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Divine Experiences of Early August

Divine Experiences of Mahatma Energy & 1000 Arms Synthesis

Mahatma energy does what it says on the tin. If called at least 3 times a day it speeds up ascension up to 1000 times according to how fast the four body and mind system can handle. The energy feels like a sprinkling of predominantly white gold light with shimmering glyphs, sigils or symbols constructed of pure light tubes. The energy is so pure and so powerful I literally feel it rewriting my being in a smooth tingling way. I feel great but it also makes my body feel so much an otherwise discomfort. It brings to the fore, amplifies it so I can deal with it. This energy is so beautiful and its divine experiences so amazing.

The Compassion Buddha is the embodiment of the universal compassion of all enlightened beings. By relying upon Avalokiteshvara we naturally increase our own compassion. In this aspect Avalokiteshvara has eleven faces which are the ten faces of his emanations of the ten directions and the face of his root Guru Buddha Amitabha. These indicate that he benefits living beings through his countless emanations. His thousand arms indicate that he is the synthesis of the thousand Buddhas of this Fortunate Aeon, and the eye in the palm of each hand indicates that he watches over and cares for infinite living beings.

One million-fold increase – 1000 times 1000 then there is the monad too – another 144. This is 1000 arms that can do 1000 different actions simultaneously times 144 souls or emanations in the monad times 1000 factor from Mahatma Energy. Then there are fractal infinities and power tools to increase potency again. With Star Magic too I know I can increase our healing effectiveness, with clean living and powered by source and guides, to almost instantaneous effects that can be filmed as evidence. Meditate on it!

Creation, Destruction & Rebirth

When you are reborn you connect to different energies each time unless you are reborn in same community, country or immediate soul group, or realm such as recurring hells. Each time you pick up new characteristics determined before you are reborn. Hence you become a hybrid of many species and races. If rebirth is uncontrolled likely it is caused by your own karma but check to ensure you are not been attracted to the false light like a moth. Go for the void and discern the levels of light that appear, picture a pure land and project there, or head back to your ET family if this is available. Then you continue your life stream with them and merge with your monad rather than be reborn again and again without choice. If tantric adept you can select a nirvana and stay there and if you have the prajna wisdom on path of seeing or above you will have many options.

It would be great to be able to step out of this dimension and into a neighbouring one without the laws and all the crap, perhaps one in nature, and live there. Then walk across and work/operate in this reality. Then there are no bills, rent, etc., and a simple wholesome lifestyle. Choose a safe place like a pure land or one away from predators. Then we are totally free and sovereign without any of the mind-bending rules twists and turns. Begin by closing your eyes and visualising your dream place, island or crystal cave. Make it as real as you can imagine and ideally more real than physical reality itself. Feel every nuance of it and hearing every sound, etc. Then after a few minutes imprint when eyes open and let changes happen without looking for them. It may look the same as before but there will be subtle difference. So repetition is the key to this process as well the reversal process. This is like shadow shifting or walking and can be accelerated with laser focus whist on certain psychedelics and deep meditation and journeying practices.

To understand creation fully you need to understand destruction as both as opposite sides of the same coin. It is the balance between the two that leads to evolution and variation. To create and not dissolve into emptiness that which clogs up, goes stave, does not serve, is wasting energy. Shiva embodies both and shows me how these forces can be balanced without the world going haywire.

Divine Experiences From the Logos

I came from the logos, the word which is one step from all creation (the spontaneous arising of self-referencing consciousness from indeterminate void. It is where duality ceases and there is only non-duality. Darkness and light are merged as one. Then the word says ‘let there be light’ and then the light arose from the dark. Run universe simulation from emptiness. Dive deeper into emptiness, the darkness, and mix with it shining your clear light within for you are already the divine male and female as one at your heart. We are all one consciousness, equalized and synthesized. The Avatar of Synthesis includes all of creation not just the hierarchy. Note that the spontaneous emergence of consciousness from void happens countlessly in ‘time’ without beginning or end, as there is no time. Each becomes a Great Soul Universe and an individuated consciousness, the Atman and Brahman manifested. The illusion is of the many and of the one as both happen all at once. This means everything is one and one is everything and nothing too.

Nikon Self Repair & Holographic Laser Pics

The battery cover for my Nikon which had snapped off and was lost at Love Bomb in June has returned as if by magic teleport. Also with the advent of Windows 10 the transfer of images is now without glitches. The next test is video. Also, I’ve discovered that lasers are refracted and reflected through infinity mirrors that are switched off and the laser light is also reflected off the holograms and onto the walls and ceilings. The Nikon does take dark pictures if light constant so starting the exposure before shining the laser or any light source will give more time. Yet it does not quite work with overexposure and also the shapes don’t completely form.

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You Are Your Guides & Ascended Masters

Guides and ascended masters are aspects of yourself, your higher selves. There is no difference except degree or where they lie in Jacobs’ Ladder. Many are soul group or Monad. You have some degree of free will but not complete free will. You realise this when your life opens out as you realise oneness directly. Your multi-faceted but limited personality opens out into multiple dimensions and you experience being other than your small ego self. You fully feel and become gods, demons, animals, supernatural beings, angels, etc. Use your imagination and let go in the heart with love and experience what flows.

You do have free will to have fun and be creative. You will find there is a tendency for these to head towards your life mission and passion in life. Challenges come and some will move you in powerful new directions. In that sense free will is an illusion unless you are aware of your higher aspects pulling the strings. You are a composite template of when you choose before birth, like in the Sims, or as a result of accumulation of lives (karma). You then choose to be sovereign (free) or follow Gurus and systems of control. Without amnesia you have this power.

Divine Experiences of Light Warrior Reality

It is a waste of energy to just sit in your comfort zone all the time. This mainly applies to those who embrace only the light and ignore/fear the dark. A balanced attitude propels one into action. However, there is an integration period with ‘full’ awakening, enlightenment, ascension, transcendence (or any other name) where it is wise to be on your own, with spiritual friends, piecing together a multi-dimensional memory and channeling. This can be weeks, months or rarely years. Courage and discernment are crucial here as a balance is needed between challenge, experience and integration. Too much too soon and you may go nuts. Too little and you procrastinate and become trapped in the ‘false light’ matrix again. Be a light warrior not just an armchair light worker!

Change is a constant in the universe. I learned that the reason all these things have happened in my life lately and the only option is to master our frequency despite our circumstances. It’s easy to have a high frequency when your life is great, but when the most intense pain is in your heart it is very hard to hold a high frequency. Once I balanced my emotions and came to a still point inside the heart I connected back with the eternal mind and radiated timeless bliss and singularity. Its beyond words and emotions, unless you have been there it just sounds like a cool story, and now each time it happens I go fully out of body while simultaneously being aware of 3D, it keeps intensifying. The only option is accept and surrender to the universe and not fight the pain and loss. Nothing is random and we must go with the flow of life.

We create our reality by being present and manifesting. However the creator is the one running the higher show, directing the bigger picture. It’s a paradox to be in control and also manifest. Surrender to the creator and accept. This life is a balancing act. Emotions are the key here. Once we master our emotions through love and balance, we can consciously access the eternal mind. I am starting to have such intense connections with this timeless state that I can see the progress I am making including visits from ET’s and ascended masters, huge upgrades, and integration of many facets of my being.

Zero Point Energy Accessed Through Heart

Also, when I focus and drop into my heart, I am accessing of the zero point singularity that is the ascended master consciousness of the eternal mind. To hold these frequencies is the key. Tapping in for a short period of time is the easy part that comes naturally. However, holding this frequency despite your surroundings is the master test. This is struggle with at my flat but is easy when in nature. I have had experiences where I started crying and laughing once I reconnected and become one with Avalokiteshvara, Shiva, or any of a number of ascended beings of light. I have seen many things and remembered many lives and am building a multi-faceted multi-dimensional multi-life memory that stretches all eternity.

I have realized that despite how polarized and crazy painful this life is, it is all perfect and the creator is omnipresent and within us. Like Buddha said, “once you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back up at the sky and laugh.” It’s true. The universe will push you to your limits then show you behind the veil. My limits are in physical endevour and balancing the 3D/4D reality with higher realities to function optimally and be of great benefit to all on this world. What we do in this life echoes forever in eternity so forgive the past and be present. Create your creation and live your dream. Go beyond God.

I chose to live in this world but am not of this world. I am what I am, beyond words. We are ultimately all the same – one energy, one love from Arcturus Avalokiteshvara.

Star Magic Arcturian Healing

Star Magic works seamlessly with many existing Arcturian and high-light extra-terrestrial healing techniques and modalities. This is because Star Magic contains the living codes of consciousness that facilitate DNA activation and healing at all levels of being. It also strengthens the power of effectiveness of cosmic healing technologies. By calling on the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, etc., we invite them to activate the Star Magic within us all. They will answer by performing whatever healing and psychic surgery required in the now.

We live in a ‘quantum’ reality where we can affect change with the power of our will. Star Magic is intuitive and a correct intention powered by unconditional love and compassion at the heart centre will result in positive change. Star Magic catalyses our connection and degree of healing from divine and extra-terrestrial sources.

I tune in to the frequency of a client, and feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties attached between things and people. Together with my guides, angels and cosmic extra-terrestrial light beings, I will connect with your higher self with heart centred energy. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your whole being. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter your body and alchemise change.

If you would like to elevate your life, to a level beyond extraordinary and experience then Star Magic energy healing is for you.