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Find Your True Self by Asking These Questions

We each are a journey. Exciting and fluctuating, hard and yet rewarding.

To find your true self, you need to embrace the fact this journey might not always go as planned.

Acknowledging this reality is already a giant step towards better understanding where you stand. But how do you get to a point of wisdom, stability and assuredness?

It’s about a constant work upon and with the deepest layers of the self.

This work requires commitment and honest communication with yourself and I’m here to suggest an effective way of self-talk: asking the right questions in order to prepare yourself for whatever hardship thrown at you.

1. “What Do I Consider Happiness?”

It seems like a question too general to be practical. But it’s the best point to start with because it has the power of shaping your expectations the best way.

So, as soon as you delve into your definition of happiness, you may find a seemingly simple evidence: happiness is what we make it. If you demand too much from life in order to consider yourself happy, then it’s time to take a step back and reassess (or define) the happiness threshold.

You’ll see how you’ll begin to lower your expectations, be less obsessed with ‘being happy’ and more interested¬†in being more truthful to yourself.

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2. “What Would I Do if I Knew No One Was Judging My Actions?”

When you want to find your true self, you actually need to find those pain points holding you back from achieving self-awareness. And cultivating a false narrative about the self is one of those pain points.

If you ask yourself the question above, you’ll discover surprising facts about the actions you’d take if it weren’t for the fear of being judged.

Once you confront these facts, you’ll start to deconstruct the facade and reach a truer self.

3. “What Would I Do if I Won the Lottery?”

Would you spend, invest or keep the money?

Your choice will reveal your instinct: conservative or impulsive?

This is something you have to establish very clearly when you want to reach the core of your personality traits because it helps you deal with on-the-spot decisions way faster and more effectively.

4. “Who Do I Seek in the Hardest Times?”

If the answer to this question turns into a long list of friends, close family, acquaintances and spiritual gurus or role models, it means you still have quite a long way to go to reach your true self.

Because you still need to find a way of relying on yourself – this will ultimately make you more independent and skilled in dealing with your problems.

To Find Your True Self, Prepare to Face the Truth

All the questions above (and many others you can define yourself) are useful tools in starting a new era in the way you see your true being.

When you enter this era, you discover you’re an entity of life, a star seed and a powerful energy which has been perfectly designed to forge its own beautiful way in the Universe.¬†

Are you ready to face these truths about your purpose in this world? I’m waiting for you to find your true self and step into the world of peace, acceptance and love the One Family is. I’m waiting for you to join all the souls on the same quest. I’m here.

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