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• The most powerful, up-to-the-minute and in-depth healing modality on this planet

• Harness and know the power that lies within you to heal, transform, and manifest

• Why healers from all modalities are investing in this and unleashing their full human potential

• Gain world-class qualifications for a rewarding flexible career on your terms, even if you’re an absolute beginner

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Star Magic merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical and verifiable effects. Expand your skill sets in conscious living and be the change you want to see in this world.

All methods of Star Magic are easily accessible and provide for instantaneous and life-long changes, in all aspects of reality.
Star Magic Healing really is the Ultimate Healing Gift and the Number One Ascension Tool. Hear about Star Magic from some of our Facilitators and people who have been healed.


Why is STAR MAGIC training the absolute best career choice?

Healing is one of the largest growing billion-dollar industries in the world. The demand for professional healers has never been higher in the post Covid world, as more people want to experience the many benefits.

Star Magic is more than just a healing modality. It’s a lifestyle.
Star Magic is the most powerful transformational tool available and thousands of people in more than 40 countries have adopted this way of healing and  life.


Fast-track your career: Learn the best from the
best and remember what you have always known!

Your journey began the moment you reached this page. Accept it.

Star Magic will give you the opportunity to re-write your life and the lives of people you connect with. Star Magic is a journey containing basic, intermediate, and advanced energy healing abilities.

Start healing others during the training and experience real verifiable results. You will grow in confidence and be ready to start your own healing business.

If you work with energy already, you can use Star Magic to elevate your skills. Experirnced practitioners are more aware and function at a higher capacity after training in Star Magic.


Change your life – and the lives of everyone you heal

Jerry Sargeant has trained thousands of people to be Star Magic Facilitators and they have gone out into the world changing lives everywhere. Regardless of your background, you have the potential to be a Star Magic Facilitator. You can help people live better lives, turning your passion into a business.

There are incredible Star Magic Facilitators ranging from 25 to 65+. Star Magic is a powerful energy that is flooding the world with a tsunami of love creating positive change and raising the vibration.


Online 5 Days + 2 Bonus Days

During the five-day training experience, you will learn the ways, tools and codes to begin healing with the Star Magic frequency. Each day dives in deeper, helping you remember and connect with the healing frequencies. At the end of 5 days you will be a complete Star Magic Facilitator having been furnished with a range of healing tools, equipping you for every healing situation.

Online Buddy for Daily Practice

Each Day of the training you work remotely at a distance with another partner in the group. This is an experience like no other. You will experience the power of Star Magic healing at a distance first-hand.

After experiencing the real, verifiable, and tangible results of working at a distance, you gain the confidence to setup your own healing practice with the whole world as your marketplace.

Bonus Days

Bonus Day 1

On the first bonus day, you will receive a series of group healings and activations, given by Jerry himself. This will ensure that you are free from all blocks, past, present, future, and multi-dimensional.

You will be worked on at a cellular level, using Star Magic, to ensure your body, the vessel for which Star Magic will flow, is clean and clear, so you truly can live at a level of extraordinary, and beyond, and be the absolute very best Star Magic Energy Healing Facilitator you can be.

Bonus Day 2

Often just after a training has finished and one begins practicing, you see things from a new perspective. This often leads to the desire to understand what you’ve learnt in a deeper way. Additionally, you might need clarification about a certain situation, or have a different set of questions because of an unusual situation that presented itself. This is the normal curve of learning, and hence 3 weeks after your training we have a Bonus Day.

In the Bonus day Jerry clarifies any of your queries and goes deeper, to ensure you fully understand all aspects of Star Magic and how to apply it effectively. Ensuring you unleash your full potential.

Introduction on how to market your online business and get clients fast.

Once you finish the training, we have a support team to nurture and guide you, along with ongoing support sessions. This is detailed in the prospectus


About Jerry Sargeant

Jerry Sargeant, known as ‘The Facilitator’, is the founder of Star Magic Healing, a powerful motivational speaker, an international bestselling author and is world renowned for healing people, creating rapid shifts within them and transforming their lives on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

Jerry’s ability to heal has been likened to some of the most powerful healers in history, having facilitated the healing of broken bones, removing tumours, cysts, dissolving fibromyalgia, healing hearts as well as healing broken relationships and super-charging businesses to achieve massive success.

Through all his trials and tribulations Jerry knows the key to transformation is unconditional love and this message he delivers in his own unique, down to earth style that everyone can grasp, internalise and use to create phenomenal transformation in their own lives.

Star Magic training could be the best decision you will ever make…

During the five-day training Jerry and the Star Magic Facilitation Team will take you on a journey that equips you with every skill necessary to heal at every level.

You will let go of everything logical and remember your deep intuitive skill set. You will remember and know the truth. It’s time to activate your soul memory and be re-born as a powerful healer here on Planet Earth.

Learn how to access the quantum field, create and recreate your own reality and the reality of others instantaneously by harnessing the light codes and frequencies made available through Star Magic

Can Anyone Become A Successful STAR MAGIC Facilitator?

Jerry And Thousands Of Star Magic Facilitators Say YES! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced healer you can use Star Magic to elevate your skills. View some of the testimonials from our Facilitators.

I gained a greater understanding of the quantum field and how to access it. My third eyesight is more acute and accurate, and my skills were brought into balance as I was able to access a new frequency.

Claudia Wilson

I learned how easy it is to heal
others at distance, by using
Holograms, Intention, Codes and Playfulness. Jerry has this unique gift that helps bring these important elements out of anyone inquisitive enough to sign up!

Mary Hunt


Harmonising with other Healing Modalities

This work harmonises effortlessly with other healing modalities. Not only does it enhance other modalities such as body massage, life-coaching, chiropractic work, acupuncture, and techniques such as Quantum-Touch and Reiki, as well as Reconnective Healing and Bio-Energy Healing. Facilitators find they obtain quick, observable results with no waiting and no loss of energy as Star Magic Facilitators are trained in a very unique fashion where no personal energy is required. This puts Star Magic head and shoulders above every other healing modality.

Star Magic will show you how to connect with the Universal Database to make changes instantly. You will remember how to easily shift from focus to awareness and be outside the concept of a problem set and move into a new and unique solution set, where transformation becomes a power with which you joyfully and powerfully co-create. Specific techniques/ways are taught shared, that utilise the power of focused intent, playfulness, imagination and heart-centered awareness to create real-time changes in patterns, habits and awareness, quickly, efficiently and effectively with lasting results.

Before taking this training, I was sceptical and worried if this would be too advanced for me to comprehend. I’m so glad I followed my intuition and calling. There were people from all over the world, from all walks of life, all different levels of healing experience (complete novices to professionals), yet we all got amazing experience! This opened the big door for me to pursue my journey as a healer and transformed my life in a way I could have never imagined. Fear/ego/logic tried to talk me out of attending because of the investment and I am so glad I listened to my heart. It was the best investment I have ever made.

Kaori Shiramatsu

Each day was an adventure, I felt it was a 5 day living a fairy tale, high energy and peace, I kept asking myself each day if this experience is real because it kept
being more and more magical.

I was shown a very fast way to tap into my intuition and skills. I loved every single moment. I finally had the full capacity and will power to change my lifestyle into a lifestyle that fits a healing facilitator. My healing sessions have increased in efficiency in a very noticeable way, my confidence and my feelings about my value/self-worth changed so much.

Zahraa Hanoun


Worlds First – Life Time Support

Private Facilitator Training Group is available for you 24/7 where you are lovingly supported by your community. It is a fun place to continue to learn, love and ascend with the global Star Magic Facilitator Community. When needed the community often comes together to do group healings for a specific person or situation.

Monthly Online Meetings

Jerry Hosts a monthly support meeting for Facilitators. Jerry dives deep, and lovingly answers your questions and provides guidance on any subject including healing, ascension, clients and case studies you’ve been working with, new healing codes and much more.


Star Magic Facilitators can also join Infinity, connect with our incredible community, and get access to a number of high vibrational tools such as meditations, Cosmic Yoga videos, nutrition, free masterclasses and more, to continually support and nurture you on your healing and ascension journey.

Upcoming Training Experiences

The Universe Has a Plan,


Be Willing, and Let the Transformation Begin


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