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How to Use Crystals

Guest post by Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse Jewelry


Dozens of questions probably come to mind as you explore the power of crystal healing, especially if you are just starting to use crystals or work with an energy healer. Crystals have been used for thousands of years by ancient and modern civilizations to help alleviate physical, spiritual, and mental ailments. You can bring the energy of powerful crystals into your home and everyday life by learning a few crystal basics. Weve answered our most-asked questions about healing crystals to help you start or deepen your energy-healing journey.

What should I do when I first get my crystal? 

Cleanse the crystal. You want to cleanse all the energy of the people who have handled and touched your crystal before it came to you. This is also very important to do because during the cleansing process, you are able to set your intention with the crystal, which helps you manifest your goals faster.

How do I cleanse my crystals? 

There are multiple ways to cleanse your crystal. The most important thing to keep in mind while learning how to cleanse your crystals is what works best for you. Our favorite way to cleanse our healing crystals is to immerse them in the smoke of a burning sage stick or Palo Santo wood. You can place them outside under the light of the sun and moon for 48 hours, or place your crystal in the soil of a thriving houseplant for 24 hours. You can also submerge your crystal in brown rice for 3 days. Make sure you throw away the rice after the crystal has been cleansed, as the rice will have absorbed any negative energy.

How do I connect with my crystal? 

Hold your crystal in your hands and breathe. You are now connecting to your crystal. Visualize your intention for the crystal. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention. Every crystal has its own abilities, so choose one that aligns with your intentions.

Where should I put my healing crystal? 

Wherever you feel called to put it. TRUST YOURSELF. You know yourself better than anyone, and there isn’t a wrong place to put it it will be different for everyone.

How do I work with my crystal? 

It is simpler than you think! By holding and seeing it, you are working with your crystal. What does this mean It means that when you hold your crystal, which carries the energy of the Earth, it reminds you that you deserve the best. YOU deserve love and you deserve to feel good. Treat yourself well and respect the Earth. In divine timing, it will all fall into place. The energy of the Earth (which resides in all healing crystals) works differently with everyone. Each person is unique, as is each crystal, so it’s a personal experience.

What if I don?t feel anything when I hold my crystal? 

Then at this time, you don’t feel anything. Try not to judge the experience just be in the experience. Sometimes certain crystals don’t resonate at particular times, and other times, when you touch them, hairs stand up on your skin. Each crystal feels different.

How do I choose a crystal? 

If you are choosing healing crystals over the internet, like you would on our website, its important to look at the photos and see which one you connect with visually. When picking a crystal in person, touch and feel the crystals, holding different ones and feeling them out. You will know which crystal is the right one for you because it feels good and you will know immediately if it’s a fit for you at this time.


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