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Say NO – How to Deal With and Exit Toxic Relationships


At some point in our life, we all encounter toxic people and often end up in toxic relationships. Knowing how to deal with narcissists, toxic people and energy-draining vampires whilst in a relationship is mission-critical. A toxic partner will not only drain your energy but completely dismantle you from the inside out if you allow them. Often the manipulation in a relationship can be subtle and before you realize what’s happening, you have lost your sense of self-worth, the love you had for yourself and your personal boundaries have been stamped all over. Watch this video and be prepared for a toxic relationship, or, if you are in one now, take the necessary action and leave the toxic, narcissistic person behind and maybe you will come out of the other side, an elevated human and who grew from the experience and not a mental and emotional mess, a shadow of your former self. Navigate the toxic relationship and exit it now.


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