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Kundalini Cacao, Sweden

February 1, 2020 - February 2, 2020

Kundalini Cacao


This life-changing workshop will be a non -stop roller coaster of activations, transformational meditations, powerful breathing exercises, upgrades and downloads and a coherent group frequency to shift,  change and synthesise your vibration and increase your energy into a new and expanded state. We will be giving each participant two ceremonial doses of Cacao through the event to connect you to this ancient medicine, expand your heart and take you further into the labyrinth of your Cosmic Heart where you will access a depth of love so profound it will rock your world.

Activating Your Kundalini Energy

The primary focus of this workshop will be to activate your Kundalini energy or if it’s activated, massively enhance its power. You will be taken on an incredible inward cosmic journey and will be connected with this infinite storehouse of energy, lying inside you, waiting to be utilised. Using Light Codes, Breath Work, Light Language, Sound and Meditation, we will assist you in raising this energy up through your body. As a bi-product of raising your Kundalini energy, you will stimulate your Pineal Gland, expand your energy field, bring your heart into coherence with your brain, switch on your central nervous system which is the most powerful pharmacy on the Planet and Turbo- Charge your vibration. All of the tools we share you can take away with you and incorporate into your daily routine.

Activate Your DNA

Human DNA holds bits of genetic material from every other species on Earth, plus genetic material holographically encoded with the collective experience of all of humanity. And… the experiences of your holographic grid of incarnations, as well as bits of genetic encoding from the sentient species of hundreds, maybe thousands (yes, we are not alone) of ascending planets across multiple local Universes! Your DNA also holds latent encodements for mutating your physical body into a Light Body. We will bring forth high vibrational data streams, tune your consciousness into them using Star Magic and activate your DNA with light from other worlds, intelligent light of an extremely high frequency. They will kick start and activate a series of these latent encodements by infusing and weaving a tonal/colour sequence into you on a subatomic level.

These newly activated encodements signal your body to begin a mutational change in the DNA, and a profound alteration in the way your cells metabolize energy. This is the beginning of a powerful stream of never-ending healing, expansion and infinite growth.

We will show you how to be the alchemist, alter your DNA and become a True Architect of your own reality. From this point forward, there will be no turning back.

Turbo Charge Your Vibration

Once this process starts, all of the programming within you will be shattered, dissipated and changed into positive energy. Your whole paradigm will change as your frequency rises. Good health, money and inspiring relationships will consume your life as your vibration hits a state of elevated superiority. You will enter a space where you can no longer entertain lower vibrational people, places and events. They will simply not be in alignment with how you are anymore.

 Since the time you were born, and before (past lives/parallel realities) in some cases, you have been running a programme or a series of programmes. Making the same decisions, repeating the same emotions, taking the same action, over and over and replaying event after event that keeps you stuck in a cyclical trail of low vibrational events and circumstances. Until you change your energy and learn/remember how to maintain it and elevate it, and then direct it, in a new way to create a new reality, you will be free for a while but then simply fall back into your old ways.

Through a specific set of exercises, meditations, cacao ceremonies, a variety of breathing exercises, galactic downloads, upgrades and transformational tools, you will shed the skin of your now current self and step into a brand new, empowered and authentic version and your life will grow new wings.

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What Will I Take Away From This workshop?

 Activated DNA

Connection to your Soul Tribe

A Clear connection to your life purpose

Activated abundance frequency

Heightened awareness

Huge clarity

Expanded awareness and increased energy

A bio-circuitry system with the old programming dissolved

An expanded heart and a deep sense of peace

A unique set of transformational tools to continue to enhance your world

Increased courage and confidence to take massive action in your life

Start & Finish Times

The event will start on the 1st of February at 3 pm and finish on the 2nd of February at 8 am.

18 Hours of Non-Stop Elevation and Expansion. More than a 2-day workshop!

Tickets £249


February 1, 2020
February 2, 2020
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Stapelbäddsgatan 3
211 75
Malmö, Sweden
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