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Project 5d UK

March 7, 2020 - March 8, 2020

Project 5D - How to be Super Human

Project 5d

Project 5d is geared towards assisting each person on the planet, reach their full human potential. Taking a multi-faceted approach, combining science (quantum physics) and the esoteric arts (spirituality), blending the two seamlessly together through a series of two and seven day trainings, you will be taken on a journey to expand your awareness, elevate your vibration and shift your consciousness into a new and empowered state of being.

We are energetic beings living in an energetic environment and the energy that creates all things can never be destroyed. Energy simply transitions and when you know how to liberate this energy flow and connect with it, you can create any reality you want, quickly.

We all deserve to thrive beyond measure on this magnificent planet and each one of us has unique talents and gifts that the world is crying out to experience. During our Project 5d training, you will be guided into a space where you will heal, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and once you are, the real journey begins. Now, it’s time to remember the skills and apply the knowledge that has been stored inside your DNA (since the dawn of time) to create your most extraordinary version, step into your power and unleash your inner wisdom. You will unleash tremendous creativity, access huge energy stores, gain massive clarity and grow in confidence as you ignite something deep within, a part of you that you will un-cage, a deep aspect that you know lies within, yet you have not been able to access or not been able to access fully.

Now it’s time to weaponise your Super-Human Potential

Next Level Training

Having trained thousands of women, men and children over the last four years, during two day workshops and five day trainings, to heal themselves and others, we realise that each and every human being can be taught/guided/shown, exactly how to change their energy and in turn shift their consciousness to inconceivable heights… and we mean everyone. Now it’s time to take what we are bringing to the world, to the next level and so through Project 5d, we are introducing 7-day Immersion Training as the platform to go deeper and the 2 day Immersion Training to prepare you for it, as coming straight into the 7 days, with no preparation, for most people, will be too much.

This two-day workshop is powerful. You will expand exponentially during it and be given a set of awesome transformational tools to take home with you so that you can continue your daily practice and  can prepare for the 7-day training.

 Once you understand the process, shifting through the vibrational gears is easy. All you have to do is follow the plan, which is laid out for you, plain and simple, so you will continually change and expand, once you leave the training and go back to your everyday life.

You are going to be given the latest and most cutting-edge technology to take your consciousness and life to the next level and beyond.  You will be shown a number of powerful, proven, tried and tested techniques to change your energy, dissolve old programming, activate your pineal gland, connect with the world of geometry and totally revolutionise the current you.

Through meditation, breathe work, unique auditory stimulus you will be taken on an adventurous ride into the mystical, yet scientific world of an alternate reality, where you become your Super-Human Self.

Change the Programming

Since the time you were born, and before in some cases (which you will become very familiar with during the training), you have been running a programme or a series of programmes. Making the same decisions, repeating the same emotions, taking the same action, over and over and replaying event after event that keeps you stuck in a cyclical trail of low vibrational events and circumstances. Until you change your energy and learn/remember how to maintain it and elevate it, you will be free for a period of time but then fall back into your old ways. The programming is too strong and so will return and keep you locked in your old way of thinking, feeling and behaving. There is a scientific process to breaking this cycle and you will be shown exactly how to do it, so you can shift into a new crystal clear paradigm.

You will clear out all old 3D energies and programmes that no longer serve or resonate with the soul and this is where one sheds the body (like a snake sheds its skin) of all lower 3D vibrations that cannot pass into the less-dense 5th-dimensional or 5th density reality.

We will show you how to raise your frequency and in turn, change your world.

Living 5d

Once you have taken full responsibility for where you are and the programming is clear, you will be shown, as an advanced being, how to manage your energy efficiently and effectively so you no longer live in a fear-based reality, take full control and in doing so liberate vast amounts of energy so you can live as an elevated 5d being and become the architect of your own reality, what we refer to in Project 5d, as the Quantum Architect.

The Quantum Architect

Light is information. Vast amounts of data, in the form of geometrical code flow within the light streams that are absolutely everywhere. Now you have become the Quantum Architect, a master alchemist (who understands through experience, not just theory, that you are light/energy, beyond the physical form and this light/energy or geometrical data, is connected to and a part of a greater source of energy that is accessible now) and can mould and shape your reality through your thoughts, feelings and actions, by utilising the liberated energy and the geometrical information that flows within the light frequencies/energy, travelling through the quantum field (an invisible field of energy to most people, but not once you have been fully activated during the Project 5d Training, so you can see it) and create the life of your dreams now. You become an alchemist, a manifestation machine, a True Quantum Architect of your own reality. From this point forward, there is no turning back.

Super Human

As you grow and expand, day in day out by using the tools that we equip you with, you will see and feel life differently. Your internal vibrational resonance will shift, and joy will become your natural default state. You will become a non-reactive, crystal clear person on a mission. You will feel happy, laugh and play and see the magic in all things. Your relationship with other people and life will be turbo-charged into a frenzy of total bliss.

You will awaken natural and hereditary gifts, such as the ability to communicate telepathically, heal at distance and use telekinesis, skills we have seen in our workshops before, many times.

You will be more loving and understanding, less judgemental, not attached, non-expectant and more aware of your multidimensionality and how you are ‘being’ in all of it. You see, once you reach this stage, because of the process we take you through, you will realise more and more, that you are in more than once space at any time. You will get access to more and more knowledge, the deeper you travel on this journey and with the toolset we furnish you with, which is infinite and expansive (not limited in any way) if you keep using them, will go to newer and greater heights forevermore. There really is no ceiling on your potential.

The question is, are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you interested in seeing how far you can grow and how high you can raise your own frequency? Are you ready to experience your full human potential?

Unity – Energy – Unconditional Love – Freedom

Once you are immersed in an environment like this, with many others, all having profound experiences, going deeper than you’ve ever been, beyond, into the labyrinth of your consciousness, and given a set of tools to take with you, clearly explained with a full proof plan, your life will shift, big time. There is no other option but to expand and thrive as your life gains a new perspective and your mission takes on new meaning.

Join the project and let’s create a better world, together, as one unified universal force.

 Project 5d



Unconditional Love


Tickets: £249

7 Day Immersion Training

The two-day training is a precursor to the intense, immersive, full-blown seven-day experience.

Coming on the two-day training is highly recommended, to prepare you for the seven-day training. Being immersed in Project 5d’s Star Magic Frequency is powerful, if you’ve not experienced it before, so preparation is mission-critical. You will also be given a set of practices to do in preparation for the seven-day immersive experience. Follow them and you will put yourself in a good space, ready for the seven days.

The two-day training is non-residential, and the training only (no food or accommodation) is offered. All two-day training starts at 9.30 am and finishes at 5.30 pm.

Your life will start to shift after the two-day training and then will increase consistently as you follow the process to prepare for the seven-day training.

The seven-day training is residential. Food is provided along with the training. All seven-day training start at 10.30 am on day one and finish at 5 pm on day seven. Days two through to six will have varying start and finish times. Some days we will start at 4 am and finish at 6 pm and on other days we may start at 9 am and work through until midnight.

The seven-day training is where you will experience gigantic shifts in your health and well-being and huge clarity on your life’s mission and purpose.

Project 5d is a game-changer. You will build such a strong and positive relationship with the universe that it will conspire with you twenty-four-seven as you become a vortex of creation. You will grow in confidence and courage, living from the heart, choosing love over fear every time.

We will be using some of the same techniques on the Project 5d – 7-day Immersion Training and adding in many more. This combined with the fact you are in a space, living there, eating there, in a powerful group atmosphere, working from early morning until late at night, immersed, is very different.

Through meditation, breathwork, unique auditory and visual geometrical stimulus you will be taken on an adventurous ride into the mystical, yet scientific world of alternate reality, where you become your Super-Human Self.


March 7, 2020
March 8, 2020
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LONDON, W9 2JA United Kingdom
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