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Fear is the Mindkiller

Fear is an unpleasant emotion that is caused by the threat of harm, pain, or danger. Fears arise when we perceive someone or something as likely to be harmful, dangerous, painful, or as a threat to our safety and security or that of other living beings.  Fear is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat which causes changes in behaviour. Fear can lead us to run away, hide, or freeze in our tracks.

Despite the fact that fear is not real, it is their perception of their imaginary fears which holds many people back from pursuing their dreams. Fear is based on something which may or may not happen and is one of the most powerful emotions we know of.  Frank Herbert in his novel Dune described fear as the ‘mind-killer’ because it can cripple and paralyse, leaving you stuck inside a shrinking comfort zone and preventing you from doing the things which you know that you need to do. When you are overcome by fear, the experiences feel very real and can also feel very painful.

One of the most effective ways to deal with fear is to understand fear. You automatically weaken the grip of fear on you when you understand the truths about fear. You may never eliminate fear from your life but you will learn to manage it better.

Disabled by Fears

Everyone gets gripped with fear at some time or other in their lives. Fear is the major stumbling block to success in all aspects of life. Fear confines you to your comfort zone and prevents you from stepping out and unleashing your full potential. More people are held back by fear than by anything else. Also, it is fear that keeps you chained to your limiting beliefs and makes you avoid risks.

The difference lies in how people react to it. This response to fear can mean the difference between success and failure in life. There are some who succumb to their fear and others who brace themselves to confront it. While the former get stuck and deny themselves opportunities to succeed, the latter get through it efficiently by taking a determined action to overcome it.

The truth is that fear lives only in your imagination like the monsters that small children imagine. Fear is a big obstacle in your path to success and conquering your fear can be as easy or hard as you make it. No one is born with fear and you acquire it over the years from the ‘stuff’ you pick up from media, your own experiences, schooling, etc. We are fearless limitless beings conditioned to be fearful limited beings.

Overcoming Fear

The trick is to control your reaction to fear by stopping fear from controlling you. It is also about accepting fear as part of your life and not stopping being fearful.  Conquer your fears and you will be amazed at what you can make happen in this precious human life.

Fear always forms a part of life but you can alter your reaction to it. You can reprogram yourself and change how you view fear and react to it. Highly successful people have the courage and tenacity to prevent their fears from holding them back from reaching their goals. They face their fears head on and then move beyond and onto the next challenge in their respective lives.

Never submit to or be controlled by your fears. Instead you confront your fears by being mentally strong and look at fear right in the face. You visualize yourself in your mind confronting your fear and overcoming it. Repeat this many times, like a few minutes in meditation daily, until the power of your fear weakens and fades. This approach lets you confront your fear head-on with more courage and wisdom.

Many people choose to ignore fear in the hope that it goes away. Often the long-term pain is far more costly than the short-term pain associated with tackling the pain now. There will always be fear and you will experience new fears as long as you live your life. With every new challenge there will be a degree of fear. Accepting that fear is a natural part of life makes it a lot easier to manage.

How Fear Empowers

Everyone has to take on new challenges in life and with new challenges comes uncertainty. When you are experiencing fear, there is a tendency to believe that you are the only one who experiences fear. Wherever you have uncertainty, fear will never be far away. Accept that everyone experiences fear and you will be more relaxed and confident in the situation.

Whatever it is that you fear the only way to eliminate that fear is to expose yourself to that which you fear. For example, if you want to get rid of the fear of public speaking the only way to do it successfully is to do some public speaking. You can slowly build up rather than jumping in at the deep end.

It is easy to be overcome by fear and forget that the outcome you fear has not yet happened or is not guaranteed. When you realise that there are other possible outcomes, you can start to identify actions which you can take to produce a more desirable outcome.

One of the most empowering things you can do is to regularly remind yourself of the truths about fear. When you understand these truths about fear you realise fear is impossible to avoid but it is relatively easy to manage. Then you will feel more empowered and have more confidence to purse the objectives that you really want to achieve. Remember that nothing is as hard as you think once you face your fear.

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Cindy Lebarron
Cindy Lebarron