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Guided Meditation. Master Of Dark & Light!

In this free guided meditation you will get to experience both elements of the whole, dark and light. To be the most extraordinary version of you, its imperative that you accept every aspect of you fully. You are just a hologram. You are the interface for consciousness and consciousness takes on many different forms on a variety of vibrational frequencies. In this guided meditation you will journey deep and accept every aspect of you fully and by doing so you will gift yourself with the greatest gift in the Universe.

Angels, Unicorns, Fairies, Extra-Terrestrials, the Devil – do they exist Or are they illusory Your perception is everything. You must experience every vibration from dark to light and all that is in between. If you do not you will never truly experience all that you are. You will simply be prancing around the edges where it is safe. The truth is never discovered on these safe and calm waters. It’s time to up your game, change spaces, shift gears and go deeper into your Cosmic Master-Self and transform your YOU-Niverse!

This journey, this free guided meditation is not for the faint hearted. Its for those spiritual truth seekers that want to explore the ultimate elements of reality and release their super-human potential into this world, this Universe, and play the game of life fully. Are you ready to connect this new Extra-Terrestrial Christ Matrix into your Human Light Body This is powerful. Get ready to supercharge your life.

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