cosmic meditation

How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment through Cosmic Meditation

I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fibre of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place through cosmic meditation.

The journey towards spiritual enlightenment is unique. Reaching the destination guarantees you have changed your life for the better, as it requires you to explore, learn and grow as a person.

You may feel like a microscopical piece of the Universe, but in truth, you are more powerful than you imagine. Follow me on a journey towards your true potential through cosmic meditation.

Why Cosmic Energy Is the Key

cosmic meditation

Cosmic energy can be felt everywhere around us. All the molecules in the Universe are bonded together by this energetic cosmic field.

Everything is energy.

It’s what keeps order, beauty, happiness, love and abundance in our lives. It is the foundation for all our actions and functions. But it can only be accessed by achieving a higher consciousness.

We consume cosmic energy on a daily basis. It is what enables us to be creative and find quick and efficient solutions to our problems. It’s why you sometimes feel exhausted.

To unlock your true potential and achieve spiritual enlightenment, you have to learn how to access and let this energy flow through your entire body constantly.

Spiritual Enlightenment Enables Self-Healing, Third Eye Perfection and Astral Travel

To experience a powerful cosmic energy flow means to enable your body’s self-healing abilities. However, higher frequencies can only be experienced by opening and perfecting your Third Eye – also known as the seat of the soul.

The Third Eye provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Through proper guided cosmic meditation, anyone can achieve Third Eye Perfection and feel the benefits of cosmic energy.

Third Eye Perfection lets you feel, see and know you are light beyond anything remotely physical.

Astral Travel is a different form of our consciousness, rather similar to our physical body. It is rather hard to put it into words, but when you experience high amounts of cosmic energy, you can access your Astral Body.

This form has no boundaries and it does not obey the space and time laws of our Universe. You will feel your body floating, light as a feather, and you will be able to travel anywhere, faster than light.

Cosmic Meditation Gets You Access to Higher Knowledge

cosmic meditation

Only by having a higher knowledge of your body, mind, intellect and life force, you are able to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment.

It means you will be able to perceive and understand each aspect of existence in a much more meaningful and insightful way.

However, to achieve that state, you will need proper guidance.

Meditation is accessible for anyone, but only a powerful teacher can help you in the secret ways of cosmic meditation. Star Magic Guided Healing Meditations are the supreme form of harnessing cosmic energy for Spiritual Enlightenment.

By harnessing cosmic energy and combining it with natural frequencies of Star Magic, I am able to take you down the path of Spiritual Enlightenment. I will guide you through the Cosmos, beyond space and time.