Free Distance Energy Healing

Free Distance Energy Healing

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Not much is required from the person who wants to be healed by spiritual healing or energy healing, but below I mention some important things that you need to read and understand if you receive a healing to make it as successful as possible.

Before and during a healing session
You may wonder if I can heal your particular illness (emotional or physical). It’s really not harder to heal a headache than a more complicated illness if the circumstances are right. During the healing session you may or may not feel anything. If you don’t feel anything, this doesn’t mean that the healing was not successful. Instead it only means that you don’t have the ability to sense the healing energy – some people do and others don’t.

I have listed below what you should keep in mind. If you follow this advice, it will greatly improve your receptivity of healing energy:


  • Be fully relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind
  • Have no bitterness or resentment towards anyone
  • Know that healing is real and that miracles do happen
  • During healing, be focused on the healing and don’t think about anything else. Come into your heart.
  • I  recommend that you lay down or sit in a chair in a darkened room with your eyes closed – this is a good way to relax your mind and your body during a healing session (you may even want to light a candle or play soft music in the background)
  • During the healing session, I suggest that you repeat the following words 3 times quietly to yourself:
    1. I am whole.
    2. I am complete.
    3. I am perfect.

    There is nothing magical about these words, but it helps you focus on the healing and therefore makes you more relaxed and being relaxed makes you more receptive to healing.


I don’t need your name or age or gender. I don’t need to know where you are located. I don’t need to know your illness. I have found out from my own experience and inner guidance that our healing works just as effective without knowing this information and is not needed because I am merely a facilitator of infinite intelligence.

All you need to do is join the Star Magic Community and every month I give 3 Free private healing sessions. Also every Wednesday at 9pm I run a FREE Global Healing Meditation Group whereby I send out healing energy to the entire group in our virtual meditation room. You can sign up to that here. And you can join the Star Magic Community here.

I look forward to connecting with you.

With Loving Energy,

free distance energy healing