the power of meditation

How to Find Love and Prosperity Through the Power of Meditation

The pursuit of happiness is maybe one of the most significant factors driving humanity further.

We dream of getting happier, more comfortable, more at peace with ourselves – in short, more prosperous (both spiritually and financially).

But how do we intend to achieve that? By employing the power of meditation? Or, rather, by working ceaselessly, day in, day out?

From my work with so many souls who were seeking to heal, I learned the majority were choosing the latter approach. The reason? It keeps the mind busy. So busy that it completely neglects the needs of the spirit.

This is by no means a case against working hard. It’s a case for finding balance between dedicated work and personal growth.

So, further below, I’ll be musing on how practising meditation can be a crucial factor in achieving that long sought-after prosperity. 

Channel Mantras Towards Unleashing the Power of Meditation

Meditation is a life-altering act in that it completely rewires your brain towards getting more control over your subconscious.

This rewiring is actually a habit-formation process. And like any other habit-forming acts, it requires the brain to settle into new patterns.

Mantras do exactly this – they set new patterns by letting the brain tune in to certain frequencies.

Once the brain records the soothing sounds of repeating incantations (like ‘om’ – the universal frequency), it learns to unwind, slow down and be more proficient at isolating background noise from messages the body and soul try to communicate.

This capacity to juggle with the various rhythms imposed by your being is one of the secrets many prosperous people have grown to master. It’s a key towards achieving healthy pattern your mind needs so much.

the power of meditation

Master the Art of Visualisation

Another way the power of meditation can reveal itself through is by the way it conjures your visualisation abilities.

When you want to get love and prosperity, you often need to get rid of any kind of negativity which makes you judge and assume things into which you don’t have a clear insight. 

Visualisation techniques used in meditation practices can solve this for you.

They determine you to close your eyes, breathe in and out and visualise yourself only in positive attitudes towards yourself and towards the others.

This way, you’ll train your interior eye to process only the good which comes your way and be unfazed by negative signals coming from the others.

Ask the Right Questions

The power of meditation also relies on the fact it declutters your mind so it is able to formulate and redefine goals that matter.

Instead of a harsh inner critic, you’ll become a child again – always able to see beyond, always curious to discover, always ready to love yourself.

You’ll no longer ask yourself “Why is everything so unfair?”.

Instead, you’ll be wondering: “What can I do in order to make more peace with myself?” or “How can I make sure I’m always putting myself in a position of learning more?” or “How grateful was I for everything I’ve got?”.

People who are working towards the latter kind of questions are those who are always able to love more, to get more love and to be rewarded by the Universe.

And speaking of ‘the right questions’, I would also like to conclude this article by asking you: Would you like to join a family of pure love and constant expansion? Alongside my team and all the people we’ve healed, we love you with all our hearts and want to save you a spot on the journey towards getting the prosperity you deserve. 

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