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VIDEO: Expanding Consciousness and Amnesia – Are you LOSING your MIND?

Do you suffer from brain fog and forgetfulness? Do you ever walk into a room with a purpose, only to forget immediately what it was you walked in for? You are not alone, and you will be surprised to know there is a link between expanding consciousness and amnesia. As you raise your vibration and ascend to a higher frequency, it is very common to become increasingly forgetful. Why does this happen? Are you losing your mind? Is your brain function decreasing? If so, how? And WHY?

Watch this video where I explain the link between expanding consciousness and amnesia. The answer is simple, and the explanation is beautiful. We are constantly being sent messages from the universe, and our unconscious selves, which are one and the same. We just need to remember how to translate those messages the right way. I will show you how.


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