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Advanced Frequency Upgrade, 14-18 June 2021, Online

June 14 - June 18

Advanced Facilitator Frequency Upgrade


Advanced Frequency Upgrade – 5 Days of Galactic Training + 2 Free Bonus Days


Activate Your Avatar Blue Print and Connect FULLY to the Planetary & Cosmic Stellar Grids Embedded within the Star Gates of Our Cosmic Web. This Cosmic Mystery School Training is designed to assist with the biological ascension process.

This is for those Souls that are ready to embodiy the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as one Conscious Code and go all the way on their Ascension Journey and fully crystalise the next genetic leap in Human Consciousness and access the Divine Quantum Architecture available in our Human/Avatar Blueprint.


Stellar Grids & Star Gates

This is where We Activate Your Avatar Blue Print and Connect YOU FULLY to the Planetary & Cosmic Stellar Grids Embedded within the Star Gates of Our Cosmic Web.

This workshop is only for Star Magic Facilitators. To become a Star Magic Facilitator you must have taken the 5 Day Star Magic Facilitator Training.

Are you ready for this Super-Charged, Extraordinary, No Human Words to Describe it, Crazy, Beautiful, Mind Developing, Frequency Elevating, Consciousness Expanding, Cosmos Traversing Vibration Heightening, Love Driven, Super-Human Healing Ability Unleashing, Star Magic Training
Advanced Facilitator Frequency Upgrade ?


If you have any doubts what so ever regarding whether this Frequency Upgrade is right for you or not…KNOW THIS…
High amounts of Plasma and Aurora frequencies are streaming into your hologram and are going to be building. This is also happening to the Earth’s grids.

The issue is that our Planet and your electromagnetic field needs to be adjusted, upgraded and rewired to absorb and assimilate this higher crystalline frequency.

You & Your Mission

This training is about YOU… And YOUR mission…This is about going deeper than ever before..You THINK/FEEL You went deep on Facilitator Training? No! NO WHERE NEAR… YES, you left extremely well equipped. But this is different… This is where the REAL work begins…


 5th + Density

Its time to shred the 3rd Density Matrix once and for all and start operating in a 5th Density and above space always.
If you have been on the Facilitator Training then you know perfectly well what lies in stall. Well sort of, because this will be like Facilitator Training on copious amounts of Steroids… Fasten Your Seat belt and Be Ready!

You will switch your frequency into the 40-100Htz range, the 5th Density Spectrum of Light!


Human Potential

It’s for those human beings who want to take their extra-sensory abilities into the multi-dimensional stratosphere.
This is an intense healing workshop, focused primarily on self-healing and activation, to further unlock more of your human potential and to show you how to push the boundaries of science and spirituality.

This will elevate your ability to heal and be of greater service to your brothers & sisters and Planet Earth herself. This is going to be an Experience like no other.

What happens on these training weeks is indescribable with human words. If you have been on Facilitator Training then YOU KNOW!! Its powerful beyond measure.


We will share ancient knowledge on Galactic Initiations and share the mystery teachings of how to activate the Divine Human biology for the Diamond & platinum Age. These divine wisdom teachings are for the very advanced souls that are here to walk the path that only those with activated columns of Christed Light can walk. If you feel the calling, the pull deep in your heart, then you know you are home!


Spiritual Warrior

We are meeting to share, love, transform, remember, explore and dive deep into our own consciousness through the Star Gate of of own Cosmic Hearts.

It takes a brave spiritual warrior to do this.


And you are ONE!

If you are up for the next step on this super-awesome journey to create a new world paradigm and be a part of something very special, the join us.


The Human Template is not only a fractal aspect of the entire universe, it is also the measurement/geometry/mathemtics of the universe. The problem has been that our mathematics have been slighltly out of sync. We will be reconfiguring our natural DNA template with that of the purified Krystal New Earth Freequencies/Codes and catalysing a massive shift in our human genetics.

All sentient life within our universe is programmed to naturally awaken and evolve through the full spectrum of consciousness and this Training will give you acces to this encoded information.

Human beings have the potential to activate the entire universal ascension process within them and this is a part or aspect of what it takes to become a Super-Human of this Earth Plane and join our Sisters and Brothers of Light in the Parallel Dimensions of Light, held in the fabric of our beloved cosmos.

When I say that this Energy Healing Training Experience is the most powerful on the Planet…


I DON’T SAY IT LIGHTLY! It is off the cosmic chart!


We are the spiritual space pioneers leading humanity into eternal bliss. This Upgrade is going to expand your inner galaxy through the cosmic web and beyond.

If you are NOT ready to take YOUR extra-sensory abilities into the multi-dimensional stratosphere, then stay at home.


Non-systematical Way of Knowing

This training requires complete flexibility and second to none discipline, which seem to be contradictory in terms, but remember Star Magic is a flexible, non-systematical way of knowing. In this Advanced Esoteric Training you will experience first-hand the power of knowing. You will push the barriers of science and spirituality and lay the foundation for a life-time of miracles.



You will be given a number of new and empowering ways to facilitate healing using Star Magic. All of these healing ways were not shared within the Facilitator Training Level 1.

You will remember how to shift the frequency of a client into the 5th density matrix using spiraliased geometry and the codes of the Star Magic Frequency, heal using the code embedded within the Krystal Spiral and so much more. This will elevate your ability to heal and be of greater service to your brothers & sisters and Planet Earth herself.

5 Days Training: 2 Free Bonus Days

The 5 days training will be full on, where new knowledge and tools atre shared.  You will be given Frequency Upgrades and Star Magic Consciousness download programmes that will open your super-human tool box. Be prepared. You will be taken through two days on bonus training. The first (one day/immediatley after the training) will be a set of healing meditations and integration codes to assist you in embodying the new energies from this training. The second will be a chance to ask any questions and go over the knowledge, three weeks after the training finishes. The date will be set on the last day of the training, in agreement with everyone participating. At the end of the workshop you will graduate and be offered the chance to embark on the Through the Star Gate Seminar Training Experience, where you can go onto run your own Deep Frequency Encoded Star Magic Healing Seminars.

Price: £2300.00 Discounted to £1850 + 2 Free Bonus Days 


All 5 days: Training will start at 3pm(BST) and will end at 11pm(BST).

Bonus day 1: Training will start at 3pm(BST) and will end at 11pm(BST).

Bonus day 2: Training will start at 3pm(BST) and will end at 9pm(BST).


June 14
June 18
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