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Galactic Recalibration, Limerick, Ireland

June 29, 2018 - July 1, 2018

Galactic Re-calibration

No. 1 Ascension Training on the Planet…

Want Transformation? You’ve come to the right SPACE.

Deep Frequency Encoded Meditation & Energy Healing Workshop with Jerry Sargeant

This is a Paradigm Shifter!

Join Jerry and the Star Magic Team for an epic 3 days of self-healing, DNA Activation, cellular re-calibration and planetary and ascension grid work.
Delve deep into the heart of Star Magic as Jerry takes you on a powerful journey, sharing a number of 5d Healing techniques that will elevate your frequency and bring your soul into alignment with your life purpose here on Planet Earth.

It’s time to Discover Your Inner Truth and Shine Your Universal Light.

This new Star Magic workshop is for those human beings serious about personal transformation. We are at a crucial time and space on our evolutionary path as a species. So much is happening in the cosmos. The cosmic Fabric or the CNL (channelled network of light as Jerry refers to it as) is recalibrating. The geometry of our universe is shifting and the relationship we have as people with our immediate and extended cosmic environment is changing constantly.
How do you feel in this moment about life? Maybe you will feel completely different tomorrow?
Have you had that feeling? The feeling of constantly changing internal emotions and outward reflection? Do you suddenly realise, in a heart beat, that today your outlook on life is worlds a part from how it was yesterday or last week? Or maybe you’re only noticing small shifts in perspective?
Either way you are on the right path. The path of ascension.
Do you want answers to your questions and clarity on your life and purpose right now?
This workshop will give you the answers and more.
It won’t be easy. No Star Magic workshop or training ever is. If you are ready to unleash the wisdom of the soul, your soul, stand tall, stand in your truth become an invincible force of nature, a sovereign being connected to the source of all creation, then be on this Star Magic Training…
You will:

Remove emotional blocks stopping you reaching your full human potential.

Recalibrate your cellular memory to optimise rapid self-growth.

Activate your DNA to unlock deep ancient knowledge residing inside of you.

Release and self-limiting beliefs that are stuck in your subconscious mind.

Dissolve any ancestral ties that are stifling your progress.

Leave feeling weightless with Unbreakable confidence flowing through your veins.

Amplify your life as you re-connect to the primary light and sound fields of source energy.

Discover how it feels to love yourself unconditionally for who you are, maybe for the first time in your life and  have that feeling flow back into your life and stick.

 And more…
If you are ready to take this Quantum Leap in your evolution as a woman or man on this planet and start playing the game of life like a titan, in a colossal fashion, elevated, standing  tall with zero fear, in a space of strength, courage, energy and unconditional love, then be there. Join us. Join Your Tribe and take your life beyond the next level.
It’s time to reset your entire consciousness do you are living in a state of balance. Joy and Bliss will be your natural default state once more.

Discussion time mixed in between the meditations to deal with anything that arises throughout the weekend.

This weekend is breath taking. It will change your life forever. You will leave this workshop a different human being. Get ready to be empowered.

Jerry will open himself fully and take you on the most incredible journey of your life

You will leave this workshop a different human being. After visiting the spaces Jerry guides you too… there is NO other option!

Expect Transformation!

Event Times:

Friday: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Saturday: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Sunday – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Tickets 333 euros / £295

Jerry’s facilitation of a group sound healing was incredible as energies of the group were threaded together and interwoven, healed, made whole. I felt the sensation of energy filling through my feet and codes rushing through my legs. The sense of warmth in the room by the end of the weekend was something you wanted to bathe in. Star Magic is a true connection experience inside and out, allowing you to explore in, and navigate the vibrant startling depths of the youniverse.

Natalie Passant UK

‘I’ve been to meditation retreats and spiritual workshops for 35 years. I’ve taken medicinal plants several times. Never have I experienced anything likethis Star Magic Workshop. Jerry, you took the entire group on a life transforming journey and it touched my soul in every way. I will be joining you again and recommending you to everyone I know.’

Andy Brent UK

‘Meeting St Germain in his mystery school was the making of my weekend. The shift that took place within me during this meditation was out of this world. I shook from head to toe and the light pulsating through me was so strong. My vibration has shot up. I feel so so good and so confident. You have a special gift Jerry.’

Elaine M. UK

I have studied with the amazing shamans in Peru, Brazil and Columbia as well as other impeccable teachers from all of the world. I have taken every medicinal planet going and had experience after experience but I can honestly say that I have never experienced the relentless unfolding and elevation of my vibrations as I have with Jerry Sargeant. He is from another planet. And that is a good thing. Extraordinary in fact.’

Bart Rawling, Editor UK



June 29, 2018
July 1, 2018
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Limerick, Ireland
Laurel Farm Healing Sanctuary Ballinamona Bulgaden
Co. Limerick,V35 NX66Ireland