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How To Become A Sovereign Citizen

A sovereign citizen, or freeman of the land, is someone who believes they are above all laws. Freemen believe that they can opt-out of being governed and legislative acts are a form of contract that requires their consent to be binding.

In the UK you can submit a document to the government and detach yourself from society. This means that you avoid all statutory responsibilities including government statutes or proceedings.

The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta was signed by King John of England and the barons of the land in 1215. The Magna Carta is Latin for ‘The Great Charter of Freedom’. It is the greatest constitutional document of all time.

The Magna Carta has heavily influenced the formation of the constitutions of most democratic nations. This includes the UK, the British Commonwealth, and the United States of America.

The Magna Carta gave birth to democracy. That includes your constitutional rights and civil liberty. It was put in place to limit the monarch’s power over the people and to ensure that they always act in the best interests of the people.

The Magna Carta states that each individual person has as much power as the monarch. This finally levelled the playing field providing equal rights for all.

The Magna Carta was derived from the Ten Commandments in The Bible and from Christian Law. Christian Law is today known as Common Law. These laws were put in place to protect your human rights.  The Magna Carta forms the basis of legal and human rights that you possess as an individual today.

The Bill of Rights

In 1689, the Bill of Rights was voted into English parliament and in 1689 it was written into law. The Bill of Rights was signed out of parliament and it is an extension of the Magna Carta. It brought the Magna Carta into parliament and common law.

It states at the end of the Bill of Rights that the document can never be changed. Any attempt to do so is an act of treason and is punishable by hanging. The Magna Carta and Bill of Rights constitution supersedes parliamentary law. No new law can oppose your rights given within this constitution.

Beliefs of Sovereign Citizens

Sovereign citizens believe that the government holds no authority over them. They believe that they are not required to follow any laws, pay taxes, or respond to the official documentation.

They also believe that only a precise form of governance or law enforcement is legal. In the US, sovereign citizens accept that only county sheriffs offer legitimate governance. That means they will require the presence of a county sheriff during interactions with law enforcement and court systems.

Also, sovereign citizens assert that their identity is two-fold. The first identity is a government, corporate, or ‘strawman’ identity. This is through birth certificates, driving licenses, and official documentation.

Sovereign citizens request that their legal name must be written in capital letters as a signifier of this identity. In many countries including the UK, sovereign citizens refer to their government as a corporation.

A corporation is a legal entity that is formed by a group of people who contribute capital. The corporation exists as a separate legal entity. This has its own privileges and liabilities which are distinct from those of its members. This takes power away from the people and gives it to the shareholders.

Sovereign citizens set up cooperatives and micro-economies with other sovereign citizens. A cooperative is a legal entity owned by a group of people who come together voluntarily for their mutual benefit. In a cooperative everyone has a say, receives the benefits, and shares the risks.

Sovereign Freedom Fighting & Arrests

Some sovereign citizens will refuse to pay taxes stating the taxes as unlawful. They may also write documentation that can overwhelm the courts with lots of paperwork. This is often to highlight the fact that they are free from the legal or governing system of their country, whether the US, UK, or in the Commonwealth.

Sovereign citizens will assert that their personal identity is linked with natural law. This exists outside the bounds of any legal, financial, or governmental obligation.

A sovereign citizen, when arrested, will say that the police don’t have an obligation to represent the sovereign citizen’s corporate identity.  They see that their corporate identity is responsible for their debts and legal obligations.

Article 39 of the UK Bill of Rights says anyone accused of a crime must be trialed in a court of their peers. This law was broken with the creation of the magistrate’s courts. Magistrate’s courts gave the elites who control the UK and global wealth and power, and parliament more control and power to practise corruption within the justice system.

The US government has created strict protocols for interactions between employees and sovereigns. The US government believes that any violence from sovereign citizens is not ideological in nature. They feel it stems from personal circumstances against their victims.

Global Sovereign Movement

The sovereign movement is gaining popularity and will receive a boost from people wising up during the lockdown. Financial or economic collapses in countries across the world may be the smoking gun for a mass sovereign movement. For example, in the US, the sovereign movement expanded rapidly following the 2008 housing collapse.

Legal name fraud is the Sovereign idea that in the UK a birth certificate issued by the Crown is not a legal document. This is because you did not consent to its creation. The arguments used are similar to those in the US. They often refer to multiple forms of citizenship and government control.

Sovereign ideas also relate to government authority and citizenship. There are also a variety of anti-government and other conspiracy theories.

Most sovereign websites say that their government has no power over sovereign citizens. This is because of a specific violation of constitutional or governing documents. Sovereign websites assert that because of this violation, these documents no longer apply.

Sovereign websites see older texts as Common Law. These texts include the Magna Carta, the UK Bill of Rights, and the United States Articles of Confederation. They believe that these apply to them because all the other structures are operating illegally.

UK Sovereignty & Government Lies

People have been brainwashed into believing that our governments have ultimate authority and power over us and our constitutional rights. As a result, it has caused a severe economic depression which has resulted in the closure and loss of many businesses and livelihoods which is a direct act of treason against us by our own governments.

Many acts of treason have been committed against us because we have not been properly educated on our rights as individuals and as a collective. Governments and unruly parties have taken advantage of our lack of knowledge and then used this against us. In the process, some have committed acts of treason against us.

In the UK in 2007, The Queen was ill-advised by the Privy Council and Gordon Brown. This led to the signing of the Lisbon treaty which was the deliberate attempt to remove our sovereignty. Parliament did not seek the consent of its people which in itself was an act of treason.

The UK government treats people’s silence as consent.  This is not legal because the government requires a referendum each time it wants to implement and change new laws.

Parliament has the right to write new laws into existence. However, these laws can only come into effect with the consent of the people. It appears that the power elites and governments make laws and processes of implementation very tricky to understand.

People have much power as individuals and as a collective. We are treated like slaves who imprison ourselves due to a lack of understanding of our freedoms, rights, and constitutions, as individuals and as a collective. When we collectively challenge our governments and corporations then there will be a new dawn for humanity.


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