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Exercising Your Third Eye

Your third eye is your sixth chakra and also the doorway for your clairvoyance and psychic sensing. Your third eye allows you to see auras, spirits, and angels. It also allows you to connect with your spirit guides and receive visions and psychic symbols. Continue reading to discover how to exercise your third eye like a muscle today.

What is Your Third Eye?

Your third eye is also known as your psychic eye or mind’s eye. It is connected to your pineal gland. According to Descartes in the 1600s, your pineal gland is the principal seat of the soul. Your pineal gland is located just below the skin above your nose and between your eyebrows. Your pineal gland creates melatonin and it is at your mind’s eye where you see colours, visions, and psychic images.

Opening Your Third Eye

In these third eye exercises, you might feel a tingling sensation in your third eye, your pineal gland, area. That indicates that your third eye is opening up and your clairvoyance is expanding.

Place your index finger on your third eye and imagine it activating. This may appear like an iris of an eye or a flower with the petals unfurling slowly to reveal the light beyond.  While imagining your third eye chakra opening, move your finger lightly in a circular motion on your forehead. As you do this you may feel more and more light and warmth enter your aura and third eye.

Third Eye Breathing

It is mission-critical to check in with your breath throughout the day.  Breathing correctly is important energy work. You may notice a bad habit of breathing shallowly and only using the top third of your lungs.  Breathing deeply is essential for the correct oxygenation of your body. Deep breathing also increases vitality and maintains the health of your chakras including your third eye.

Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose with your belly expanding outwards like a balloon. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and exhale for a count of 4. With your eyes still closed, gently bring your index finger and thumb to your third eye, and look up at your third eye.

If you feel more adventurous you may want to try out dragon breathing, also known as holotropic breathing. This is very deep and very rapid breathing that you do through your nose. Dragon breathing floods your body with oxygen and more blood flows more to your brain. Visualise the point of bright light in your third eye as you do this. Start with 5 minutes and extend the duration to an hour or longer as your practice.

Meditation & Visualisation

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few moments until you begin to feel relaxed. Now, imagine a deep blue or purple ball of energy hovering over your forehead and between your eyebrows. Hold this image in your mind’s eye for a few moments. Breathe deep and even for a few minutes to relax your mind and body. When you are ready, imagine the number 1 in your mind’s eye for a few seconds. Then imagine the number 2 and continue on with your focus until you reach the number 10. Then repeat with imagining other things like letters, flowers, or symbols. These all have the same effect in opening up your third eye.

There are many meditations that sharpen your third eye. Sit still and breathe deeply a few times. Then focus on a virtuous feeling like unconditional love and maintain this focus continuously for longer periods of time. Or you may see white and coloured lights hitting your third eye from above, below, and all directions. They are the different rays and streams of light from the angels, ascended masters, and source energy.


There are many ways to activate and exercise your chakras with crystals. Begin by using a small amethyst crystal placed comfortably on your forehead. Then lie down and meditate with the amethyst on your third eye. Do this for 10 or 15 minutes. You can repeat this exercise with different crystals and for different chakras too. You will feel a warm tingly sensation and be able to distinguish the energies of different crystals.

Lie or sit down and hold a crystal. Any will do but you may want to start with quartz or any common crystal to hand. Tune into it. Feel its vibrations and hear its sounds. Does your crystal have a name? Ask your crystal to reveal a symbol, speak to a guide, or take you to another world. You are psychically communicating with your crystal with your third eye. If you receive nothing, try another crystal and meditate with that crystal. Try this out each day for a few weeks.

Yoga & Qigong

Yoga keeps your body’s energy centres clean, clear, and working at top performance. Kundalini yoga is particularly tailored towards working with subtle energies and chakras. Also, some of the top yoga postures will help you open your third eye. These poses include Downward-Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, Standing Half Forward Bend, Supported Shoulder-stand, and Hero pose.

If you have a daily practice then add some third eye exercises to activate and expand it further. If you don’t meditate or do yoga or qigong on a daily basis then begin now. There are many videos and websites available to get started online. Your body will love the flow, movement, and stretching and your third eye will also flow, move, and stretch as you exercise it with qigong, Tai Chi, and yoga.

Psychic Development

Training your third eye like a muscle is important for your psychic development. There are many easy, fun, and effective ways to do this. Allow yourself to experiment. Have fun trying different techniques or combinations of them.

Let go of life and meditate whilst listening to music. Then get up and sing and dance with the music. Let the music guide you and welcome any visions and guidance you receive. Also, seeing auras is a visual experience, and learning to see them is a cool way to open your third eye.


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