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Heal the Planet & Elevate Your Consciousness

March 24, 2018 - March 25, 2018

heal the planet

Are You Ready For The Most Powerful Experience Of Your Life?

This is not a normal Meditation Event. 

If you have been to a Star Magic Workshop before then you know whats in stall. 


Not only will you elevate your Personal Frequency Beyond all Measure, Heal the Planet and have Loads of Fun in the Process, some of the Money for Your Ticket will Be Going to an Awesome Cause…

50% of all Monies Raised is Going to Fund Humanitarian Mission in Cambodia This December, 2018!

‘Your Heart is Your Weapon – Love is Your Armour’ – Jerry Sargeant

Join us and be one of 405 human beings as we gather to extend the fruits of our Collective Frequency  to all sentient beings, uplifting our world, creating peace and healing the Earth during this challenging and exciting time in our planet’s history.

We, as incarnated souls – surf on historical evolutionary waves. The wave that just rose is unique – let’s ride it together as one human family through time and space on this magical journey of a life time.

We are going to be meeting at one of the most powerful spiritual venues in Europe, to elevate our personal vibration, heal each other and send a galactic vortex of love into the ocean of universal consciousness, that ripples through this beautiful green and blue planet we call home, hovering in infinite space.

Star Magic is Coming Back to Manchester, England

24th & 25th March 2018 – 10.30am – 5.30pm both days. 

The Monastery

energy healing and meditation jerry sargeantManchester’s magnificent Monastery is Pugin’s architectural masterpiece. It sits alongside the Taj Mahal and the ancient ruins of Pompeii as having been listed in the 100 most endangered sites in the world, with a rich heritage that should never be lost. This hidden treasure has taken its place as one of the UK’s most inspiring venues.

You have to ask yourself…Why did those poor Franciscan brothers employ Pugin, the leading architect of the day to build their Cathedral-like structure, here in the rural fields of Gorton, Manchester all those years ago?

Jerry Sargeant has run a Star Magic event in the Monastery in 2016 and soon discovered the numerical codes within the tiles of the building, inside and out. The sacred geometry is in every corner, nook and cranny and is clearly laid out for all with an eye to see.

Powerful ley lines run straight through the heart of this breath-taking building, connecting it to other sacred sites around the world such as Stone Henge, Averbury, Glastonbury, Giza Pyramids and many more.

energy healing and meditation jerry sargeant healerThe Monastery has been chosen for a specific reason to hold this powerful gathering of open-hearted human beings to ignite, shift and transform. Once Star Magic is flowing through 405 of our human family, inside this special space, magic and miracles will happen.


We Will Create Powerful Momentum for World Peace

Our mission on this weekend will be to change the fabric of the universe by charging our interconnected cosmic web with so much love, light, joy, divinity and energy that soldiers put down their weapons, the homeless are filled with joy, men, women and children across the globe smile and connect so deeply as our wave of elevated consciousness ripples through their soul. We will shine a powerful light deep into Mother Earths core and replenish her soul for all the assistance she has lovingly offered to her children. We will make a gigantic difference… you in?

This is a weekend of expansion that will be felt by everyone, everywhere. Star Magic is powerful. This venue is extraordinary. Join Jerry Sargeant, the Star Magic Team and your fellow brothers and sisters as you traverse the universe, travel to galaxies far and wide, download light codes, connect with angels, extra-terrestrials, ride on unicorns, play with dragons and most importantly vibrate on the frequency of unconditional love.


Your Frequency Controls EVERYTHING!

Are you ready to connect with your Authentic Vibrational Cosmic Crystal Blueprint, and venture into a state of elevated vibration, as you travel through uncharted jungles of spiritual understanding?

If you want to change your current reality then you MUST change your frequency so you can attract and experience higher vibrational reality.

In fact everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency.

This Weekend Is About Shifting Your Frequency Up Into The Waters Of Uncharted Spiritual Potential and Raising Mother Earths Frequency In The Process…


What Do People Say About Star Magic Workshops? 

Jerry’s facilitation of a group energy healing was incredible as energies of the group were threaded together and interwoven, healed, made whole. I felt the sensation of energy filling through my feet and codes rushing through my legs. The sense of warmth in the room by the end of the weekend was something you wanted to bathe in. Star Magic is a true connection experience inside and out, allowing you to explore in and navigate the vibrant startling depths of the youniverse.

Natalie Passant UK

‘When those Light Codes were downloaded my entire body shook. My heart exploded and I was in a different world. this world was within the space of this world yet completely different. I was vibrating inside and out. The transformation through out my life has been a magnificent whirlwind of joy.’

Sadie Cooper – Aberdeen, Scotland.

‘I have been frustrated for years, not being able to see or feel energy consistently. After attending the 3rd Eye Activation I just opened up. I was working with a client, being a fellow healer and I saw her aura and a complete run down of energetic blockages, within her etheric body. I knew exactly how to heal her, and fast. This workshop transformed me and my business. Jerry just seems to make it so clear. He has elevated my frequency and he did my friends, who also came to the workshop with me. It’s powerful and I highly recommend it.’

Samantha Green Master Reiki Practitioner 

I’ve been to two of Jerry Sargeant’s workshops and I still don’t know what he does. But whatever it is that he does do has completely changed my life. I am healthier, happier and I seem to smile at everything.’

Robyn Cahel – Newcastle, UK

‘If you get the chance to attend a Star Magic Workshop GO! It will shed a light on your life that I only believe only Star Magic can do, and I have been to many healers in the East and Western Worlds. But this is something else. It’s off the chart beautiful. My light completely left my body and I experienced LOVE. A love that is beyond the love that I knew. I thought I would have to pass back to spirit fully to experience this but no, Jerry guided me to this expansive and infinite layer of indescribable beauty. I am coming to your next workshop.’

R.T Landers Architect, London UK

‘I borrowed the money to come to a Star Magic Workshop. I just knew I had to be there and meet Jerry. I didn’t know why but I knew he could help me. I had lost my job, girlfriend and had been very ill with Lyme Disease. I am so glad I went. The entire 2 days was full on. Quite overwhelming in fact. I was taken to places I didn’t know existed and I had to come face to face with all that was holding me back and keeping me living in pain. I saw it clearly in the meditations and then Jerry touched my shoulder and this laser green light seemed to re-construct the entire inside of my body. This grid formed and aligned. It was strange but I saw it and felt it. All the pain in my body seemed to vanish in that instant. Its not been back. I am healthy again and working, in a job that I love and pays very well. I am still in awe of my transformation and the power of Star Magic.’

Jack R, UK

‘Go to this workshop. Everyone on this planet should go to this workshop. I haven’t cried so much in all of my life. Tears of joy are still streaming from me and the workshop ended 8 days ago. This man is a miracle.’

Ricardo Myers, Florida, USA

You are powerful. You are incredible.

Its time to unleash the knowledge and wisdom that lies deep within you.

Fasten your seat belt and BE.



Star Magic

The coded light frequency that travels through Star Magic, is the key to unlocking your inner wisdom, strength, courage and super-human healing abilities. Held within dormant DNA containing genetic encodements, is knowledge that will transform your inner world and in doing so, your outer world, our world. This will be an experiential workshop like no other, where Jerry connects you to the powerful life transforming, Extra-Terrestrial light frequency of Star Magic. Are you ready to connect with your Authentic Vibrational Cosmic Crystal Blueprint, and venture into a state of elevated vibration, as you travel through uncharted jungles of spiritual understanding? Expect Transformation!

Its time to heighten your senses, see beyond this world of illusion and open up your inner storehouse of wisdom.

This is going to blow your mind – literally. You will leave this workshop seeing life completely differently.

This weekend is breath taking. It will change your life forever. You will leave this workshop a different human being.

Fasten  your seat belt and get ready for the ride. Get ready to be empowered.

It is time to upgrade your soul and ascend beyond the matrix.

This will be like nothing you have ever experienced!

Expect Transformation!

Ticket Prices

£147 for Both Days of Massive Transformation!

50 Per-Cent of all monies raised will be going to inspire and help children on our planet who need it the most… GIVING BACK IS A MUST!!!

Scientific Evidence – Mass Meditation Can Reduce War and Terrorism

‘Your Heart is Your Weapon – Love is Your Armour’ – Jerry Sargeant

We have witnessed many times how a handful of people strongly unified by a common intent can profoundly influence a larger group of people. Great global movements for peace, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi, have always begun with a coming together of people who want peace for the greater good.


March 24, 2018
March 25, 2018
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The Monastery
The Monastery
Manchester,M12 5WFUnited Kingdom
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