenge, disappointment, regret, hurt and guilt.

Are you holding onto your pain?

Whenever you feel ‘pain’ or you are ‘in pain’ know that you are holding onto something from your past. Perhaps it is old memories, experiences, resentments or judgements. Know that in each moment, you have the power to choose to hold on to this pain or to release it. Holding on to pain is a form of self-punishment. Releasing it is a form of self-love and kindness. Forgiveness or others and particularly yourself is the highest form of love.

You are the only one who decides if you should be ‘punished’ or if it is time to release yourself from your form of self-inflicted punishment. So how can you release pain from your life

Take responsibility.

By honestly facing up and addressing the pain in your body and in your life, you are taking a powerful step forward. You are taking responsibility for yourself, your pain and your life. This may be tricky at first but just begin by taking a small step towards it. Do it without self-judgment, self-criticism or self-attack. You are your own authority. You must know this and take action.

When you ‘own’ your past, you begin to take charge of your own life. In this place, you become powerful from the inside. You stop your past from ‘owning’ you. From this place you get to realise that you are in charge of your life and how you feel. Choose to forgive yourself and others for things they did in the past. This doesn’t mean you agree with the past or condone it, just that you are free-ing yourself from the burden of carrying it around with you. it’s time to release that big bag of bricks that you are carrying around.

Learn the lessons and then let go

Take the lessons you gained from your past, giving yourself permission to  grow and move forward with your life; wiser, more loving, kinder and more compassionate.  Forgiving your past, releases your pain. This allows you to be true to yourself, nurturing who you really are, including your emotional, creative and spiritual self.

7 tips to heal

Here are 7 healing tips to help you address and release your pain at the root cause. These ideas will help you to move your energy so that you can break free of the old patterns, habits and limitations of pain that you may be currently experiencing.

1. Movement  Choose a form of gentle movement that suits your body. Let it be fun. Be kind to yourself. Let yourself move and experience inner peace and freedom around your body.  For me, most of the time I choose Yoga as my preferred movement of choice. I find yoga is a great way to still my mind so that I can experience stillness and connect with my inner creativity. Yoga helps me to slow everything down, and from this place of stillness we can focus energy in a positive, rather than negative direction. In modern life, as the level of pressure and stress rise, it is even more important to find a movement that you can commit to whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. Allow it to be something that gives you the space to tune into the quiet voice that lives within and let yourself be guided by it.

2. Affirmations  People ask me Do you think affirmations work I think it’s a great question. I know that everyone uses affirmations all the time. The real question is whether you are using affirmations in a negative, destructive way or in a positive and life-affirming way. Healing prayers are also very effective, as they send your thoughts out into the world via your intentions. You can choose to say positive or negative things to yourself and others. Every thought is essence is an affirmation so chose the good ones.

3. Visualisations  Visualisations, similarly with affirmations, are that you either imagining things going well or you are imagining things going badly. Either way, in your mind, you are always visualising and imagining your future. You do this by engaging your imagination and connecting with pictures that you imprint into your mind. Know that you are the master of your own mind, not the other way around. You can choose to imagine positive or negative things happening in your world. Star co-creating your perfect world now.

4. Journalling  Every day spend some time in solitude, deep within the stillness, writing. My preferred time for writing is first thing, before my day begins. In this way, I can journal fresh; before email, before the telephone starts ringing, before life tries to distract me. Write whatever comes into your head, without thinking, without trying to write anything. When you write like this, you activate a special energetic connection between the voice of your heart and your hand. Give yourself permission to write freely, lovingly and honestly.

5. Eat healthy food  You have a unique body that needs to be fuelled with the right type of fuel. Many people unknowingly create pain in their bodies by eating toxic food. Experiment to find out what foods work best for your body. Also take the time to give gratitude for your food.  You are what you eat, so eat the best, healthiest food for you and your body. Eat natural foods from that Mother Nature created.

6. Engaging in healthy habits of self- love  If you were not taught to love yourself at home (and who was) and you missed the How to Love Yourself classes at school(!), who is left to teach you about love Yeah that’s right – that would be you! Deep love starts from within. By learning how to love ourselves… But how do we do that on a practical level Here’s one way…

Make a list of all the ways in which you currently love and nurture yourself and also create a list of the ways that you don’t.

Some ways in which people do not show love to themselves are through eating toxic food, watching television, staying in toxic relationships and continuing friendships with people who drain their life force energy, their chi or prana. Examples are people who are drama queens or people who spend their time gossiping negatively about other people. Engaging in any toxic situations drain you of your life force energy.  Stay away from these energy vampires.

Some ways in which people show love to themselves are eating well, being kind to themselves, doing good things for themselves, following the desires of their own hearts.  Loving yourself is about respecting and honouring yourself on all levels.

7. Energy healing  To allow energy to flow it is important to spend time healing your pain using energy healing or spiritual healing tools and techniques. Compassion, forgiveness and self love are the anti-dote for healing pain from your past.  What does compassion mean To me it is about offering self love, stillness, softness, opening and being vulnerable. You have your own answers that you can tune into at any time you choose. Healing happens when you look within and connect with the answers that live within. You store your emotions in your body, but you can choose to release them at any time you like simply by giving yourself permission to let go of what you no longer want to hold onto.

Here are some examples of ‘compassion practices’ that I enjoy….
Living in Gratitude and Appreciation.
Learning How to Love Ourselves.
Learning How to Put Ourselves First.
Offering Kindness to Yourself or Others.
Forgiveness (to your or someone else)
Releasing Criticism.

Once you begin to love yourself unconditionally the energy within your body will flow freely and then you can use this flow of energy to heal yourself and others. I have found that Star Magic energy healing is the most profound form of energy healing on the planet today.

The last and final tip I will share with you today is this. Number 8:


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With Loving Energy,

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