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Energy Healing Secrets I Activate Your 5D Merkaba I Sacred Power Of 13

You can watch the first Energy Healing Secrets Video here

In this video, Jerry shares a powerful energy transmission to activate your 5th density Merkaba field. The energetic upgrades available today are phenomenal and I have created an extremely powerful free Guided Meditation for you! It’s Friday the 13th and trans-harmonic gateways within the 13 constellations of our Zodiac are open full throttle, sending galactic gamma waves into our local environment to be harnessed. We have an opportunity to fully activate our 5th Density Merkabas where interference and manipulation do not exist.

By connecting to the Sacred Geometric Portals in our Zodiac of 13 (not 12) we can seriously take a quantum leap in vibration, bringing on line our Crystalline DNA Star Templates. Ophiuchus, the hidden constellation, that we have been healing people with for over 4 years now, is on the event horizon. Shes the Snake Bearer, the shedder of old skin. She’s a wisdom keeper and ruler of the Sacred Divine Feminine. We are starting to move through Ophiuchus and her sacred crystal waters astrologically. With this frequency stream available and the Sacred Transharmonic Gateways open, on the 13th of 11th, we must engage our hearts and create magic! You can watch the first Energy Healing Secrets Video here



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