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Energy Healing & the Darker Forces by Jerry Sargeant

The darker corners of spiritual life often provide fodder for scary movies, and stories that frighten us as children. But the dark forces of our nightmares have a basis in the real world sometimes we can even feel these powerful energies in our own bodies. Indeed, physical and mental illnesses often have spiritual causes that we cannot see. What negative influences are at play behind the scenes, and how can we root them out in order to lead fuller, happier lives Read on to find out.

Does Possession Exist Outside of Horror Movies?

Over a century of Hollywood movies, we’ve been introduced to a vast array of ghosts, demons, and malevolent spirits who seem determined to harm humanity. As terrifyingly made-up as we’d like to think these stories are, they may indeed be far more realistic than we realise.

Why are these movies so popular year after year We find scary movies about exorcisms and evil spirits so fascinating because they tap into a deeper truth that we feel in our collective unconscious. Dark energy is real, though it is rarely spoken about. One example possession may hold the answer to why some people seem to have a cloud of darkness over their entire lives, and just can’t feel good no matter what therapy they try. Some even turn to alcohol and drugs to mute the pain.

What Is Possession?

Possession is a severe form of psychic attack (something I refer to as an invasion of shadow parasites), wherein the victim’s entire being mind, body and soul, can be controlled or severely impacted by a dark negative energy. The possessing spirit can play with the victim like a puppet on a string, creating deeply frustrating and painful emotional dissonance within.

Warning Signs & Symptoms Which Could Indicate Someone You Know Is Possessed by Shadow Parasites

  1. They exhibit bizarre behavior changes without warning.
  2. They frequently blackout and are unable to remember periods of time.
  3. They report personal contact with an unseen entity. Hearing voices, strange touch, even smell.
  4. They have a fear of holy places and objects and will avoid them at all costs.
  5. They display unexplainable supernatural powers, like telepathy, telekinesis, speaking in tongues, even levitation.

Who Is Most At Risk?

It doesn’t just happen to everyone there are some energetic conditions within us that can set the stage for this kind of possession. Dark emotions, fears, and unresolved old trauma can create conditions that are ripe for negative spiritual influence. These factors put you at extra risk:

  • Drug addiction.
  • Running with a dark crowd  people and places that have a dark, negative energy.
  • Burying negative emotion instead of dealing with it. Not taking the time to heal and restore energy when you experience imbalance.

What To Do If You Suspect A Possession In Your Life

The first defense against possession is knowledge. Knowing the symptoms and what to look for will help you separate a brush with dark spirits from more benign maladies that we all suffer from time to time. That means do your homework read contemporary books about dark energy, and take honest stock of how you might think parts of your life have been affected. Then, try to practice the following protective measures:

1. Clean living. Steering clear of drugs and alcohol and the social settings that encourage them is a critical weapon against malevolent spirits.

2. Respect your body. Eating right, getting lots of exercise, sleep, and sunshine is the path to creating a stronger, more confident vessel which will be impervious to psychic attack.

3. Seek out help from an experienced guide. You must shine a healing light upon your own life releasing the pain of the past and embracing a positive future. The best way to begin this process is to find a spiritual teacher who can guide you. Look for a healer with the training to recognize possible possession, to help you find a pathway to rooting it out.

How Can We Clear The Influence of Spirits?

It’s important to establish that not all dead spirits are harmful or evil. In fact, we all have powerful, benevolent allies in the world of the unseen. Some may be ancestors lovingly guiding us, while others might be ascended masters who inspire a great many people. But in some cases, the influence of the dead is unwanted, or as we saw in the case of possession quite harmful. Luckily, we have methods for identifying and eradicating any unwelcome energy from the spirit world.

Indicators That Spirits Are In Your Midst

  • Do you ever feel like youre being watched
  • Do you have unexplainable trouble with electronics
  • Do the light bulbs in your house seem to burn out too quickly and repeatedly
  • Have you ever witnessed physical evidence of a spiritual invasion, like objects moving around, or items definitely not where you left them
  • Do your pets give you warning signs that there is a negative presence in the house

If these phenomena sound familiar, you may be closer to dead spirits than you think. While these occurrences may range from simply odd to downright destructive, it is worth your while to learn how to eliminate them at the source.

How To Protect Yourself From Spirits

Again, not all spirits are out to get you. Many of the dead spirits we see evidence of in our lives, are simply lost and perhaps confused. They may not even know that they are dead. So, clearing them from our lives can actually help them find release as well. These simple guidelines will help make sure your space belongs to you.

1. Trust your gut. Got a funny feeling about a person, place, or object Honor it. This intuition is an important clue which will actually help you avoid dead spirits.

2. Prepare and clear new spaces. When you move to a new house, perform simple rituals with Epsom salts or regular salt to banish the previous spirit residents.

3. Spend time in nature. There is vast power to be gained from maintaining an active connection with the natural world. It charges us with life and dispels the dead.

4. Honor your own body. Excellent diet and fitness supercharges your energy and bolsters your connection to life.

5. Choose a symbol for spiritual protection and wear it daily. Wear whatever small talisman or jewelry which resonates for you, whether religious, personal, or cultural. What’s important is that you see this symbol as a marker of faith and positivity.


We have much to learn from the world of the unseen and the spirits who dwell there. However, before you attempt to communicate with the dead on purpose, it would be a great idea to seek out a formal training in energy work. Until you are fully versed in how energy moves through your own body and connects you to the cosmos, the energy of the spirit world will most likely be too much for you to handle.

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