Galactic Portal & Light Activation

My Experiences

On 7th August I experienced an intense light activation and transfer through the galactic portal (stargate).  At around 6 am, my ears went nuts when I lay down and closed my eyes. Both ears thumped loudly at the same time which rarely if ever happens. Then moments later the most amazing light show spontaneously emanated around my head like a crown or halo of spiralling light. There are nodes or points of what looks like twelve atoms. It happened so quickly so did not have time to count that number. There were spinning lights dancing in rhythm with alternating colours all around me. It was like my brain was lighting up like a Christmas tree and I could feel it as such too. Then lots of very colourful, clear light language was emanating out of these nodes like computer code. Visually very Tron-like and the language was in symbols/codes out of the light itself.

Then I’m a luminous light body in a hall with many others all linked together. There were several huge mostly blue translucent energy bodies shimmering light around a central focus. I felt and telepathically heard this is the astral avatar of synthesis committee. Communication as a group consciousness and the agenda is advanced and confirmed I am a physical avatar for the avatar of synthesis (there are a small number of others too with vital roles). At another time I also visited Arcturus, tried some Star Magic (very odd feeling), and I charged up my Merkaba and lights and symbols again emanated from my energy framework which I could also see. Astral teleportation confirmed.

My Dreams

I dreamt on August 3rd that I saw the Star Magic fractal ‘cross of light’. The Star Magic cross was shown merged with the chaos star opening out to 3 dimensions with fractal arrows within. The black lines were thicker in the middle than the edges and the arrows with straight points put curved edges with straight points.  This was a little later, about 5am, and there were other related dreams I had forgotten.

O August 19th I dreamt of something so profound. This time it is being a witness in the splitting of the timelines of humanity based on the past cycles of civilisation represented as dinosaurs and seeing people walking across a vast plain, floating and flying effortlessly to see a shop window with a human transformed into a bipedal dinosaur skeleton (as I did with those walking). Also, I saw financial strata at the bottom of a vast rock edifice and also in brilliant luminance and awareness of being in Merkaba flying around.  I half wake into my cosmic avatar-self seeing cosmos reflected within and other beings of light around to make 12 of us in all for the cosmic council/synthesis avatar. I woke up stronger and more together and feeling influence on ascension events unfolding and accelerating.

Great Galactic Portal

Visualising the Galactic portal with the 12 dots on the outside (12 disciples or energies of the cosmos) all linked in a helix of light (12 strands not 2 but 2 shows it well), and in the centre is the Star Magic star (chaos magic star and star of Bethlehem) pointing up and out not just in the plane of the paper. See the outer ring appearing to me before I knew what they mean and resonance between Great Galactic council symbol, visions and me. The 12 balance around the outside and represent 12 souls in a soul group, 12 disciples, etc. It is 3×4 too which is the trinity times the four initial rays of the star.

The initial 4 rays also reflect the elements of earth, air, water, fire. Then 8 rays have the additional elements of wood (air & earth), metal (earth & fire) light (consciousness, air & fire), and ether (emptiness, water & air). Then the following 8 rays contain the rays of spirit or the rays of Divine light. Further subdivision build complexity in a perfect dance until flavours of ether, subatomic variations, chemical elements, physical forces and fields, souls, time stream variations, other phenomena, appear as frequencies of light and sound. These interact and more complexity arises as fractals of resonance. It is these holographic fractal fields of energy that give the substantiality of appearance and form.

They are in fact all connected and empty of or lack the quality of independent existence. Any such is illusion and to main such is taking energy away (vampirism) whilst understand oneness as zero-point is self-sustaining for all projection from the zero point is all we experience as a collective across all appearing dimensions as consciousness projecting emanating or manifesting in the appearance of form, etc. Hence the meaning when Buddha talks about actions of body, speech and mind.

Bootstrap Paradox

We live in a bootstrapped feedback system sensitive to every thought, word and action we have. It invites bootstrap time paradox and the illusion of creation from nothing because the fourth dimensional component resonates (reflects) back and forwards in the fourth dimensional space we call time, as slices of discrete present moments accessed by a laser from the fifth dimensional imagination. This is paradox of a time traveller who brings the compositions of Beethoven back in time to Beethoven himself who then composes them from these notes. So who creates them? Replace the time traveller with our higher selves and living energies (living beings) that travel effortlessly across, into, out of, and through time and parallel dimensions.

The reality we live in becomes edited in the flow and we shift imperceptibly from one dimension to another as the weave of the dimensions knots (merge) and unknots (split) based on our own actions and those of others. I am / we are using this method together with entanglement to entangle everyone on the earth into a field of unconditional love and universal compassion free of all fear and which embraces individual expression within the weave of universal oneness. Emanates of this pure energy are everywhere, in everyone and everything. It is the essence of God, the Light Divine, of pure awareness, experiencing everything simultaneously and at once. It is self-sustaining and eternal.

Zero Point Origination of all Rays

The point in the centre of the star is the zero point from which all else arose in the form of the rays of the star. You start at 0 (zero point) and iterate the empty set of no elements to get 0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc., which is binary, a perfect reliable sequence of simplicity, and also produces / derived from the Kryst Spiral. These cycles of 3 and 4 dance together in harmony and form the father (Brahman), son (Atman) and the Holy Spirit (the Akashic field, emptiness) where light arises from; and the patterns of sound vibrating. The rays are proportioned in cycles of four, each of which is an equidistant spoke of light that is half of the length of the previous one. This indicates that the further the energy divides the closer it gets to its core or zero-point.

Our visible universe is based on the Fibonacci Spiral that always goes outwards with ever weakening connection to the centre. Thus is requires energy to be pumped in to maintain expanding flow. This is not noticeable at first but gets more and more like a leaky sieve of pockets of singularity (connection) and duality (separation) as the ‘Net of Indra’ rips apart the bigger it becomes (this is literally the ‘big rip’ or dark energy expanding so quickly to sustain that pocket of the universe that the exceeds the speed of light. This accelerated decay is a measure of disconnection with source. An emanation of this as seen by scientists is dark energy which is an ever increasing energy that appears to be accelerating and if unchecked will rip the universe apart.

Star Magic Universal Energies

Star Magic cosmic codes of consciousness, when used in a creative way, is very effective for rapid results that transfer to any facet of life which is ready for healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ energy reality where we can affect change with our willpower and intention for the greater good. Star Magic is intuitive and positive change will result when used with a correct intention this is powered by unconditional love and compassion emanating from the heart.

I have an intuitive ability tune in to your frequency, feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties that connect you with your past lives, other people, and phenomena. I work with ‘high-light’ and elemental energies including The Light (rays), the Mahatma energy, Archangels including Metatron and Raphael, ascended masters including Kwan Yin, Sananda, and Medicine Buddha, and cosmic extra-terrestrial beings including the Arcturians and Pleiadians.

I will connect with your higher self with my heart and let the Divine cosmic energy flow into you to create a powerful healing experience. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyse change.

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With Love, compassion and energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Tim / Arcturus Avalokiteshvara