Free healings
for you & loved ones

The Perfect Way to Start Your Star Magic Journey

If you are new to the Tribe and want to get a taste of what Star Magic has to offer, then download your free Guided Healing Meditation further down thiss page. Jerry also hosts regular Free Online Group Healings, either on Facebook Live or through our online portal, where thousands of Tribe Members gather in our virtual space to heal, expand, connect and journey, raising each others frequency and that of the Planet. Register below, its free!

Facebook Live Healing

This is a an incredible way to connect and receive a Free Healing and get a taste of the Star Magic Frequency. These Live Sessions will be for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Please ensure you are subscribed to the Star Magic Tribe for up to the minute messages, regarding up and coming Live Transmissions.

Complimentary Meditation

You are Extraordinary. We Love You Unconditionally. Please accept this Frequency Encoded Meditation as a gift from the Star Magic Tribe. This Guided Meditation is infused with the Star Magic Frequency. It is a Healing and Expansion Meditation and will release old trauma so you can heal at a cellular level. Please honour your emotions, stay in your heart and observe you.

Global Meditation Group

At least once a month Jerry invites the world to participate in this FREE 60-minute Star Magic Tribe Global Meditation with an open cosmic heart and a sincere will to heal, transform and evolve into their wholeness. This is a powerful session Amplified by the Star Magic Tribes Global Presence (with thousands of us gathered virtually) for each Transformative Session.

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New videos and informative posts uploaded weekly to feed your mind, nourish your soul and elevate your frequency. We are dedicated to serving you on your human mission, so stay connected, engage regularly with this incredible free content and rise with the Star Magic Tribe. Its time to thrive beautiful soul.