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Lemurian 5D Crystalline Activation & Energy Healing – ONLINE

April 11 - April 12

Lemurian 5D Activation & Energy Healing Workshop

11TH & 12TH April 10am – 5pm

Next Level in Human Consciousness

Are you ready to fire up the next level in human consciousness, fully connect and integrate the ancient Lemurian Planetary Grids to our Planets current architecture?
There are a variety of consciousness templates, Atlantean 4D/5D and Lemurian 6D, laying within the Earth’s grids, ready for activation. With the latest powerful energy upgrades hitting our planet, we, as a collective are being primed for the integration of these ancient energies.
This two-day workshop will be a galactic upgrade in human consciousness, as you reconnect to the ancient timelines and download the templates into your operating system, your biological computer.

Galactic Vortexes

You will be shown upgraded ways of living consciously and being in this world and the tools to maintain a Lemurian 5D state of bliss.
During the workshop, you will undergo a massive reset, as you are reconnected to galactic vortexes, open right now in space, streaming vast amounts of ancient data/light, into our local environment that will shift you in a major way.

Light Codes & Reprogramming

You will be given Lemurian Codes that have not been shared before in any other workshop, to activate and harmonise your body with the New Earth’s Frequency Template and recalibrate Divine Sovereign Christ Consciousness Streams and Abundance Codes that reside on DNA level, because during Atlantis and Lemuria, being a free, sovereign, abundant being was the way it was, and this architecture lies within you.
This workshop will change your programming. Old, obsolete information streams, that run your life subconsciously, will be deleted and new and empowering ones will replace them.

Healing Techniques

You will also be shown healing techniques that you can use to heal yourself and others. They are fast, efficient and have been carefully selected from the Star Magic Healing arsenal, to align with the protocols of this life changing training.

Through a series, upgrades, downloads, meditations, light language transmissions, breathing exercises and areas of discussion, this online workshop will transform you in a major way. There will be time to ask questions during the workshop!

Deep Healing

During this workshop, you will be constantly exposed to Star Magic’s Potent Healing Frequencies. You will be healing, transforming and shifting at a deep level, so please be hydrated leading up to it, during it and afterwards. As soon as you book onto this workshop, even before it starts, the healing frequencies will go to work to prepare you.
Expect Massive Transformation!
Are You Ready?

What will I Experience During this Event?

Opening Meditation and Activation to Set the Space
A Lemurian Way of Being – Discussion
Daily Activities to Maintain a High Vibrational Lifestyle
Galactic Vortex Connection. Link up to the Off – Planet Solar Streams, Vortex Connection and Maintenance Grids
Grid Connection and Activation for Ancient Architecture
Lemurian Healing Codes – Sovereign Codes and Manifestation & Confidence Codes
Breathing Exercises
Breathing & Chi-Gong Exercises
Pineal Gland Activation Exercises
A Trip to Lemuria – Guided Meditation
Exercises, Fasting & Nutrition – What You Need To Know
Self-Healing & Healing Tools for Others
Closing Meditation

What will I Take Away from this Event?

Connection & Integration of the Atlantean Planetary Grids
Connection & Integration of the Lemurian Planetary Grids
Activated Atlantean and Lemurian DNA
An understanding of the Ancient Timelines and Why Earth is Experiencing These Changes.
Set of Lemurian Healing Codes
Self-Healing Tools
Healing Tools to Assist Others
An Expanded Heart and a Deep Sense of Peace
Activated 3rd Eye
Consciousness Reset and the Tools to Maintain Your New Vibration
Heart & Mind Coherence
Heightened Awareness
Massively Increased Energy
Elevated Levels of Confidence
DNA Activation for Abundance

You will receive a downloadable workbook to make notes during the two days.

Daily Schedule

10am – Start
11.45am – Break
12.15pm – Start
1.30pm – Lunch
2.30pm – Start
3.45pm – Break
4.15pm – Start
5.30pm – Finish



£234  for non-Infinity members

£88 for Infinity Members (login to Infinity and book for discounted price)


April 11
April 12
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