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Star Magic’s Ascension Tour of Egypt

March 17 - March 31

Calling Planetary Guardians!
Are You Ready for this Cosmic Adventure?

Planetary Grid Work 

Every human being on this Planet is carrying very specific coding and when we walk these Earthly Planes, we are always collecting and distributing these codes on a level of light and information, in a geometrical fashion. This Ascension Tour is for those souls that feel a strong pull to come. When you feel that pull, your spirit is calling you, as a Planetary Guardian, to travel to Egypt on this Tour, where you will Unite with the Star Magic Tribe, our Galactic Ancestors and those Brave Light Warriors that have journeyed throughout time and space, working tirelessly to protect this Sacred Planet we call Earth.

As we travel these ancient lands we will be stopping at various sacred energy hot spots and distributing our coding, deep into the Planetary Grid to assist with Ascension and the bringing forth of the Golden Age. You will receive extremely powerful upgrades and downloads to activate the new Planetary Architecture that is opening up to us all.

You will be journeying deep into the cosmic fabric and expanding exponentially as you are exposed to Light Language, High Frequency Light and Geometrically infused vibrational codes.

Light Code Activation

As you journey through the sacred sites and high elevation areas with your Tribe, you will receive a number of very specific Light Code Activations. Jerry and his Cosmic Team will facilitate these. Bringing through the Star Magic Frequency upon these lands, infusing them with the local and cosmic grid networks, will be some of the most powerful activations on Earth.

15 Days of Cosmic Activation

Day 1

Arrival at Cairo Airport. Meet & Assist by the Star Magic Tour Team. Transfers to your Hotel. Dinner, Tribe Synchronisation Meditation and overnight stay.

Day 2

Breakfast followed by a Tribe Meeting to go over the entire tour. Group Tribe Activation & Healing.  About 16:00h we will drive to Al Azhar Park for Dinner at an Oriental Restaurants and Enjoy Sunset at the Middle of the old Cairo.

Day 3

Very early in the Morning will leave the Hotel for our special Private Opening for Cheops Pyramids, Giza (Crown Chakra). 2 Hours Meditation and Planetary Light Code Download inside the Queens and Kings Chamber to fully activate the divine masculine and divine feminine Ascension Frequencies.  After the Visit a 1 hour Rest to have Breakfast  before visiting some private Tombs and the Second Pyramid inside. In the afternoon we visit the Sphinx and the Temple of Sphinx. Dinner and Overnight at Hotel.

Day 4

 Today will visit the new Grand Egyptian Museum. One of the biggest Museums in the World with more than 140,000 pieces from the ancient Egypt.   Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 5

Flight from Cairo Airport to Sohag.  Arrival at the Sohag Airport and drive to  visit Akhmim.  Afternoon Drive to the Temple of Abydos. We will then visit the Temple and the Osirian (3rd Eye Chakra), Where the Tomb of Osiris lies. We will see the Flower of Life on the Temple Pillars. A Multidimensional Magic Group Frequency Activation will take place here. Check in on board our ship for the Nile Cruise. Dinner and overnight on the Nile.

 Day 6

Sailing to Dendara. 120km north of Luxor is the Temple of Dendera.  We will visit the Temeple of Dendra on route. Then onto Temple of the Goddess Hathor (Heart Chakra) where will connet as a Tribe to the Ancient Knowlegde of the Hathors to receive 2 Powerful Upgrades. Lunch, dinner and overnight on Board

Day 7  

 Sailing to Luxor. Visit the Temple of Luxor & Karnak (Throat Chakra). Lunch & Dinner on Board

Day 8  

Drive to the West Bank to visit the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossal of Memnon. Lunch on Board. Sailing to Edfu. Overnight in Edfu.

Day 9

Breakfast on Board. Visit the Temple of Edfu ( Solar Plexus Chakra) dedicated to the God Horus. We will be working with Horus, Thoth and Serapis Bey in this space for a DNA Activation. Return to the Cruise to have Lunch.  After Lunch Sailing to Kom Ombo. Dinner & Overnight on Board.

 Day 10

After Breakfast visit the double Temple of Kom Ombo (Sacral Chakra), dedicated to Horus & Sobek who are dedicated to courage and bravery. Return to Cruise to have Lunch. After Lunch a nice relaxing afternoon Sailing to Aswan. Dinner & Overnight in Aswan.

 Day 11

Early in the Morning Visit the Isis Temple on the Island of Phile (Root Chakra), home of the Goddess Isis, known as the Goddess of magic. Afternoon Visit the unfinished Obelisk and Aswan’s high dam.  Lunch, Dinner and Overnight at the Cruise.

Day 12

Free Day or optional Tour to the Temple of Abu Simble.

 Day 13 

Flight from Aswan Airport to Cairo.  Visit the Citadel of Salah El Din with the Alabaster Mosque.  Dinner & Overnight at Hotel in Cairo

 Day 14 

Today we will visit the Step Pyramids of Sakkara, the Pyramids of Onas and some private Tombs to receive our last Tribe  Planetary Grid Transmission of the Tour. Dinner & Overnight at Hotel

  Day 15

Flight back home

This Ascension Tour is for those that really want to connect, elevate their spiritual journey and unleash the Egyptian Magic which lies within your DNA. Don’t think about it – JUST BE ON IT!

Special Access

We have negotiated special access to the Well, the Queens and Kings Chamber to explore and go through a very special initiation. Throughout the entire tour we have a number of downloads and upgrades planned for you. This tour will be a Gigantic Frequency Shifter. We will be doing some Advanced Planetary Grid Work to Recalibrate you and connect you with your Galactic Avatar Light Body, preparing you and infuisng into the Golden Grids, ready for Ascension.

Serapis Bey 

Serapis Bey came from Venus in the Ancient of Days to rekindle the sacred fire in the hearts of a wayward mankind. His great enthusiasm to reclaim the sons of man as kings, queens, priests and priestesses, swelled and mounted into a flame of iron will, determination and discipline.

Serapis is the hierarch of Luxor, initiator of the ascending ones in the applications of the sacred fire and is an architect of holy orders, conjurer of the inner sanctum of light,  supporter of the golden-age cities, master of discipline of the forces of Light, keeper of the Asencion Flame and one who creates Peace and Cosmic Freedom.

He assists his students in the self disciplines that are necessary for ascension: the discipline of the four lower bodies is mission critical in c0-creation in the world of form; the disciplining of past momentums of negative spirals and of human creation that would stand in the way of the ascension flame forming within the heart of everyone evolving upon the planet through the acceleration of the threefold flame. Throughout this entire Ascension Journey we will be working with Serapis and other powerful beings.

Are You Ready?

This is going to blow your mind – literally. You will leave this Ascension Tour seeing/feeling/knowing life, completely differently.

It will change your life and transform you, forever. You will leave this workshop a different human being. Get ready to be empowered. Prepare to bathe in some of the wondrous new high frequency energies available.

Fasten Your Seat belt and Expect transformation.


Jerry’s facilitation of a group sound healing was incredible as energies of the group were threaded together and interwoven, healed, made whole. I felt the sensation of energy filling through my feet and codes rushing through my legs. The sense of warmth in the room by the end of the weekend was something you wanted to bathe in. Star Magic is a true connection experience inside and out, allowing you to explore in and navigate the vibrant startling depths of the youniverse.

Natalie Passant UK

‘You are the most beautiful and inspiring being Jerry. You’re energy is off the scale.
I have followed you around the internet for a year or two and could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that your workshop would be so so powerful.
I laughed, cried and uncontrollably trembled from head to toe. Words can not promote what you bring, it has to be experienced to believe and I am so pleased I came. The love I felt was off the scale, complete ecstasy.’


The 3rd Eye is known as the seat of the soul. Its your gateway to a store house of knowledge, wisdom and extrasensory information. Once your 3rd eye is open and functioning at even a fraction of full capacity, you will open up a whole new world.

Ticket price £3498

A £750 non-refundable deposit must be paid by the 24th September. The remaining balance must be paid by January 31st.

The price includes accomodation, internal flights, breakfast and evening meals, entry to sacred sites and special private access to the pyramids, nile cruise plus on board accomodation, healing meditations, upgrades and planetary grid work opportunities… and more!

Please contact: info@starmagichealing.com for more info and to book your space.

This will be like nothing you have ever experienced!

Get ready for the ride. Get ready to be empowered.


March 17
March 31
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