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Geometric Crystal Structures Used in Distance Healing

What is crystal healing?

Crystal Healing has its roots in ancient history. Earlier civilizations such as the Aztecs, Myans, Ancient Egyptians and North American Indians had a strong awareness of the metaphysical properties of crystals. Even today, Royalty still use gem stones as symbols of power and authority.

Today, modern Crystal Healing is remembering the teachings from the past and integrating this with our more scientific knowledge of crystals. What is being reborn today, is a highly effective, complementary healing system, combining crystals and higher Vibrational energy to heal imbalances within the physical body and in the human energy field.

Crystals are one of the highest expressions of physical matter. They hold their form for millions of years, retaining a vibration or ‘note’ of perfection. This perfect ‘note’ can be used by healers to send healing energy to their patient’s. The patient’s energy field may be sending out a discordant ‘note’, but there will also be an aspect of it that still resonates with, or remembers its original healthy ‘note’. During the healing process, the two notes merge and the patient’s energy field falls back into harmony again.

Higher Vibrational Frequencies

During a healing session, the energy healer or Facilitator will attune themselves to receive higher Vibrational healing energies through all levels of their being. It is rather like turning on the electricity to light up a bulb! At this point, the healers consciousness expands and depending on the development of the healer, becomes able to assess the condition of their patient’s energy field. The healer can be in the same room, or work at distance


Bi-location is the ability to transport yourself from one location to another, through the ether. During my distance energy healing sessions I will transport myself to my clients location, pick up their body and bring it back into the room with me. Remember distance is an illusion. Time and space are simply our perception of them. When you are working within what scientists call the field or what I refer to as the Universal Database, everything is at the zero point energy field. In other words all things at exist at all times everywhere. This is the place or space of infinite possibilities. Those possibilities are limited or unlimited by your mind.

Crystal Geometric Structure

In my healing room I will set up a geometric structure on the floor. I will just know what crystals to use for each client. When you engage in Star Magic, my healing modality, you develop a deep intuitive knowing. Below is a picture of a geometric crystal structure. I have set this up outside of my healing room just to take this photo for you as I don’t bring any man-made technology into my healing space.

Once this is set-up and the healing session has begun I will enter my clients space, bring them back to me and lay them over the top of this geometric structure on the floor. They will simply hover in space. The crystals along with the geometric pattern will infuse the clients energy body with the necessary healing frequencies to bring their body back into balance, remove any blocks or traumas from deep within them at a cellular level and bring in light frequencies to communicate with their DNA, which in turn will elevate their levels of awareness, creating an environment with a greater capacity to heal.


Star Magic is one of the most powerful healing modalities today. If you want to know how I discovered it go here. It has been totally blowing my clients away. Bringing back the ancient wisdom from our Egyptian brothers & sisters is revolutionising the way healing is done. Its fast, effective and long lasting. Hear what my clients are saying. After all, the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

If you would like to book a healing or simply discover more then please contact me.

With Loving Energy,

distance healing with geometric crystal patterns