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Energy Healing Secrets I Radically Shift Your Vibration In 27 Days

In this video, Jerry talks about energy healing and takes you through an experience where you will radically shift your vibration. The quantum field is an energetic architecture that can be changed in any way shape or form, using codes and frequencies. Healing should be fast. It shouldn’t take time and when you know how to play with the cosmic fabric, all things are possible. Energy healing should be easy. It should also be fun. If you want to be able to facilitate the energy healing sessions of others, listen to and watch the full Energy Healing Secrets Video Series.

Preparation is the most important part of the energy healing puzzle. The higher your vibration, the clearer you are, and the more light that is available in your physical body and your light body, the more of a powerhouse you will become. The frequency of the heart is mission-critical to all energy healing sessions. This energy healing protocol is very much needed for effective distance healing. Distance healing is no harder or easier than hands-on healing and using a hologram makes it even easier. Discover and use these energy healing secrets and become a powerful energy healer. if you want to be a powerful energy healer then you must practice. You must prepare your light body and you must practice daily.

These videos give everyone a basic foundation into Star Magic Facilitator Level 1 Training Experiences and what’s in store. These videos are by no means a replacement for what takes place during our training. For more info on Star Magic Training visit:

I highly recommend you go back and watch the first video in the ‘Energy Healing Secrets’ series again, and go through the entire series.



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