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Enlightened Society

The human race has great potential to be enlightened, largely untapped with some glimmers of hope. People are individual emanations of one consciousness, equal like animals and everything else. Yet they do not realise this. Their potential is so great and equal to that of divine source energy. They have the ability to imagine and create anything in their minds, and most things in the simulation they call physical reality. They, or rather we, can interact with other beings across all realms or dimensions. Yet many have forgotten the way today.

Power of Billions

Believe and know that billions of humans working together for the common goal of helping each other, as well as the world, and other beings, is the truest gift of human existence. When billions wake up, we will connect with the world realising the foolish naive mistakes of the past, explore mind and space, and respect everything as divine and equal.

It is a tragedy that this great potential and energy is going to waste due to amnesia, ignorance and the self-centred ruling intentions of a few. From monkeys to homo-sapiens, evolved and engineered, in a society so mixed, a transition is now happening. Love, light and cooperation transcend hate, dark and competition. An enlightened human race will do wonders undreamed by the sleepers and less creative.

Extra-terrestrial Remote Viewing

Looking down at the world from night sky, we see a planet with cities of light spreading out like bacteria or viruses. This is beautiful except for the pollution and destruction of the planet. Earth gives and does not expect in return yet human beings take and take ripping the life out and destroying area after area. At the confluence age (the tipping point of transition in early 21st century) there are two paths. One path is of light, creation and love, and the other of darkness, destruction and decay. Knowing you and me are one, which do you choose?

Choose Wisely Now

Choose wisely for we are all one with billions of individual unique gifted expressions. The wrong choice was and will be made countless times and the ‘program of humanity’ was/will be run again and again. Can we choose the right path this time and ascend from animal intelligence to truly compassionate beings? This is why I am here and you are here. We are the same beyond differences in race, visual appearance, culture, expertise, planetary origin, or plane of existence. All of us are sparks of divine energy choosing to live in limited bodies to learn and grow. This is the ringside seat for there is no greater spectacle.

A radical rethink is needed to transcend the limited damaging view prevalent today. Have courage and truly live, nurturing pure potential and shine your lights with universal unconditional love. Show others their mistakes and let them choose how to live their lives in harmony and resonance with divine design.

Enlightened Society transcends the next level in Star Magic Healing

Star Magic works on the energetic and quantum levels of existence, and therefore has no boundaries. There is no time or space between Star Magic, you and your Higher Self. Star Magic sends positive energy as ‘signals’ or ‘packets’ of healing information known as ‘light codes’ that interact with your own energy signature. This is contained within the intelligent light and sound codes that are constantly travelling through the ether. This improves your immune response, re-aligns and increases your self-healing and self-recovery response, and enhances self-regeneration potential. Star Magic can transform you in all facets of life including your health and well-being, love and relationships, spiritual growth, and business development. Star Magic is your key to a world of natural abundance.

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With Love and Energy,