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Heal The Children – Global Meditation – ONLINE

April 16, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Children are Sacred

We are on a mission to shine light and positive energy to assist children of Earth. We at Star Magic, are inviting Light Workers from around the Planet, to come together and use our group frequency to send light codes and healing to children around the planet that have been suffering. This is an invitation to those who are aware of the events that have come to light over recent times, who know what has been happening to some of the 8 million children who go missing on this planet every year.

With so many cameras and satellites, do you not think it strange that so many children go missing?

There have been huge child trafficking rings operating on this planet for a long time. Our Children are sacred and for many years they have been used by low vibrational, evil humans and other beings. Children have been used in rituals. The children are subject to many unspeakable things.

What is important to know, is that tens of thousands of these kids are being rescued right now from underground bases across the planet. Some won’t live and many will and for those that live, they require massive psychological coaching, deep healing and support programmes and facilities in place.

Now it’s time to weaponise our galactic hearts, unify and heal these beautiful Star Seeds with everything we can muster, energetically, for the time being, whilst we are on lock down. Once the quarantine is over we will make other steps to assist the children but right now our heart frequencies travel infinite distances, and so we can do regular healing for these kids.

We must send huge amounts of high vibrational energy out into the world. We must send a united force of divine love and create mission-critical, positive change.

Unite As One

We are so powerful as individual beings and when we come together, united, as one force, we have the power and potential to create worlds, galaxies and universes. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and when we open our hearts, as a collective, a global family, we can raise a massive frequency that can and will help these children, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We owe it to the children of this world, the future of our species, to nurture them and create a safe environment so they can live, thrive, create, play and enjoy their time on this planet.

We are calling all light workers, healers, spiritual women and men and any human being that cares about these children, to join us every Thursday at 8pm BST/London time on a Global webinar, where you will be guided into a space, a safe container will be created and within that container a master hologram. We will send concentrated healing codes to that master hologram and healing energy will filter down to the children.

TOGETHER we can make a REAL difference!

Distance Healing – The Process

There is no time, distance or measurement in the quantum field. When you quantum entangle a hologram with a person or group of people or multiple groups of people and direct heart based healing frequencies, imbued with the right codes, healing is very fast. Once you enter the webinar space, we will connect, create a safe environment, open our hearts, and send high frequency light to children that are suffering.

Quantum Architect’s

We are architects of our own reality and for a long time, far too long, humanity has been asleep and men and women and other life forces, with no regard for humanity, have created a reality that serves them and keeps everyone else enslaved. We now know the TRUTH and we have the power to start recreating reality and taking back our world. We can create a FREE world where we live with love and compassion. A world where the planets resources are shared equally between all men women and children. A world where we are sovereign once again.


Together, as one, like Phoenix’s rising from the ashes, we can instigate a huge turning in the tide. We are right now, in the midst of great change. Brave men and women are at war, fighting an invisible war, underneath the ground, freeing these children and taking down corrupt powers. Lets unite, step up and be counted and do what we can to raise the vibration on this planet. Whilst soldiers are on the front line, lets connect, open our hearts and flood the world with a tsunami of unconditional love and let every child feel it.

We are Sovereign Being’s and carry the power to set ourselves free.

Time and Place

Start at 8.00 pm and finish at 9.00 pm BST/London Time. Every Thursday for the foreseeable future. The sessions may be longer. We will do what we MUST do, energetically on each session. If the webinar fills up please connect remotely, from where ever you are and follow the process below.

Setting an Intention from Outside the Webinar Space

If the webinar is full at times, please KNOW that you can still connect. Your energy and intention will be just as instrumental in creating this colossal force of love. Please follow the process below.

  1. Close your eyes, breathe, be still and open your heart, consciously.
  2. Picture a hologram of a body. It can be arms and legs, a body and head. You don’t need to see the details.
  3. You are going to open your heart as wide as possible and see a multi coloured light flow from your heart, into the heart of the hologram.
  4. Set an intention to connect to the Star Magic Stabilised Hologram Protection Grid. As soon as you say this, a web of geometric code will form around the hologram and your physical body. Two separate grids. They will keep your space clear and clean during this process.
  5. Set an intention. The intention is to send high frequency heart energy and light codes, from your heart, the central sun, every celestial being, sun and star, the earth’s heart and cleansed grids and from every whale, dolphin and turtle, that is willing to participate in this group healing, that carry energy suitable to heal the children, who are entangled within the Star Magic Holograms, embedded with the code I36915, inside an inverted Diamond Pyramid. If you understand code work this needs zero explanation. If you don’t, please TRUST!

To set the intention you simply repeat this:

 I send high frequency heart energy and light codes, from my heart, as I call upon the energy from the central sun, every celestial being, sun and star, the earth’s heart and cleansed grids and every whale, dolphin and turtle, that is willing to participate in this group healing, that carries energy suitable to heal the children, who are entangled within the Star Magic Holograms, embedded with the code I36915, inside an inverted Diamond Pyramid.


One Love, One Heart. One Human Family!

Jerry Sargeant

Time Zones

We will connect at 8.00pm BST every Thursday. Other time zones include:

3.00 pm – 5 hours – EST in USA

3.00pm –  – 5 hoursToronto in Canada
9.00 pm  + 1 hour CEST in Paris
9.00 pm + 1 hour EET in Cairo
03.00 am +7 hours – CST in Taipei and Beijing
04.00 am + 8 hours – JST in Tokyo
05.00 am + 9 hours – AEST in Sydney


April 16, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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United Kingdom

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